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Do you favor red wines that are a touch on the sweet side? If so, Apothic California Red may be the perfect choice for you. This red isn’t sweet enough to be labeled as a dessert wine, but it is not dry either. It balances in the middle, with a slightly sweet, and delectably complex flavor.

Read on if you want to know more about this timeless, California wine.

Apothic California Red

Apothic California Red Wine Review

Flavors and Composition

The 2014 Apothic California Red wine boasts several distinct flavors including:

  • Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Hints of black cherry.

The grape DNA of this particular red consists of:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sryah
  • Merlot
  • Zinfandel

Combined, these grapes work together to deliver a complex, layered flavor sure to please the palate.

Apothic California Red
Source: Apothic
  • Specifically, Zinfandel adds a spicy touch to the wine, while the Merlot grape brings a smooth, delicate finish.
  • The Syrah adds blueberry notes, where the Cabernet Sauvignon delivers robust fruit flavors and structure.
  • Perhaps the biggest reason behind the taste of this red was the 2014 growing season in California.
  • The dry warm spring and summer caused the growing season to end early, causing strong aromas, and ripe fruity flavor.

Food Pairings

All wines work well with one food choice or another, and this wine has several foodie options. According to matchingfoodandwine.com, here is how you should pair this sweeter red:

“You’ll probably want to match it with your favorite foods. It could handle a level of sweetness in a sauce or marinade that might make drier reds taste thin and weedy. So barbecued ribs or chicken wings in a sweet sticky marinade should be bang on. As should hamburgers, steak, lamb and meat-topped pizzas. No reason why you shouldn’t pair them with the Thanksgiving turkey and I reckon they would go well with Chinese meat dishes such as Peking duck. You might also want to drink them with chocolate cake – one similar red was referred to as Cupcake Red – or chocolate desserts. And they should work well with a cheeseboard.”

Apothic California Red
Source: Readers Digest

Matchingfoodandwine.com also suggests if you prefer a more dry wine, you can pair a sweeter wine like Apothic Red with foods such as blue cheese, or roasted figs. This will change up the flavor profile of the wine.

I am totally into stinky blue cheese, so I will have to give this a try myself!

About Apothic Wines

  • Apothic Wines’ name hails from Apotheca.
  • In the 13th century, it is in Apotheca where wine merchants and makers would store their most coveted blends. Apothic Wines strives to mix old world secrecy, with modern complexity.

“As no two vintages are alike, winemaker Debbie Juergenson lets the character and flavor of each varietal guide the shape of her wines. Each vintage, she lets the grapes guide the way from the vine to the cellar, crafting a collection of unforgettable wines, including Apothic Red, White, Dark, Crush and a limited selection of seasonal releases. Apothic wines are at the forefront of the blending movement, accentuating the captivating character of individual varietals, while integrating each seamlessly into an intriguing blend.”Apothic Winemaking Philosophy

  • Their website is truly unique, as it boasts a virtual cellar.
  • That’s right, you can go down into their stone walled basement, and take a look around. Down here in the almost dark, you will find neat features like a guest book, music, and maybe most interesting of all, an area to upload your photo and have it filtered in a Dark Apothic branding style. You have to check it out to see the fun!
Apothic California Red
Source: Apothic
  • There is also a palm reader for those who are spiritually savvy. I have to say I am usually weary of these things, but I took a picture of my right palm and gave it a try. To my shock and surprise, it was kind of…heh hem…too accurate. Scary!  Try it — if you dare.
  • At the far back of their cellar there is an alchemy area. Here, there’s a collection of videos you can watch that use your favorite Apothic wine to create a yummy cocktail.
  • A stylish mixologist serves up these ingenious drinks. I chose the Apothic California Red (of course) and the cocktail shown was a Caribbean delight. Titled ‘Apothic Red Caribbean Cocktail’, this drink is a combination of rum, lime, honey syrup, and their red wine. Next time I’m hosting an event, this is the drink I will serve!


Visit Amazon to the perfect bottle of Apothic California Red wine, and treat yourself to a taste as unique as the brand that created it. Try one of their fun cocktails, or pair it with your choice of barbecued meats or old cheese. Your guests will wish you bought an extra bottle for them to take home!

Apothic California Red

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