The 5 Best Wine Glass Bottle Tops

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Wine has always been a part of our culture since 6000 BCE. Whether it’s before or post-dinner or as a part of any celebration or just enjoying oneself, wine has always been a beloved partner. Nowadays, wine glass bottle top is the latest addition in bar accessories.

What are Wine Glass Bottle Tops?

These unique wine glasses transform a wine or beer bottle into a glass and you can directly drink from the bottle using this accessory. The wine glass bottle top is nothing but a modified wine glass with no stem and base to hold. This top can be attached at the top of the wine bottle with a rubber end, and you can enjoy your wine directly from the bottle. In short, it turns your wine bottle into a glass, and because of this feature, it is popular among wine lovers. It’s a crazy unique idea, and you can find many brands selling wine tops in supermarkets and online. Mostly they are made of glass, but some are also available in non-breakable plastic forms.

The Innovator: Guzzle Buddy and its Net Worth

The first wine top was named as Guzzle Buddy. This venture was first started in 2016 by Jennifer Jo Sullivan and Randy Rothfus. This brother and sister-in-law duo created this product after watching an episode of Cougar Town. This product got hyped as it was featured on a Shark Tank episode. They managed to raise gave $400,000 by giving 25% to Daymond. This product has done great on the world market, and as of June 2021, its net worth is approximately $3,000,000, and they have an annual sale of $1 – $2 million.

Top Wine Glass Bottle Tops

These are the best five wine glass bottle tops available on amazon.

1. Guzzle Buddy Wine Glass Topper

Price– $12.99

Rating 4.6/5


  1. They are made of borosilicate glass and have a 100% silicon sleeve.
  2. There are 5 rings on the silicon sleeve that enables it to fit most bottles.
  3. Product dimensions are 3x3x6 inches.
  4. Country of origin is the USA.
  5. They are dishwasher safe and freezer safe.
  6. Guzzle buddy 2GO is made of Tritan unbreakable plastic, which is BPA and odor-free.

A designer variant of guzzle buddy glasses are available which are inscribed with interesting taglines like ‘Real women don’t cry, We wine’, ‘Plug it and Chug it’, ’tis the season to get tipsy’, ‘Liquid Therapy’, and more.

2. Godinger Chugmate Wine Glass Topper

Price $12.95

Rating 4.7/5


  1. Made up of borosilicate glass
  2. Item weight is 0.4 pounds.
  3. Capacity is 16 ounces.
  4. Dishwasher safe.
  5. BPA and lead-free borosilicate.
  6. Freezer safe.

3. Eflying Lion Direct Bottle to Glass

Price on Amazon

  • $12.99 (for two champagne glasses)
  • $12.99 (for one wine glass)

Ratings– 4.5/5


  1. It is made up of glass.
  2. Dimensions – 3.23 x 3.23 x 5.12.
  3. Item weight- 3.53 ounces.
  4. Capacity – 9 ounces.
  5. They are dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

 4. Leyin Wine Glass Bottle

Price on Amazon– $10.99

Ratings– 4.5/5


  1. Made up of glass.
  2. Dimensions- 7.24 x 5.51 x 5.47
  3. Item weight- 5.9 ounces
  4. Capacity- 500 milliliters.
  5. Hand wash only.
  6. Freezer safe.

5. Platinum Central Wine Glass Topper

Price– $35

Ratings– 5/5


  1. They are made up of 100% borosilicate glass.
  2. Item weight- 120 grams
  3. Product dimensions- 1.57 x 2.87 x 5.91 inches.
  4. They are dishwasher safe and freezer safe.
  5. BPA and Lead-free.
  6. Modified design made it easy to clean.

Pros & Cons of Glass Bottle Topper


  1. It is the best gift for any wine and beer lover and great to use at weddings, bachelorette, parties, anniversaries, and birthdays.
  2. They are a funny way to enjoy your drink.
  3. It also fits on the bottle of wine, soda, and cider bottles.
  4. For parties, wine toppers will definitely be the centre of attraction .
  5. It can be best used for small bottles when alone and you want to enjoy your wine yourself.
  6. With the improved designs by some brands, it has become easier to clean, which was a flaw in the previous designs.
  7. If you are lazy enough not to want to stand and bring a wine glass every time you want to have wine, then this is the best utility thing you can invest in.
  8. The plastic variants are break-resistant and great for everyday use. 


  1. After some use, the lower part that fits the bottle mouth may loosen up and the wine may leak.
  2. Some people like to use chilling stones instead of ice cubes, so that taste of the wine does not change. Well, in that case, there might be a chance that chilling stone slips down into the bottle, and then it would be tough to take them out.
  3. When you drink wine through bottle tops, it takes longer to reach your mouth than using glass. When you keep the bottle after a sip, wine automatically slips down, and the wine takes a few seconds more to reach you again. 
  4. Only one person can drink the wine from the bottle at a time, and you need too many bottles if every person at the party uses the bottle top.
  5. The rubber stopper makes it challenging to clean, and the wine residue might mix into another wine that smells bad.
  6. It will be easier to drink from it if it has a one-way valve.
  7. A wine top is a good idea for using with a small bottle because when you use it with a bigger bottle, sometimes it becomes challenging to hold, plus the weight of the bottle can also cause pain in your arm.


Wine glass tops are doing great in the international market, and they are much loved among wine lovers. They are also a great gifting option for your friends and family. If you have never tried this unique wine glass, it is certainly a novelty item that must be bought at least once. If you are still on the fence, this unique item will surely make you and your loved ones laugh!! Now, that should be the top most reason to immediately buy it. 

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