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Wine Shipping, Millennials, and Gen-Xers: What You Need to Know

Wine Shipping, Millennials, and Gen-Xers: What You Need to Know

Jonas Muthoni


Last year was a good one for wine shipping, especially among Millennial and Gen-X consumers. As we’ve said before, this market shift will likely continue through 2021, even as the pandemic crisis subsides. While Baby Boomers certainly consume their fair share of wine, Millennial and Gen-X wine consumption has increased, and before long, the older members of Gen-Z will join them. 

Each generation has its own set of social standards, lifestyles, and purchasing habits. It’s important to pay attention to all these things when selling and marketing your products. So, as it relates to wine shipping, what do you need to know about young and middle-aged adults? 

Wine Shipping and Marketing 

Now is an excellent time to promote your wine shipping options, but you need to make sure you make good marketing choices. The key to marketing in any business is to understand your audience. Here are a few things you need to remember when marketing to Millennials and Gen-Xers. 

Wine Marketing for Millennials   

Millennials are just under 40 years old now, and many of the younger ones graduated from college a few years ago. One way to reach this generation is to create marketing that appeals to them as adults. Specifically, when it comes to wine, they may not have the knowledge of older generations. But they appreciate marketing that does not highlight this point.  

It’s a fine line to draw in your marketing. However, Millennials are open to learning new things. When it comes to wine, the key is to educate with respect to where they are in life. 


Wine Marketing for the Gen-X Audience 

Meanwhile, Gen-Xers offer incredible sales growth potential as they are coming to an age where they value good wine. Additionally, they are approaching the point in their lives where they can afford good wine. 

Sometimes marketing efforts lose these opportunities by focusing on larger generations with larger numbers. While the Gen-X market is smaller in overall population, there is significant sales growth potential with them. The marketing goal with the Gen-X market should be to market wines that offer something different and are high-quality. 

Additionally, the Gen-X market notices ingredients. It’s beneficial to focus marketing activity on the merits of ingredients. Another market factor with this generation are wines with organic ingredients. The Gen-X market is willing to pay more for wines that meet these criteria. 

Social Media Marketing for Gen-Xers and Millennials

Now, one thing that Gen-Xers and Millennials do share is their social media usage. However, both generations use social media slightly differently from one another, but overall, they’re very comfortable with communicating online. This means that when shopping for wine, they typically browse online channels first. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are three of the best marketing resources for reaching these generations. 

These generations are also likely to share reviews and opinions online. Offering easy visual links for them to use in reviews is a great source of economical marketing. 

The Varied Tastes of Gen-Xers and Millennials 

Of course, being aware of your audience is about more than just marketing. You also want to understand their tastes and preferences so you can offer them what they want to buy. While individual taste varies regardless of the generation, let’s look at some overall wine consumption trends among the Gen-X and Millennial generations. 

When it comes to wine, many Gen-Xers know what they like by now. They may have one or two types of wine that they consider favorites and are somewhat loyal to those wines. However, Gen-Xers do like to experiment with other wines that offer special or organic ingredients. They are also more likely to try different wines when they are selecting wines for social gatherings. 

Wine shipping services are the perfect way for Gen-Xers to explore wine options. Highlighting a new flavor or organic ingredient on a landing page may create purchases from these curious consumers. 

Younger Millennials, on the other hand, are fairly new to wine drinking. This means they’re still trying to decide what their preferences are. Furthermore, Millennials as a whole enjoy trying new and different things. They’re not afraid to experiment by sampling industry trends. Many may have a favorite wine choice, but Millennials spend time checking out their options. 


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The Wine Shipping and Ordering Experience 

Generally, Millennials and Gen-Xers want the same things from their wine shipping service, even if they’re purchasing different wines. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that both age groups appreciate the direct-to-consumer experience. Both prefer the convenience of having wine delivered directly to their doorsteps. Many Gen-Xers, for example, enjoy the experience of having a glass of wine in front of the TV to relax with in the evenings. This experience is easier when they don’t have to stop by the store to buy their wine. 

Millennials specifically enjoy direct-to-consumer wine shipping because they perceive it as being connected to their brands. They like communication and knowing the story of a  brand. Furthermore, Millennials also value small businesses, and wine shipping gives smaller wineries the chance to reach this audience. 

Next, both generations are comfortable with all types of portable technology, from phones to tablets to laptops. Most will likely order wine from their mobile phones. The technology is part of the ordering experience, so be sure that your site or that of your eCommerce partner is easy to access and mobile-friendly. 

Wine Shipping Keeps Growing 

Thanks to Millennials and Gen-Xers alike, the wine shipping business continues to thrive. These two generations are increasingly comfortable with having things delivered right to their front door. For many, having wine delivered is a logical step. 

Wine sellers that added direct-to-consumer shipping to their business plans are now seeing the full benefits. Those who don’t embrace wine shipping risk being left out of this market opportunity. However, since the demand continues to rise, it’s not too late for sellers to embrace the option of delivery. 

Benefits of Choosing a Wine Shipping Partner for the Gen-X and Millenial Markets

To reach the Millennial and Gen-X markets, it’s essential that you select the right shipping company. Consider a wine shipping company that offers added benefits for your company. For example, ask if they provide any supporting marketing information when you place an order. Or, check out our website for these resources

When you place an order, a wine shipping company should be happy to discuss your order and make suggestions for your target markets. Finally, select a wine shipping company that values your clients’ experiences just as much as you do. And you want one that places a priority on getting your product delivered correctly and on time. 

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