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The 7 Best Wine Racks For Your Home in 2023

The 7 Best Wine Racks For Your Home in 2023

iLoveWine Staff

There will be a point early in your wine collection when you realize that you need a wine rack.

The bottles will begin crowding your refrigerator, pantry, and countertop. You’ll notice you’re accumulating them far faster than you can drink them. For long-term wine storage, it’s best to invest in a small wine refrigerator or a cellar.

But, we also understand the wanting to show off your wine collection. Many beautiful wine racks are available that suit a variety of aesthetics, too, so you can display your favorite bottles.

Following is the list of best wine racks that we feel will match your needs.

Best Countertop Wine Racks

These wine racks are made with a variety of different materials and styled to suit different aesthetics.

Personal taste and bottle capacity aside, the main things to consider are construction quality and stability. It may be tempting to buy an artsy wine rack that appears to defy physics but go with your instincts. If the rack looks unstable, it probably is.

Below are some of the best countertop wine racks that are perfect for your home.

1. Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Wine Rack

Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack 6-Bottles (Bamboo)
  • BAMBOO COUNTERTOP WINE RACK— Showcases, organizes, and stores up to 6 wine bottles—Ideal for both new wine collectors and expert connoisseurs

This rack from Sorbus holds 6 bottles horizontally. It’s made of bamboo, giving a neutral look, and the small footprint makes it ideal for countertops.

It also folds for easy storage so you can just bring it out when you’re entertaining if that’s better for your space. We love it for its simplicity, sturdiness, and affordability.

It’s also available in black or white.

2. Kaydian Krafts Countertop Wine Rack

For countertop storage with a unique look, we love this 10-bottle wine rack from Kaydian Krafts.

It has a faux leather covering, which is quite different than the usual metal and wood racking.

It’s also a departure from other small wine racks in that the cubbies protect the bottles from light. It arrives fully assembled and ready to hold your favorite wines.

3. Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack

SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly
2,839 Reviews
SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly
  • Metal & wood combine design is durable and looks perfect

For a beautiful rustic aesthetic, this countertop wine rack from Soduku is a perfect choice.

It has a gorgeous metal frame with wood panels at either end.

You can safely orient the rack to display your wines 2×3 or 3×2, which is excellent if you need a rack with a smaller footprint. It’s a wonderful choice for pantries, kitchens, and wine bars.

4. Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack, Natural – 12 Bottle

Oenophilia Bali Wine Rack, Natural - 10 Bottle
  • The Indonesian culture is what inspired this elegant rack, reminiscent of the gently lapping waves of the Bali shore

The Bali Wine Rack from Oenophilia is one of our favorite small wine racks on the market.

It’s made of solid wood and holds 12 wine bottles, each cradled in a wave.

Indonesian culture was the original inspiration for the designers, but we see this melding well with many modern aesthetics.

Overall, this is a solidly built wine rack and we love the boldness of the design.

5. Modern 12-Bottle Wine Storage Rack with Grapevine Design

Black Wine Rack Countertop, Modern Grapevine Design Freestanding Metal 12 Wine Bottle Organizer Storage
  • Wine holder - an elegant and convenient wine storage rack made of sturdy metal with a sleek finish and a grapevine design.

If you prefer metal racks and have more counter space to devote, take a look at this charming 12-bottle rack.

We love the arch at the top and the grapevine design that runs along the edges.

It stores the bottles in three rows of four and feels sturdy and well-balanced. It also requires some assembly on arrival.

Some customers report that their kits arrive with a screw missing, so be prepared for a trip to the hardware store just in case.

Best Floor Wine Racks

If you need a wine rack that holds more bottles, you might invest in a floor wine rack.

Again, we encourage you to only use these for short-term storage. (It’s not ideal to buy a floor wine rack that holds a hundred bottles unless it’s going into your cellar!) Many of these are styled like furniture, so the aesthetics will likely play the biggest part in your decision.

If you choose an especially tall floor wine rack, you may also need to secure it to a wall to make sure it doesn’t fall.

Below, we have listed a few of the amazing floor wine racks that will help you show off your wine collection.

1. Winsome Ancona Modular 24-Bottle Wine Cabinet

Winsome Ancona Modular 24 Bottle Wine Cabinet with Drawer 19.09W x 12.6D x 37.52H-Inches, Dark Espresso
  • Add this compact Ancona Wine Modular unit to your home. Create a unique look with one unit or any combination of the three styles available. This unit has a drawer for your accessories and holds 24...

The Winsome Ancona is a 24-bottle wine rack with an espresso finish. There is a cubby for each wine bottle, which adds some protection from light.

We also love that it has a drawer at the top for storage of wine accessories. For the price, this is a beautiful piece of furniture that will display your collection well.

It ships in a single box and requires some assembly, but customers say the instructions are easy to follow. As a bonus, this is a modular unit that aligns nicely with other cabinets in the series, including one that has space for hanging wine glasses and another with a wine cabinet for upright storage.

2. Powell 16-bottle Wine Cabinet

Powell Black with Merlot Rub through Wine Cabinet
134 Reviews
Powell Black with Merlot Rub through Wine Cabinet
  • Removable tray top allows you to carry drinks and snacks to other areas of your home.

The Powell is such a solid wine cabinet that many customers eventually buy a second. The unit stores 16 bottles of wine and, like the Winsome Ancona, has a drawer in the top for storage.

Another interesting feature of this cabinet is the storage tray on top. You can lift it from the cabinet and use it to transport wine or snacks. The cabinet only available in black, which may be a limitation depending on your other furniture.

Tips on Wine Rack Placement

Here are a few tips on wine rack placement.

We know you’ll want to place these where guests can see them. Of course, you’ll want to look at them every day, as well. These racks are meant as much for display as for quick access to your wine.

But, you must be careful about placement. A badly placed wine rack can lead to ruined wine. To make sure your wine remains delicious, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Avoid direct sunlight- As beautiful as the rack might look in your sunny kitchen, the light and heat will likely spoil the wine.
  • Choose a cool place- Keep the rack away from appliances that generate heat. Even small appliances may be hot enough to affect wine quality if the rack is near it.
  • Consider serving temperatures- Of course, you’ll pop white wines into a chiller or fridge before serving, but don’t be too confident that the reds are at the best serving temperature right off the rack.
  • Keep storage brief- Again, these wine racks are mainly meant for display of wines you plan to drink soon. Proper aging of wine requires cellar storage conditions.

That’s a wrap!

We hope you were able to find a suitable and stylish wine rack. If you have any queries, put them in the comments section below, we would love to help you out.

Thanks for reading.

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