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5 Things That Wine and Yoga Have In Common

5 Things That Wine and Yoga Have In Common

iLoveWine Staff

Here is why Wine and Yoga go hand-in-hand.

  1. You can enjoy yoga and wine just about anywhere!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful scenic view while relaxing with a glass of wine?  I know I do! Yoga is also one of my favorite past times and helps with reducing stress.  It is fun to explore different yoga studios, classes, techniques and instructors. It’s also wonderful to go on a wine tasting adventure and taste a variety of delicious grapes.  Yoga and Wine have a fun social aspect to them which you can enjoy with a group of friends.  You can basically be anywhere, while traveling for business or pleasure, and be able to enjoy both worlds of yoga and wine.  Yoga and wine can help you live a healthful, happy and balanced life. There is no rule that says yogis can’t indulge in a glass of wine, so stop and smell the grapes!


  1. They both have a feel good element

Yoga highlights concentrating on what feels good for your body; everyone is different.  Wine is similar in which everyone has a personal preference of what tastes good to them.  Finding what is pleasing on your body is very important and takes some time and practice.  Focusing on what works for your body in yoga will give you the best feel good results.  Also learning what wine to pair with food takes individual practice and self-observation.  It’s all about finding a sense of balance and doing what feels good.wp-content-uploads-2014-04-yogaandredwine

  1. There’s an opportunity for exploration.

There is nothing better than finding that perfect glass of wine or perfecting a new yoga pose.  Wine has so many elements to it, from the color to the taste, the varietal and region, there are endless combinations. The process of choosing a bottle of wine to enjoy is like choosing what style of yoga you prefer to practice.  There are so many yoga styles and poses to explore and perfect that yoga should be a process. It’s not recommended to hop on your mat and jump right into a challenging pose.  Your yoga practice is your own personal journey.  Just as the body goes through a maturing process in yoga, so does a bottle of wine. With time and practice you can fully enjoy the full pleasures of your yoga experience as well as expanding and enhancing your wine palate and knowledge.Vineyard-29-Pilates-2-

  1. You feel connected to the energy of others.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to exercise is having a workout partner.  I love to hit the yoga mat with a friend, family member, or loved one right next to me. This is also by far my favorite way to enjoy a good bottle of wine! Although, once in a while it is peaceful to practice yoga alone, it does not give you the same feeling of being connected to the energy of someone you care about right next to you.  Likewise, to share in the delight of a tasteful bottle of wine with others only enriches the experience. To connect with others through the enjoyments of life, be it yoga, wine or both, is to contribute positively to your own life and theirs.yoga_napa_valley

  1. A healthy lifestyle is established.

It’s well known that yoga helps establish a healthy lifestyle. From relieving stress to building strength, yoga can contribute positively to your overall wellness. There is also plenty of research that says wine has positive attributes that can improve your health. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine promotes longevity and the antioxidants found in wine is good for your heart. Science has also said that resveratrol in red wine can help you lose weight. The key to achieve a well-balanced life is moderation.

Cheers & Namaste!

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