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Yellow Tail Merlot: Review, Taste, and More

Yellow Tail Merlot: Review, Taste, and More

Jonas Muthoni

Yellow Tail Merlot is an Australian wine that comes from Casella Wines in South Eastern Australia. Casella family runs the business, and it is now up to their sixth generation of family members to run the business. The talented winemaking team has put a lot of effort and expertise into creating Yellow Tail. Casella Wines is all about consistently making great wines that deliver taste and quality and are accessible and appealing to people worldwide.

Understanding of Yellow Tail Merlot

Casella Wines combines understanding and passion for the Italian heritage with a modern Australian twist and continue to create wines that have great appeal and are sure to be relished for generations to come. Yellow Tail was also awarded as the #1 Most Powerful Wine Brand in 2021 and also the Most Loved Wine Brand for the 4th time in a row.

Fun Fact- “The Yellow Tail brand has been awarded more than 550 wine awards since 2001, signifying the strength of the brand.”

Yellow Tail Merlot

Yellow Tail Merlot is a warm climate Merlot with doses of ripe plum, red berry, and blackberry on the palate and nose. It is a fairly aromatic wine with floral, berry, and dusty tannins. It is light to medium-bodied and dry. The palate of the wine is smooth and velvety, with ripe plum flavors, juicy berries, and subtle spice. The wine is ruby to plum color when poured into a glass.

This medium-bodied, fruit-forward wine pairs well with a variety of food options, like BBQ Burgers, Fajitas, Nachos, and Cheesy Dip. Yellow Tail Merlot is surely a crowd-pleaser. The hint of vanilla and plum in the wine does a fabulous job smoothing out the dryness of Yellow Tail Merlot.

Yellow Tail Merlot’s alcohol content is 13.0% by volume, as per the bottle, and is priced at $6.99.

How did the Australian wine go on to conquer the US market?

Yellow Tail, a humble Australian wine brand, has now become one of the world’s most profitable brands. The success story of Yellow Tail depicts how important branding and strategy are to creating a successful business. The marketing strategy used by Yellow Tail is also known as the “Blue Ocean Strategy.” Here is how Yellow Tail went in to straddle the world by exporting its wines to the USA, UK, and Japan.

Understanding the target market in the USA:

Yellow Tail’s primary objective was to stay clear of competition with premium wines. Instead, Yellow Tail focused on creating a wine that people would reach out for because it tastes good, irrespective of the complicated wine purchasing rules. Casella smartly created a social drink accessible to everyone instead of offering wine as wine. Yellow Tail is easy to drink, fun, and adventurous. It stays put to its roots, meaning it’s bold yet laid back and full of fun and adventure.

Clever Marketing Mix-

Yellow Tail Merlot very effectively and efficiently incorporated the four Ps of marketing which are:

1. Product-

Yellow Tail set its foot towards success with its product innovation. The brand hit its target market with a wine that is without tannin and acidity for consumers who do not like wine, which is a large population in America. Yellow Tail smartly developed a wine that is sweet and soft and easy to drink wines like beer or ready-to-drink cocktails. Yellow Tail also produced a wine that is easy to consume and store. It does not require any special refrigeration or cellars to age the wine.

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2. Packaging-

The idea of keeping the packaging design simple and less intimidating worked like a charm for Yellow Tail. Vibrant colors, clear text, and the same packaging for red and white wines with grape variety written clearly helped Yellow Tail reach masses in the market. They clearly stood out in terms of simplicity and sophistication!

3. Promotion-

Yellow Tail opted for smart and creative events and in-store promotions. They did not go down the traditional route of expensive marketing campaigns, media coverage, or over-the-top advertising. Yellow Tail focused on retail employees as ambassadors who were comfortable promoting a simple wine composition. The brand’s clever color block packaging makes it easy to be identified amongst the rack full of wines. Yellow Tail also organized wine tasting events for the consumers to try the sample product.

4. Price-

The wine is a steal deal for newcomers learning to drink wine or for people who do not like wine otherwise and prefer something sweet. Yellow Tail is priced at $6.99, which is amazing! The value this brand offers clearly justifies the price and is pretty inexpensive in that sense.

Final Thoughts

Yellow Tail has evolved as a smart learner and has cleverly positioned itself in an unexploited market segment. They have successfully created brand value and differentiated themselves from their peers. It is one of the market wine leaders in the USA. Yellow Tail serves as a great marketing, branding, innovation, and a great wine example!

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