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[WINE REVIEW-2023] Save Me San Francisco Marry Me Rosé

[WINE REVIEW-2023] Save Me San Francisco Marry Me Rosé

Jonas Muthoni

Wineries are started for all kinds of reasons from continuing a family-run vineyard, to starting a brand new vino enterprise, and sometimes, it’s just because you really, really love wine.

The latter is the case for guitarist Jimmy Stafford and the rest of his band, Train. Named after their album, the Save Me San Francisco wine brand was started by the band because of Jimmy’s adoration for wine.

The Save Me San Francisco Marry Me Rosé is part of their extraordinary collection of wines, and it is a rose to remember.

Save Me San Francisco’s Marry Me Rosé Wine Review:

Source: The Wine Group

Wine maker James Foster is at the helm of the Save Me San Francisco winery. He has been there since the start in 2009 and says that working with Jimmy and Train has been a really great time so far. Who wouldn’t love to work with a band on their wine making dreams?  And where do I sign up?

The Story Of “Save Me San Francisco”

Stafford’s idea for starting a winery came from a very rock and roll place. Before every single show Train performs, he has a lovely ritual. Jimmy drinks a couple glasses of wine — how fitting!

It only made sense that they dive into the wine seen. They settled on the name ‘Save Me San Francisco‘ because their album has the same name, and after a few years of musical hiatus, that very album was well received among fans. Having been all around the world with train, Jimmy says that his favorite wine is, and always has been, California wine.

Source: Fox News

You may be asking yourself why they would start such a project when their music is so profitable?

A valid question with an even better response.

You see, the proceeds from their wine sales, as well as chocolate sales (yes, chocolate!) go to Family House. So when you purchase a bottle of their Save Me San Francisco Marry Me Rosé, you aren’t helping the rich get richer.

In fact, you are helping families of sick children, and the children themselves, stay in a comfortable home environment, while their children receive medical care.

“Family House serves as a home away from home for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing physical comfort and emotional support, free from financial concerns.” Family House

Donating proceeds to Family House was a natural decision for Train. They have roots in California and all members have children of their own. To them, it felt right to give back to children, and that gives me all kinds of heart warming feelings.

Tasting Notes & Food Pairings, Anyone?

Of course, even if a wine has a great cause and some solid passion behind it, it still has to taste good.

The Save Me San Francisco Marry Me Rosé is no let down in this department.

  • This yummy rose is made from premium California grapes.
  • It has notes of delicate citrus, cherry, and strawberry, as well as aromas that are also quite fruity.
  • This pink wine is the perfect match for grilled fish or chicken dishes, and it also marries well with Salade Nicoise. Light the grill, and pour a few glasses of this light pink, delicious rose.
Source: Amazon

A Perfect Wedding Wine

  • Appropriately named Marry Me, Save Me San Francisco’s Rosé is a perfect wedding wine.
  • The beautiful artwork on the label is the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. This venue has hosted many weddings, and many more to come.
  • Speaking of vows, the rosé is actually titled ‘Marry Me’ because of Trains popular song with the same name.

How fitting to serve a wedding wine, in a wedding place, matching a wedding song. Give the toast of a lifetime and great memories you’ll always remember while holding a glass of rosé you’ll never forget.

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Interesting Fact: Rosé can be made anywhere in the world, with any kind of grape. Since the title ‘rosé’ simply means that the grapes soak skin-on for a little while, leaving them with pinkish hues. The hues themselves are different depending on the type of grape used. For instance, a Malbec rosé will be darker in color while a Pinot Noir rosé will be much more pale in color.

Source: savemesanfranciscowineco

Where Can I Get A Bottle?

Picking up a bottle of Save Me San Francisco Marry Me Rosé without ever leaving the comfort of your house is as easy as a few clicks. You don’t even have to get out of your favorite comfy clothes, I promise.

On Amazon, you can order yourself a 750ml bottle, or even enough bottles for an entire wedding. Better yet, each bottle is $16.99; making this wine perfect for an intimate gathering, a dinner for two, or a party for hundreds. Marry Me Rosé is an elegant wine with a price tag that doesn’t match, and luckily, you reap all the benefits!

Rosé Tip: Thinking of placing that bottle in a cellar and letting it age? Forget it! Rosé is best consumed the same year as the print date, or up to 2-3 years prior. Fresh is best, my friend!

Have you tried any spectacular new wines lately? Tell us about them in the comments below!


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