The Best Wine Pourers and Aerators

As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn to how we’ll serve wine at upcoming events. The perfect wine pourers and aerators can make all the difference, especially if you’re serving red wines. For example, many pourers aerate the wine, saving time between opening the bottle and serving. Pourers also prevent messes, since bottles alone can drip as your pour and leave rings on your tablecloths. There is a range of styles available, so we’re sharing some of our favorites here to help you get ready for the season. Wine pourers and aerators also make wonderful gifts for anyone who loves wine.

1. The Original Wine Disc, 2-pack: $5

Wine Discs are hands down the simplest, most ingenious wine pourers on the market. Roll one of these three-inch mylar circles into a cylinder and slip it into the neck of the wine bottle. When it unrolls, it creates an amazing no-drip pourer that ends up being a conversation piece the first time people see it. They’re durable, washable, and reusable. As a bonus, they’re customizable and make great favors for weddings or company events.  

2. Vacu Vin Crystal Wine Server, 2-pack: $18

If you’re looking for a simple pourer that’s a little more substantial in appearance than the Wine Disc, the Vacu Vin is another economical choice. These wine pourers are made of heavy plastic and have a rubber seal that fits into most wine bottles. They have no additional features to assist with aeration, so you’ll only get the benefit of what happens between the pourer and decanter. Still, these are a great choice for easy, no-drip pouring at large events. You can outfit as many bottles as you need without breaking the bank.

3. OXO SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer: $10

If you prefer a stainless steel pourer, the OXO SteeL is exactly what you need. We highly recommend this pourer for any kitchen or home bar. Its sturdiness means it will last for many years. It’s made of stainless steel and has flexible ribbing to make sure it fits tightly into any wine bottle. As an extra feature, there is a lever that stoppers the bottle for short-term wine storage. We love this added bit of utility to what is already an excellent wine pourer.

4. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer: $13

The Vintorio is one of the bestselling aerator pourers on the market thanks to its interesting design and the wonderful aeration it provides. Simply slip the rubber stopper into the top of the wine bottle to seal it. Then pour the wine through the long-necked chamber. There are small holes in the top which draw air through and aerate the wine as you pour. This makes it easy to aerate by the glass or the entire bottle, whatever you need. We love the simplicity of use and the uniqueness of the design.

5. Nuance Wine Finer: $25

The Nuance Wine Finer is an aerator pourer like the Vintorio, but the mechanism of aeration is different. This pourer fits deeper into the wine bottle, held secure by the tapering of the rubber at the top. There is a stainless steel filter inside that both aerates and filters the wine, removing any bits of cork or sediment. The lip prevents dripping perfectly and we love the overall silhouette of this pourer. It’s sleeker and more modern than some of the others. We also love that it comes with a rubber stopper which fits neatly into the top of the aerator for short-term storage.

6. Vinograd Red Wine Aerator Decanter Set: $20

Vinograd makes our favorite handheld aerator. Just hold the aerator over your glass or decanter and pour the wine through. These aerators are less convenient for making the rounds at a party since they require both hands to use. Either the glass or the decanter will have to sit on the countertop. Still, they aerate an entire bottle of wine quickly so it’s easy to aerate into your favorite decanter and serve from there. We also love that this aerator comes with a base for storage, a stopper, and a gift box to hold the entire set.

7. Aervana Original: One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

If you want to treat yourself to the ultimate pouring and aeration experience, try the Aervana Original One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator. It fits over the top of the bottle and dispenses perfectly-aerated wine with the touch of a button. The designers claim it provides the best air contact of all aerators in its class and it’s hard to argue with the results. One might think it removes the social element of wine pouring to have guests dispense their own glasses, but the Aervana usually adds more to the conversation. It’s a remarkable aerator with lovely design and feel to it, making it a pleasure to use.