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How to get a Wine Stains Out of your Carpet?

How to get a Wine Stains Out of your Carpet?

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We all enjoy wine with friends or dozens of laughter with family over a bottle of wine. On the other hand, spills are an integral part of any get-together. While some stains are just a wipe away from being clean, some need special attention and a definite procedure to get rid of. Like a wine stain on a piece of clothing or a carpet.

How to get wine out of carpet is a common question that has been asked in many households. We are all are looking for a quick and easy method to get wine out of carpet with little time, effort, or cost. Here are a few expert tips to get rid of the wine stain.

Ways to get rid of Wine Stains on the Carpet

1. Remove Red Wine Stains With Sparkling Water/Seltzer

Sparkling water, also known as club soda, is probably one of the oldest ingredients used as a cleaning agent. It has an extremely easy-to-follow process to remove the stain.

  1. Firstly, just blot the stained area dry with a cloth,
  2. then pour this cleaning agent on it and blot again.
  3. Continue procedure until the stain is gone.

2. Dish Soap and White Vinegar to get wine stains out of the carpet

Don’t have access to Seltzer? Not to worry, these two items available in every household will do the job. White vinegar and dish soap make a fantastic combination to get rid of that stubborn wine stains. It works by breaking down proteins in the stain and removing them from the carpet fibers.

Vinegar, however, has a much stronger smell than baking soda which may deter some people from using it on their carpets.

  1. Just blot the stained area dry.
  2. Then pour the solution mix, equal parts of white vinegar and liquid soap (one tablespoon each), mixed in two cups of warm water, and start blotting with a white cloth.
  3. Continue the process till the stain disappears.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide to remove wine stain of the carpet.

This stain removing agent works best when mixed in equal parts with dish soap. Hydrogen Peroxide has the tendency to bleach. There is thus a need to perform a spot test on a discreet area on the rugs to avoid discoloration before moving on to stain removal.

  1. Pour a small quantity of the solution on one corner of the carpet and check to see if any discoloration occurs. (wait for 6 hours)
  2. Once it passes the discoloration test on the carpet, go ahead and apply it on the stain with repeated blotting, and in no time, you’ll notice the stain fade away.
  3. This one is a keeper for light color garments also.

4. Use Salt but don’t Halt

While some of us may wait for our guests to leave before getting on a cleaning spree, salt works best only if used immediately.

  1. Cover the stain-covered area with salt post blotting, as soon as you get that stain on your carpet.
  2. Use enough salt so that the stain is entirely covered and becomes invisible.
  3. Now, allow the salt to dry and absorb the stain, and then vacuum it.

5. Surgical Spirit for Stain Removal

Surgical spirit is not very commonly used for stain removal. However, it is a bit tricky to work with. It should not be allowed to soak through. Instead, just dabbed with a sponge or towelette on the stain.

  1. Just blot the stain dry with a cloth, pour some surgical spirit on a sponge and, dab it on the stained area.
  2. The stain will soon fade away, then just run the carpet under cold water and leave it to dry.

6. Wine on Wine with Baking Soda

‘Diamond cuts Diamond’, familiar with this proverb? That’s the same logic we use here.

  1. Pour some white wine over the red wine stain and then top it with a thick layer of baking soda.
  2. Allow this to rest for a couple of hours while ensuring the baking soda doesn’t dry out.
  3. To keep the baking soda moist, spritz some water on the stain once in a while.
  4. Once the stain disappears, wash the carpet with soap and water to get rid of the leftover wine and baking soda.

7. Milk to remove the stubborn wine stains

Milk is an effective way to get rid of the wine stain. However, one needs to be careful about washing the carpet well to avoid the foul smell and the carpet molding that milk can create.

  1. Dab the initial stain with a towelette and then pour milk on the leftover stain.
  2. Use enough milk so that it’s absorbed directly into it.
  3. Rinse the area after about an hour to get rid of both, wine and milk.

8. Vodka, effective in lifting stain

Vodka is a potent alcohol, that is highly effective in getting rid of fabric discoloration.

  1. Just pour this powerful alcohol on the stain and watch the magic happen. Use any vodka available around in the house.
  2. It is better than milk since it doesn’t have any risk of spoiling the carpet or creating a foul odor.

Here are all the effective ways to remove wine stains without any harsh chemicals or bleaches. However, one should consider cleaning up the mess the minute it happens and always blot the stain, with no rubbing motions. While a combination of the above components will work, a few ingredients will work better on the carpet, with very little to no chance of damage and discoloration. Like, Vodka works better on carpet than milk, for milk has properties that can cause carpet molding and foul smell if not washed properly. Similarly, white wine with baking soda is a better option than surgical spirit or  hydrogen peroxide. The latter two have bleaching properties and can lead to discoloration of the carpet if not used with utmost care. Everything ultimately comes down to how swift you are in taking action and using the best option available at the moment.

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