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Best Wine Journal Apps | 2023

Best Wine Journal Apps | 2023


Technology is finding spaces in our lives and filling them constantly. As technology is making everything easier and playing a vital role in our day-to-day lives, why not use it in our wine journey? Yes, you heard it right! You will be surprised to know that there are many apps that help you in your wine journey. We all know how overwhelming is the wine world, so to make it simple and easy for even a beginner, these apps are an excellent option to use in your journey of knowledge.

Through these apps, you can determine everything like the essential fragrances, flavors, and wine-making regions but also journal your tastings and save them for future references! There are lots of great wine journal apps out there, but these are the best ones that you can use to keep track of your wine tasting experiences!

Top Wine Journal Apps For You

Here is the list of best wine apps for beginners, connoisseurs, and sommeliers to boost your wine knowledge and make your experience easier!

1. Wine Diary

Key Features

  • The best feature of this app is you can save your blind tasting as well as completely filled out tastings even if you are offline that can be automatically updated as soon as your device is online again.
  • It has an option of geotagging, which allows you to mark the winery that you have tried on google maps.
  • With this app, you can even attach up to three pictures to each of your tastings, either from the camera or the device’s gallery.
  • You can also compare the wines you have tried tasting, and up to three wines can be compared side by side, and up to three wines can be added under the “similar” category to remember better.
  • The notes that you make using this app can be exported in PDF form, and that way, you can share them with your friends, and you can edit your tasting even after you save it.
  • Every wine you taste has a direct link to the Winesearcher and the nearest store that offers that wine.

2. Delectable

Key Features

  • It is a great app and one-stop for most of your queries.
  • This is a smartly designed app that is loved by many wine journalists, sommeliers, and wine drinkers in general.
  • You can track what knowledgeable drinkers and enthusiasts are drinking, and following their tasting notes is a major feature of this app.
  • It offers you categories like food pairings, wine sections, etc. It is one of the major attention-grabbing things for the users.
  • This app is very fast in recognizing labels and not just that; it also tells you its name, region, the grape variety used, and even the price of that wine.

3. Vivino

Key features

  • You can track and organize your wines to choose your taste profile and discover new wines available in the market that may have the potential to be in your favorites and may enjoy drinking them. Not just that, you can also see how you rank against friends and the wine community.
  • It provides you ratings and reviews from wine experts and lovers about different wines worldwide, which helps you choose your best option.
  •  You can also buy your favorite wines from this app as it offers you an option to buy them in a very simple and convenient way and get them delivered to your doorstep.
  • Based on your activity, this app automatically suggests the wines that you may like, which means by tracking your reviews, ratings, past purchases, and searches, it helps you discover wines similar to your taste and likings.
  • You can scan and then select the perfect wine for you from any restaurant’s wine list.

4. WSET Tasting Notes – Wine

Key Features

  • This app helps you create and store well-structured and consistent tasting notes for your wines.
  • By using this app, you can record primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas and flavors, giving greater depth and nuance to your tasting notes.
  • This app offers you a database of more than 300 wine-producing countries and regions across the world and nearly 100 pre-populated grape varieties.
  • You can even upload photos to your wine notes and can also search through your saved wine tasting notes.
  • This app comes with the ability to record the notes of your wine in the “blind” tasting category as well.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes this app very convenient to use.

5. Wine Notes

Key Features

  • This app has a very intuitive user interface that makes adding your notes and saving them very simple.
  • Not just saving, you can even get an option to share your notes across a wide range of channels like Facebook and e-mail.
  • It has a comprehensive database with thousands of wineries and locations and comes with the ability to add your own.
  • It also has an extensive dictionary database with over 100 key wine terms to help and guide your ratings and reviews.
  • You can mark your favorite wine, and then they are copied to a separate favorites list.

Benefits of using Wine Journal Apps

  • If you want to record your wine tastings, either for yourself or for others, these apps might be useful.
  • It’s a fun way to track and review wines.
  • Wines are unique. Record the details of each wine you try so you can remember what was delightful and what wasn’t.
  • These apps can help you keep track of your favorite wines.
  • Important if you wish to be a wine connoisseur.


These apps mentioned above are readily available on both iOS and Android devices and are free to download from The Play Store and App Store, although some offer you an option of in-app purchases.

Whether you are a wine lover or an enthusiast for tasting wines, these apps help you create and store well-structured tasting notes for every wine that you try. With these wine journaling apps, now you can maintain your notes with you wherever you go and at all times. I am sure now you are never going to lose track of your tasting notes! So download them and start using them to make your wine journey easy and smooth!

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