Best Wines that Taste Like Juice

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Wine is both an objective and a subjective drink. Sounds confusing? Let me explain. It is objective because it is a people’s drink, and everyone loves it, but it is subjective because it depends on your preference and what kind of wine you like to drink. We all must have some experiences of wine tasting that we did not like.

Most think that wine comes with a musty taste and a weird aftertaste and starts compromising the taste. So tell me, are you compromising your taste when drinking wine? Are you someone who does not like that crispiness and that bitter aftertaste? Do you ever wish to have a sweet, smooth, and fruity glass of wine? The wine market caters to a lot of variety to choose from according to your preference, and I am here to tell you about those wines that are so fruity and smooth for your inquisitive tongue and sweet tooth.

Top 8 Wines That Taste Like Juices

Here are the best wines you can enjoy without fearing the bitter aftertaste and will satiate your palate without any compromise.

1. Pinot Noir

We all have heard of this one. Even though it is a dry-style red wine, it has prominent fruity flavors and is reasonably light-bodied and easy to drink. It tends to be a favored option to serve with most foods, especially with the red meats. This is made from Pinot Noir grapes and mean (Pine- Black). They have red fruits like strawberry and raspberry flavors when they are young and acquire a more intense aroma over time. Pinot Noir is a romantic wine; drinking it is often considered falling in love.

2. Merlot

Merlot is full of flavors and is particularly good to drink if you love juices. It is one of the most popular red wines and is one of the sweeter reds, and has fruity notes of plum with some hints of chocolate in its flavor. It is made using Merlot grapes, which have a dark blue color. This wine gives a very refined juicy profile to the palate. It is an excellent option for those who want to try red wines for the first time, and its smooth consistency does resemble juice in many ways.

3. Concord

Concord is a lesser-known wine, but it is a great option. It is made out of concord grapes which are not overly sweet. Since Concord grapes do not have much sugar content, sugar is added artificially and is essential to its making, giving it a thick texture and a sweet taste. It looks like a syrup but has fruity notes. It also has a slight grape-soda-like taste and is pretty similar to juice. This red wine is not too overpowering and is pretty easy to drink.

4. Moscato

Moscato wine is a great sweet wine. Its flavors lie along the lines of peaches and oranges. It comes in both the rosé and white variety, and both are equally delectable. It is light yet sweet with a frizzy texture and low alcohol content. This wine is created from Muscat grapes, which are naturally reasonably sweet, and this variety is also used to create raisins.

Some of the fruity touches present in this wine include nectarine, orange blossom, and sweet peach. It is an excellent option if you are looking for something to drink on a warm summer’s day.

5. Lambrusco

Lambrusco is an everyday wine that is highly palatable and goes well as a stand-alone drink, especially with meals. It has a great grape taste with a hint of raspberry reminders. You can drink this as a thirst-quenching wine while stuffing your face with your favorite dish. This wine has a natural light fizzle but is not entirely fizzy like a soda or sparkling beverage. Lambrusco is available as both a dry and sweet wine, and you can buy it according to your preference, but the sweet wine resembles juice the most.

6. Sangiovese

It has a breathtaking taste of perfumed red fruits, cherry, and lolly musk, making this wine agreeable and fantastic. This Italian grape variety has a long finish with a fine underlying structure, even tannins, and exceptional length. As this wine ages in its barrels, it develops an oaky and slightly tarries flavor. A light-bodied wine; leather, mulch, and tobacco on the nose. the palate follows the same. The finish is a slight lingering berry flavor—a very lovely wine for the price.

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7. Grenache

A perfect wine treat for a juice lover. Grenache evolves intensive fruity aromas, but with its high sugar content. It stands for wines with a lot of alcohol despite the slow fermentation; in contrast, the tannins of the grape variety are relatively moderate. The color of a Grenache wine is much lighter than expected for this full-bodied wine. Despite being fruity in flavor, it acquires a tart or leather flavor over time, which deems its good wine. It gets oxidized very quickly.

8. Riesling

This famous wine varies from being dry to overly sweet. A great pick that is easy to drink and pair with Murgh Cafreal, Indian, and continental food. It is fruity, simple, and joyful. It has a pale color, almost white, with smooth citric aromas and no complexity but decent and crisp acidity. Some wine lovers compare its acidic taste to that found in lemonade, but the high acidity is balanced out by its sweetness. You can either have a dry or sweet option.

Wrap Up

As we all know, different wines are made using different grapes, and each grape provides a unique taste and flavor. We all love a glass of wine. Some prefer it sharp and bitter, while some prefer it to taste fruity. I tried to put all the wines that taste pretty similar to juices and will not give you a bitter aftertaste through the above list. You now know which ones are softer, smoother, and fruitier that you can enjoy without compromising your mouthfeel.

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