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[Wine Review 2023] House Wine Pinot Grigio

[Wine Review 2023] House Wine Pinot Grigio

Jonas Muthoni

Do aromas of nectarine and peach make your mouth water? What about a hint of lime in the mix? Look no further for a satisfying sip than House Wine Pinot Grigio. With a medium body and a crisp, clean finish, savour this Pinot Grigio to the very last drop.

House Wine Pinot Grigio
Source: Amazon

Storage Information: With the exception of a few more sugary brands, Pinot Grigio is not a cellar wine. It’s meant to be consumed after production, and not stashed away for years. Knowing which wines store well, and how to do so will always help in keeping the best possible flavors.

A Little about The Company

  • House Wine began its journey in 2004 with a simple goal in mind. They want to bring quality wines into your house at an affordable price.
  • Believing that the ‘house pour’ should still deliver in complexity and flavor. The Wine Spectator sited these wines as “top values of the world” and Wine and Spirits considers them to be in the “top 100 value wines’.
House Wine Pinot Grigio
Source: House Wine

House Wine has many other wines as well. Here is a brief list of your options:

  • House Wine Cabernet Sauvignon – Flavors of raspberry and strawberry. Blackberry and plum aromas. Smooth Finish with a hint of oak.
  • House Wine Chardonnay – Flavors of sweet pear and toasted hazelnuts. Tropical fruit aromas and a clean acidity leaving fruit flavors lingering on the palate.
  • Fish House Sauvignon Blanc – Aromas of passion fruit, key lime, and gooseberry. Refreshingly crisp with a slight lasting sweetness.
  • Steak House Cabernet Sauvignon – Black currant, licorice, vanilla, and violet aromas. Soft and full bodied on the palate.
  • Market MoscatoAromas of jasmine, apricot, and honeysuckle. Notes of clover honey, and apple. Finishes with hints of nectarine and notes of apricot.

Pinot Grigio Fact: The Pinot Grigio/Gris grape is almost the exact same as the Pinot Noir grape. The grapes differ because of a genetic mutation that likely happened hundreds of years ago. Now, the only way to spot the difference is to look closely at the leaves. Even the grape color is almost identical.

Meet the Mind Behind The Wine

To have a great wine, you must have an exceptional wine maker. House Wine Pinot Grigio is made by someone who is more than capable in the wine making industry. He has more than two decades of experience, and considers this job to be his passion and his path in life.

Introducing, Hal Landvoigt!

House Wine Pinot Grigio
Source: House Wine

Hal dove into the field after he had his first sip of red in college. He’s trained under leading wine makers in the Pacific Northwest, and continued his education through travel. Hal has been to wine regions including Napa Valley, Burgundy, France, and Salta Argentina.

While working, Hal is often spotted testing out flavors with his co-workers. But outside of work, he enjoys cooking for his wife, and daughter.

Party Snacks!

If you love seafood as much as you love Pinot Grigio, I have news for you!

These two go hand in hand and leave your palate wanting more. Serve up some Seafood Tostada Bites at your next gathering, or try some light chicken dishes at a dinner party. Either way, make sure to open a box of House Wine Pinot Grigio. Sip on a glass as a before meal aperitif, or keep it flowing all meal long.

See Also

House Wine Pinot Grigio
Source: Food and Wine

Here are a few more menu options that pair well with Pinot Grigio:

White Wine Lovers, Rejoice!

It is a well-known fact that moderate consumption of red wine helps to prevent heart attacks, and supports heart health. However, did you know that white wine has health benefits, too?

As well as red, white wine contains flavonoids that have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help prevent cancer. Some white wines even help keep the heart from aging!

To make you reach for white even more, a 2004 study conducted at the University of Hohenheim in Germany found that patients who were on a calorie restricted diet may benefit from consuming white wine. Those who consumed 10% of energy from wine had the same weight loss results as those who got 10% of their energy from juices.

House Wine Pinot Grigio
Source: Pixabay

It’s safe to say House Wine Pinot Grigio a great choice for your next gathering, or even just to accompany your New Year’s resolution. A three liter box of House Wine Pinot Grigio is $21.99 on Amazon. Totally worth it for this people pleasing drink!

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