Wine Travel Bag: When you Know You are Going Places

Any place where you can lay back, relax and pour yourself a nice glass of wine is the place that you can call home. And when you have a wine travel bag, the whole world can be your home, with a couple of bottles just stored in your bag.

Now, carrying bottles is not an easy task. They clunks and ring, and even a slightly careless placement on a hard surface can make them break. Because of this impracticality of transporting heavy glass for long distances, modern wine travel bags have ditched bottles altogether and made wine baggies where you can pour your favorite wine and let it do what liquids do best, take the form of their container. This way you will be able to carry much more wine without the added weight of the glass bottle and be able to place your wine bag anywhere you want.

While there are multiple different designs based on this same solution, the Du Vino wine purse is probably the best one so far, as it is very practical, very discrete, and made from high-quality materials that add both to the style and to the safety of the wine travel bag.


It’s not Boxed Wine

While the inspiration for this solution came from boxed wine producers, this doesn’t mean that you will be doomed to drink boxed wine whenever you are out of your home. Wine baggies come separately and can be filled with whichever wine you like. Red wine, white wine, even orange wine, all will fit perfectly and be kept safe inside the tote bag. Most importantly, the wine will stay at hands reach as the Du Vino purse has a hidden spout that you can use to pour wine at any time, directly from the bag.

You can surprise your friends by providing the best cabernet sauvignon from what seems to be thin air. Although not a miracle in the biblical sense, you can expect to hear a lot of halleluiahs.

Be the Center of the Party

Technically speaking, you can use the wine baggies to store any kind of liquid, even non-alcoholic ones… but why would you? The neoprene baggies are insulated and can keep the wine relatively chilled for quite a while, making it a refreshing addition to a camping trip, meaning that there is no need to bring any other beverage. Also, we should all conserve our water, as to have something to rinse the wine glasses with after use.

When on a trip with your friends, you will be the wine carrier, the torchbearer, the center of the party. In the Du Vino wine purse, there is enough room for up to three liters, or four bottles of wine, which should be enough to satiate a small party for a night.

Discretion is Key

More often than not you will be carrying your wine travel bag in urban areas, and in these situations being discrete is crucial as to prevent awkward looks from people who are probably more jealous about them not having wine at hand than they are concerned with someone drinking in public.

When not pouring wine through the spout, the wine travel bag looks like a normal black purse. You will also be storing your phone, makeup, camera, and all the other trinkets you might have in your regular purse inside, furthering the ruse that you are carrying an innocent black handbag.

Additionally, depending on where you are, it might be illegal to drink in public, which can cost you a fine or a citation, which you can avoid by just concealing the spout until it is needed to keep the party going.

Keeping Your Wine Safe

As previously mentioned, carrying a bottle can be quite troublesome, and anything over a bottle in each hand is extremely dangerous to move. Not that you would ever hurt yourself physically, but there is considerable emotional pain involved when dropping and spilling a bottle of your favorite wine. Pouring everything into a durable and thick neoprene bag will ensure that the wine is safe wherever you go. As there are several layers between the inner wine baggie and the outer wine travel bag, it is next to impossible for the baggie to tear up and for your wine to spill.

The Du Vino wine purse also has a hard flat bottom that protects the wine from anything you would place the bag on. With the wine cozy inside the purse, your wine will be safe even if you were to drop the whole thing accidentally.

Stay Stylish

Even though the accent when speaking about wine travel bags is often placed on the features that concern the wine, this is still supposed to be a handbag, and a handbag is one of the critical elements of a correctly accessorized outfit.

Different wine bags come with different designs, but if you opt for the Du Vino wine purse, you will have a lovely black purse that houses all of your necessities, aside from the four bottles you have stored in the baggie. The everyday matte black purse can be a nice addition to a neo-grunge summer style, as you just need a flannel shirt and some jeans to complete the look.

How to Choose the Best Wine Tote Bag?

Choosing the correct wine travel bag is much simpler than it seems, you just can’t start from the color, but need to think of the wine first.

First of all, wine is not light, and while there are much bigger winebags out there, consider how much weight you can carry without becoming tired. Every bottle of wine is about 1.6 pounds heavy, meaning that everything over three bottles should only be moved short distances.

Second, make sure that the wine is insulated, as you want to keep it fresh and safe until you can drink it. The solution with the baggies is perfect as they are machine-washable and very easy to fill and set up, while still keeping your wine as safe as it can ever be.

Finally, you can deal with the color and design. Something that will blend in and that you would be happy to carry even if it was not filled with wine. Wine drinking is all about the experience, and while not always possible, you should always try to do everything to feel good while drinking wine.


In the end, everyone who is often on the road and regularly drinks wine will want to have a wine travel bag. Your bag is something you place all your necessary things in, and wine should be one of those things.

Choose your bag, chose your wine, and the only thing left for you to pick out will be your next adventure.

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