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Wine Markers: A Wine Glass with Your Name on It

Wine Markers: A Wine Glass with Your Name on It

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Metallic ink wine markers for glass

Everybody likes to play with markers. When we were kids, this usually meant drawing something that will get pinned to the fridge, and now when we are older, we can use wine markers to express our creativity on a wine glass, or at least write our names on.

Food grade markers have been on the market for some time now, usually seen in coffee shops like Starbucks, but now that we have markers that also work perfectly on glass, this is a perfect time to take this coffee culture tradition and start misspelling the names of our closest friends during a wine tasting.

But, if you are a creative type, you will not stop with your name. Excellent round shape of a glass is perfect to express your creativity and make the glass you are drinking out truly your own. From flowers and dolphins to intricate patterns, the sky is the limit. If you are a history buff as well as an artist, you can even make your red wine glass look like a Greek amphora, with little people doing great deeds all around.

Metallic ink wine markers for glass

It’s not Yours if Your Name is not on It.

Never again will you need to wonder which one of the identical glasses is yours. Now, if somebody says: ‘’But does it have your name on it?”, you can answer with a simple yes because it does. This aspect is probably the most practical about wine markers, as you don’t need to have any artistic flair to write your name down, or to mark it in any other way. This way, you will both save yourself the trouble of searching and will prevent everyone else from accidentally drinking your wine.

Wine markers come in multiple colors, and you will always be able to choose exactly how you want your wine glass to look like, or at least you will be able to try to make it as best as you can.

Wine markers and wine itself have quite a bit in common, to be honest. They are both fun, relaxing, and spur your desire to learn how to do art. While for most people, and to the dismay of even more people, wine guides more towards singing, wine markers will push everyone towards drawing.

Finally, you will be able to answer the question if you are a better artist after a bottle of red wine, or after a bottle of white.

Food Grade Metallic Ink

Although sounding like an oxymoron, the metallic part of this ink refers to the glittering effect of the color, and not to any metal contents in the ink itself. In fact, food grade metallic ink is very safe and doesn’t impact the contents of the glass in any way, even if it gets into contact.

This type of ink can be used for various materials that are otherwise hard to draw on, such as ceramic and glass, and it will always leave a nice reflective glow, making it much easier to discern even on surfaces that have a similar color.

Using metallic ink is much better than using matte colors, as it is tough to see red, blue, and black on your wineglass if there is a fresh batch of Pinot Noir on the inside. But, if you are using metallic ink, even dark red will reflect, and you will be able to see your name or your mark under any lighting.

The Name It Marker Wine Markers

Name It Marker is a relatively new company that is making a name for themselves with these gorgeous wine markers, which come in an array of eight colors, each giving a specific statement. From afar, these markers look more like lip gloss, as they have a similar shine, but once you open them, you will realize that you are holding a pen made for glass in your hand.

These markers are entirely non-toxic, and they have no harmful materials inside. This is definitely an advantage when we are talking about something that will probably come into contact with the wine you are drinking, but it also means that you will get no satisfaction from sniffing the marker, as it is entirely odorless.

It is evident that Name It Marker is confident in their product, as they have a good refund policy, and if you are not satisfied with what the markers are doing for you, you can always return them. Not so many people do though, as even those who have never thought of themselves as artists in any way learned that scribbling something on your wine glass is much more appealing than doing it on a napkin.

Best Place to Use Them

You can use these markers anywhere, even in a restaurant, as they are very easy to wash off with just a bit of warm soapy water. Although, there are some places where these babies will shine, both literally and figuratively.

Office Party

It is easy to differentiate everyone’s glass on the dinner table, as it is usually the one right in front of them. In an office party, this becomes increasingly difficult as more people mingle and leave their glasses in different places.

If you are playing the role of server, just write the name of your colleague on the glass and they will know that the contents inside are solely for their enjoyment.

Home Wine Tasting

Writing a name on the glass doesn’t always mean writing the name of the drinker. If you are hosting a wine tasting in your home, you can write the name of the wine you are presenting on the glass, letting people know exactly what they are drinking. Let your guests pretend like they know the difference between a Sangiovese and a Tempranillo, as well as the year it is from, even though it is written on the glass.


Using a food grade metallic wine marker is actually less dangerous than using a regular marker, as it is not toxic even a little bit. That being said, in the hands of a true master everything becomes a weapon, and you are still wielding a very short plastic stick, so be advised.


The point of wine is having fun, and you should do everything in your power to have fun while drinking, both at home and to provide that same fun when you are having guests over. If you are able to make a game from drawing on wine glasses and then drinking from your creations, that can only make the wine drinking experience better.

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