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Wine Society Review in 2021

Wine Society Review in 2021

Brandon Moore
Wine Society Review

Wine Society Review


Wine Society Review
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Looking for a comprehensive, affordable and original alternative to traditional wine clubs? Wine Society might be just what your taste buds (and Instagram-feed) crave! This company thinks out of the box – and bottle – when it comes to wines: distributing quality blends in elegant cans.

According to Wine Society, ‘Wine does not have to be complex, intimidating or expensive to be amazing.’ This is why Wine Society has done all the hard work for you. And makes the choice in wine easy. The brand offers a curated selection of just 4 wines: Tempt (Red), Fate (White), Chance (Rosé), and the limited-time Pleasure (Gamay Wine).

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All 4 Wine Society blends originate from quality vineyards in California and offer a fun, stylish alternative to bottled wine. Easy to take with you on any type of adventure, they are perfect for on-the-go wine pleasure. The brand offers various wine subscriptions, supplying you with Instagram-worthy canned wines on a quarterly basis. You can choose all red, all white or a mixed shipment.

Convenient, affordable and fun: this modern take on a traditional wine club ticks all the right boxes.

Wine Society Review Summary

Wine Society Review: Wine Selection

If you want a wine subscription that enables you to try different wines each delivery: this is not the club for you. In contrast to other wine subscription services that have dozens of labels in their selection, Wine Society limits the choice to just 4 blends. This takes the guesswork out of finding good wine but also takes a bit of the fun out of the whole wine club idea. We’d like to see the brand expand on their current selection, as the concept of high-quality canned wine is great – but the assortment is a tad limited for true wine aficionados.

Wine Society Review: Convenience
Wine Society Review
© Wine Society

Wine Society offers free, complimentary shipping and sends your selection straight to your doorstep. With a curated, limited assortment, you don’t have to review or select labels in your box, simply place an order and you’re good to go. The only little snag is that you have to show your ID for delivery. This means that you either have to be home during delivery hours or alternatively get your order delivered at a work address; which hampers the convenience rating just a tad.

Wine Society Review: Costs

If you order the Premium Variety Pack (mix of Red, White, and Rosé), you’ll receive 9 cans. This translates into 36 servings of 4oz (each can is 500ml, and 4 servings). The regular retail price for the Premium Variety Pack is $132, making each glass approx. $3.66. Compared to other wine subscriptions this is very reasonably priced considering the quality of the blends.

Wine Society Review: Wine Education

Just as the look and feel of Wine Society’s cans are minimal and simplistic, so is its wine education. Or, to put it more bluntly: there is none. The club provides you with delicious canned wines on a quarterly basis, no frills, no brochures, no wine education. This is not a traditional, educational wine club: it’s a contemporary one for those that like an on-the-go, cork-free and Instagram-worthy experience.

Wine Society Review: Promotions

3-Pack at WineSocietyWine Society has occasional promotions on its wine subscription packages. You’re currently able to profit from a special trial offer on its Tempt (Red), Fate (White), and Chance (Rosé) trio-pack when starting a quarterly subscription.

The Little Black Box Premium 3-Pack (see left) is a gift-ready set of 3 cans without a subscription. This fun box can also be ordered for a special promotional rate of just $49. Perfect if you’re looking for an original gift for the wine-lover in your life!

Wine Society Review: Member Benefits

Members enjoy free shipping and online management of their membership. You can change product quantities or swap wines in your quarterly box, plus add additional products to upcoming orders. The company also offers additional incentives to members such as referral perks and limited-time deals.

Wine Society Review: Satisfaction Guarantee

Unfortunately, Wine Society does not offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. It does state, ‘your purchase if fully refundable until an order has shipped – then a sale is final.’ But this doesn’t help when you’re disappointed in the wines delivered to your doorstep. Our tip: try the PREMIUM 3-Pack Sampler: Try a variety of wines for only $49 at with all 3 regular cans (red, white, and rosé) first. Yes, the 9-Piece Variety Pack is better value-for-money, but you might be stuck with 36 servings of wine you don’t like…

Wine Society Review: Customer Service
Wine Society Review
© Wine Society

When searching the internet, we found no negative complaints regarding Wine Society. A tip: don’t confuse the American Wine Society with the English club The Wine Society. You might find some negative reviews regarding the British wine subscription when doing your online research, but they are NOT related.

All your account management is done online. An easy membership overview allows you to make instant changes to your subscription. If you do need to contact Wine Society, this can only be done via the designated contact form or e-mail address on the website – not via telephone.

Call us old-fashioned, but we would have liked the option to phone as well. If you don’t have any pressing issues, e-mail serves the purpose, but in case you do have a complaint, it’s sometimes easier (and nicer) to speak to someone personally instead of recounting your troubles via mail.

Though for a small, relatively new wine club, it’s perfectly understandable they don’t yet have the resources for a fully dedicated 24/7 customers support team.

Wine Society Review: Gift Appeal
Wine Society Review
© Wine Society

Wine Society scores full marks on gift-appeal. The brand’s affordable 3-pack is sleek, stylish and delicious: a perfect present for any occasion!

Though the subscription services are less appealing due to their lack of variety, we’d definitely recommend sending a wine-lover the Little Black Box gift pack. Then they can decide whether they want to enroll in a quarterly membership at their own discretion.



Wine Society Review Details

What is Wine Society?
Wine Society Review
© Wine Society

Wine Society is a California-based wine subscription service. Wine Society differs from traditional wine clubs. This brand only has a very curated selection of 4 labels, all in canned form.

These canned wines are a contemporary alternative for wine lovers that love trends and design. The delicious blends come in sleek, convenient cans: perfect for wine pleasure on the go. Take them with you on an adventure and enjoy your vino anywhere, anytime you want.

Wine Society is founded by Angela Allison, a wine lover, and artist. Angela’s minimalist aesthetic is reflected beautifully in the design-inspired wine cans.

Wine Society Review
© Wine Society

Instagram Wine

Classic, sophisticated, yet surprising: these trendy cans are very Instagram-worthy. Ideal for wine enthusiasts that want to blog about their drinking sessions. Or simply for those of us that love to host stylish parties. A millennial type of wine, that’s a way we’d use to describe Wine Society.

As mentioned earlier in this Wine Society Review Summary, the brand offers a few different subscriptions types and a gift-box option. It enables you to mix and match your favorite cans in one, elegant box delivered quarterly.


What wines does Wine Society offer?

Wine Society has a curated selection of 4 labels, all sourced from quality Californian vineyards: Tempt, Fate, Chance, and Pleasure.

Wine Society Review


TEMPT: Premium Red Wine at

TEMPT is Wine Society’s premium red variety and a blend of Syrah, Petite Syrah, and Petite Verdot. The wine is dark and elusive, perfectly balanced between sweet and dry. An easy-to-enjoy, yet intricate wine. TEMPT is versatile and suits nearly every occasion, from warm days to cool nights, dinner dates to barbeques.



Wine Society Review
© Wine Society


FATE: Premium White Wine at

FATE is Wine Society’s premium white variety and a blend of Albarino and Chardonnay. The wine is light and crisp, ideally balanced between dry and sweet. FATE is a delicate, refreshing choice for lazy brunches, poolside lounging (perfect for when there is no glass allowed!), the beach or sunny picknicks.




Wine Society Review
© Wine Society



CHANCE: Premium Rosé Wine at

CHANCE is Wine Society’s premium rosé variety and a blend of Syrah, Barbera, and Zinfandel. The wine is fruity and mildly sweet, yet also refreshingly crisp. A delicious crowd-pleaser for any indoor or outdoor occasion, you will want to Rosé All Day with this perfectly balanced wine.



Wine Society Review
© Wine Society



PLEASURE: Premium Gamay Wine – Limited at

PLEASURE is Wine Society’s Limited Edition Gamay Wine. This light-bodied red wine is smooth and sweet, with an indulgent floral aroma. It has a romantic, uplifting appeal that matches perfectly with long dinners, garden parties and quality time with friends.



Subscription and product options
Wine Society Review
© Wine Society

The Wine Society boxes are available in a few different variations. Choose a 12-pack of TEMPT, FATE, CHANCE, or PLEASURE – or go for the Premium Variety Pack, which includes 3x TEMPT, 3x FATE, and 3x CHANCE (no PLEASURE).

Wine Society also offers the Little Black Box Gift Option, which is a 3-Pack of TEMPT, FATE, and CHANCE; packaged in a box with instant gift-appeal, no wrapping needed!

Also good to know: you don’t NEED to subscribe to a quarterly delivery to try Wine Society. The boxes are also available for a one-time purchase, though a quarterly membership does come with additional perks and discounts.

Click the link below to order your Premium Canned Wine at and take advantage of the current limited-time promotion on a 3-Pack Trial Box, no code needed! You’re welcome!


Wine Society offers affordable, great quality wines in beautiful canned packaging. Perfect for wine pleasure on the go. Affordable, convenient and very Instagram-proof. It is an ideal present for your fashionable friends who like to blog about their drinking sessions!


Wine Society only offers a curated selection of 4 labels. This means a repeat subscription doesn’t leave much room to explore wines varieties. Not suited for those that want to broaden their wine horizons or get a proper wine education.

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