Wine Review: Ca’Rosa California Sparkling Frizzante

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, but don’t forget about your bubbly buddy. Sparkling wine is superb for a cheers, but did you know that it also pairs well with many dishes? Actually, you can enjoy champagne-like wines time and time again. Read on to find out how to sip your bubbly best.

Ca’Rosa California Sparkling Frizzante is an Italian inspired, California grown beverage that will have you toasting all year round.

Wine Review Ca’Rosa California Sparkling Frizzante

Ca’Rosa California Sparkling Frizzante is a refreshing, and relatively dry, sparkler. Its DNA lies within a blend of grapes including Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Gewurtzraminer, Reisling, and Chardonnay. This bubbly balanced blend delivers on every layer of flavor, and its bright pink color is bold and delightful.

Sparkling wines may work well with a toast, but this wine matches some yummy snacks, too. These dishes include, but are not limited to:

  • Caprese Salad
  • Italian Cheese
  • Aracini (Fried rice balls filled with peas, cheese, and meat)

Light Italian affairs go hand-in-hand with this sparkling beverage, and it’s no wonder why.  Since after all, it’s made by Italian winemakers with eye for quality.

“Obsessively Authentic”

“Our wines are full-bodied and big hearted, with bright notes of humility, the bold flavors of California sunshine, a hint of tradition, and a seductive finish of fiery Italian passion.” -DARIO DE CONTI

Ca’Momi Winery in Napa Valley is home to a variety of excellent wine choices which we will dive into below. Ca’Momi was created in 2006 by Valentina Guolo-Migotto, Dario De Conti, and Stefano Migotto. They consider their wines to be “heartcrafted with passion, unwavering dedication, and a fierce commitment to quality and integrity.” Their values as a brand have a similar tune:

“Ca’ Momi brings Italian authenticity and passion to the Napa Valley. We call what we do heartcrafted, because that’s how we work: with passion, soul and integrity. We aim to demystify wine, making it approachable, understandable, and unintimidating. We heartcraft all of our wines with soulful intention and an unwavering commitment to quality. We savor food and wine as everyday celebrations of life – without pretension and on any occasion. We dream big and work to build a heart-centered community where everyone has a sense of purpose, belonging, and boundless possibility. We don’t compromise our values, or ourselves—we are obsessively authentic.” (

Ca’Momi Winery has a special line of wines labelled “Do It for the Love.” 100% of the profits from each bottle sold go towards the Do It for the Love Foundation. A charity that believes in healing through music. The companies share core values, making the partnership an obvious choice.

What Makes A Frizzante, Well, A Frizzante?

Good question. Frizzante is a category of wine similar to Prosecco of Northeastern Italian bubbly. Specifically, and by law, a Frizzante requires two atmospheres of pressure per bottle. The result is a soft, smooth sparkling wine with a gentle style.

In order for a wine to carry the ‘Prosecco’ label it must be from a specific Italian region, and furthermore, it must be made from “Glera” grapes. Up until 2010 any wine could be labelled Prosecco, so the European Union changed the rules.

Interestingly, in Italy, it’s common to receive a carafe of Presecco before a meal. Don’t get too excited, it’s not free wine. The purpose of this drink is to cleanse the palate before a meal, washing away your coffee tongue, and preparing your taste buds for the meal ahead.

Source: Pexels

An Italian-Themed Valentines

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to celebrate your significant other. Whether you celebrate as a family, or take time for a romantic evening for two, add some extra flavor by making it Italian.

Serve up a romantic multi-course meal starting with a Ca’Rosa California Sparkling Fizzante aperitif (adults only, of course). Move on to a chacuterie board featuring Italian meats and cheese. Next a small caprese salad, followed by a heart-shaped pizza. Finish with the meal of with Tiramisu or Panna Cotta. Your spouse, your children, or both, will have hearts dancing in their eyes and tummies.

Ca’Rosa California Sparkling Frizzante boasts refreshing flavor in gentle bubble form. Give it a try without having to search high and low for a bottle. 750 ml bottles are for sale on Amazon for $14.99 and you don’t even have to get off the sofa.