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Could Wine Be the Secret to Perfect Hair?

Could Wine Be the Secret to Perfect Hair?

Jonas Muthoni

Wine is already too good to us. It always shows up for girls’ night, helps keep us skinny, and is, by far, our most supportive relationship.

Now, it seems, our favorite boozy beverage might be the secret to perfect, silky hair. Here’s a few ways that a glass of vino and the Electra Ceramic Straightening Brush can help you get the ‘do of your dreams.

1. Make it Shine

You don’t need an expensive mask to see your hair shine — raid your liquor cabinet instead!

  • The antioxidants in red wine will bring out a deeper color, add life to dull hair, and can help protect your locks against the harmful UV rays it’s exposed to all summer.
  • After washing and conditioning as you normally would, do a quick rinse with some red wine and you’ll see healthier hair almost immediately.
  • This wine rinse, coupled with the Portable Electra Hair Straightening Brush, will have your hair feeling silky without chemicals and harmful tools.


2. Ditch the Dandruff

  • If you’re drinking a glass of red on a daily basis (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) then you likely don’t have this problem.
  • Your favorite, red vino helps increase your blood flow which strengthens vessels in your scalp.
  • This, along with wine’s anti-inflammatory benefits, can reduce irritation and flakiness. Say it with me: one glass a day keeps the dandruff away!


3. Repair Damaged Hair

In the summer months especially, frizzy hair is almost inevitable. A few too many hours in the sun and your locks look as damaged as a Desperate Housewife after a botched Botox session. Luckily, you don’t need to splurge on pricey oils and treatments to tame it.

  • The polyphenols in the glass you’ve been sipping can actually be used on your hair to detoxify, strengthen, and repair damage.
  • It’ll even make your tousles super soft and eliminate brassy tones.
  • Once your mane is repaired, be sure you don’t damage it again; swap out your old styling products for an Electra Brush, to keep your hair sexy, straight, and healthy.


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4. Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a woman’s worst nightmare.

  • You may be able to prevent it, though, by rinsing your locks with vino.
  • Resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant responsible for most of red wine’s many health benefits, can reduce dead skin cells and calm the inflammation that causes follicles to fall out.
  • Other compounds, bioflavonoids, sparks keratin production which can lead to stronger hair.

That’s a wrap!

We are sure you must be surprised to know the benefits of red wine for your hair. For more such articles visit our website.

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