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Wine Review: Vampire Winemaker’s Red Blend

Wine Review: Vampire Winemaker’s Red Blend

Jonas Muthoni

A mere two decades ago Vampire Vineyards came to life, after a decade spent as a vision living in the head of Winemaker, Michael Michat.

His dream first occurred during a road trip across a few states in America. He envisioned a wine, named Vampire. A simple idea, but at the time, it was seen a mockery to the wine world. However, Michat kept pursuing his destiny, and with much persistence, he ended up with an incredible vineyard at the perfect location – Transylvania.

But, seeking only the best for their wines, Michael and family left Transylvania for California, and now Vampire Vineyards is a Napa favorite.

Their catch phrase “sip the blood of the wine” is perfect for this distinctly unique brand. The 2013 Vampire Red Blend Wine happens to be some of their best work yet.

Read on for a complete review of this fantastic wine brand.

Vampire Products

Although the main attractions of Vampire Vineyards are the upstanding wines they produce, they also have some other interesting products. Before we talk about what those products may be, let us stay thirsty a little longer.

Variety of Vampire Wine’s

Vampire Vineyards also makes Dracula wine and Trueblood wine.

Here is a list of their bottled treats:

1. Vampire Wine

2. Dracula Wine

3. Trueblood Wine

4. Fangria

Not only there is a wine choice for every vamp out there, they even produce Fangria, which is a ready-to-drink sangria. Add your very own touches, or skip them all together. What a wonderful idea. To top of their wide drink selection is Je T’aime sparkling wines like their Brut and their Rosé!

5. Novel & Gift Combos

When you think you have seen it all, Vampire Vineyards wows us again by publishing a novel written by the wife of Michael Machat, Lisa Dominique Machat, titledA Walk In The Sun.”

Yes, you can even buy the book and their wine as a gift box combo and read until twilight.

Source: Amazon

6. Other Products

Vampire Vineyards also make gourmet coffee, chocolates, and even balsamic vinegar. Not to mention wine accessories, vampire jewelry, and more. This impressive brand is full of exciting blood-thirsty themed items.

Vampire Red Blend Wine Review


The Vampire Red Blend label itself is eerie, with blood drippings, flames, and the perfect monogram. It’s vamp in all its design elements. Best of all – this wine comes in a coffin. How cool!

Just as the name suggests, this red is a blended wine. It’s made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and even Zinfandel. These grapes combine to give the most full, wonderful flavors one could expect from a good red wine.

“Vampire Vineyards wines feature hand-selected fruit sourced from distinguished estate vineyards from Paso Robles to Napa Valley. Our wines are crafted in an Old World style with top quality grapes. Our wines are made in premier growing regions with breathtaking views and picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards. Towering mountains give rise to complex soils producing grapes with rich varietal flavors. Marine-cooled terrains allow for a long, cool growing season and for the all-important hang time to produce fruit with inherent balance, complexity and good acidity.” – Vampire Vineyards Wine making Philosophy

Wine Fact: Wines featuring a blend of grapes enhance aromas, and make for a more well-rounded and complex flavor. This clever fact also allows winemakers to alter the recipe, adding grapes that may deepen the aroma, or by using grapes that were aged in oak barrels, as well as others that weren’t.

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Red Wine Perfect For A Little Bite, Am I Right?

Vampires may not need anything to eat, but we sure do!

Luckily, Vampire Red Winemakers Blend is an excellent choice to pair with many delicious food options. When you think of this wine, think full hearty meals.

It makes the best addition to beloved pizza, and pasta dishes, as well as chicken and steak entrees. Don’t forget about classic burgers too — This wine pairs well with the beefiest of them!


“I always want the fruit to be out in front of the tannins in order to produce a well-integrated, balanced wine. “-Founder Michael Machat

The reason this scrumptious wine goes well with many eats is because of its rich aromas. This red wine blend boasts earthly blends, and scents of blackberries, spices, plums, black cherries, and even pepper. It’s a silky smooth wine, with a blood-like deep red color.

Coincidence? I think not!


If you are a fan of hosting themed parties, I cannot think of a wine more perfect to serve your guests. Mix it up for Halloween, or perhaps, throw a Dracula inspired birthday bash with goth decorations, and spooky tunes. Throw in some faux bite marks and fangs, and you’re all set!

To purchase Vampire Red Blend Wine for your next shindig, or just because you want the tiny bottles’ coffin, simply order on Amazon. At $19.95 a bottle, this elevated choice will be a conversation centerpiece!

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