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Best Wine for Weight Watchers | 2023

Best Wine for Weight Watchers | 2023

Jonas Muthoni

Every weight watcher’s fantasy and wine drinker’s dream question: is there any wine that doesn’t add a few pounds? Yes, studies now show that wine in moderation may aid weight loss and not hamper the process. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is the best thing to do, but that doesn’t have to include cutting down a few fun evenings with friends and family. While moderation is the key, an element called resveratrol in wine actually aids weight loss.

Remember, wine is in no way forbidden to you if you are a Weight Watcher. Moderation is the key, but sharing a glass can lend a new dimension to your holidays and special occasions. Just be careful not to overdo it! Wine varieties with lower alcohol content, such as White Zinfandel or Sauvignon Blanc, are good choices for Weight Watchers. And always remember that moderation is key; do not use wine as an excuse to drink more than you normally would.

Does Red Wine aid weight loss?

An element called Resveratrol speeds up the conversion of white fat to beige fat, which is easier to burn, and thus helps in weight loss. It is imperative to remember that wine is a boon only if it is consumed in moderation and accompanied by an active lifestyle. However, Red wines tend to be higher in calories than whites.

Is White Wine best for weight watchers?

White wine is a great choice, but it’s not just because of its low calorie count. The alcohol content in wine, largely made up of water, can help you feel fuller and reduce your appetite. This means you’re likely to eat less at your next meal.

White wine has been shown to contain antioxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer. It may also lower cholesterol levels, which is good for your heart.

Which are the best wines for weight watchers?

We’re ranking these wines by their calories and their carbs. Although you need to watch your total wine intake every day, a little bit of wine won’t hurt, as long as you don’t go overboard. This chart should give you a good overview of the best wine choices for Weight Watchers’ diets. Enjoy!

Here is a curated list of the best wine options when trying to lose those few extra pounds or keep a check on your weight.

1. Chardonnay (White):

A White Chardonnay is the preferred choice as it is a low-cal wine, with only 84 calories per five-ounce serving and just 2.1 gram carbs. Chardonnays are dry wines with high acidity, making them a healthier alternative.

“Pro Tip: Choose the one that has been fermented in stainless steel tanks; it produces a low-calorie version of this grape.”

2. Pinot Noir (Red):

Pinot Noir is definitely the best low-cal red wine option as it contains only 81 calories and just 2.3-gram carbs for every five-ounce serving. It has high levels of resveratrol and is made from thin-skin grapes, making it lower in sugar content and thus healthier. A high concentration of antioxidants and tannins adds to the goodness of Pinot Noir.

3. Merlot (Red):

Merlot is another dry wine with high levels of resveratrol and low calories. Every five-ounce serving contains just 83 calories and 2.8-gram carbs. Impressively, drinking Merlot Red in moderation prevents heart diseases, improves gut health, and lowers the risk of blood clotting. It is also rich in antioxidants that strengthen your brain.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon (Red):

Cabernet Sauvignon is a dry wine rich in resveratrol, making it less sweet and lower in calories. The much-loved Cabernet Sauvignon has only 122 calories per five-ounce serving, with just 3.8 gram carbs.

5. White Riesling:

A White Riesling is generally a good choice for weight watchers. Every five ounces of White Riesling add up to 120 calories and 5.54 gram carbs. If given a choice, it is best to opt for a dry Riesling; since drier wines have less sugar and hence fewer calories.

6. Pinot Grigio (White):

Every five ounces of Pinot Grigio has about 123 calories and 3.8 gram carbs. The high acidity and dry texture of the wine all make Pinot Grigio one of the healthier options.

Understanding Calories via Formula

Assuming the general serving per glass is five-ounce, a general rule of thumb for different categories of wine is given here. You can navigate through your search for the least calorie-dense wine. However, this is not 100 percent accurate, but it definitely provides a rough estimate.

Champagne = 19 x 5 = 95 cal per 5 oz

Rose Wine = 20 x 5 ounces = 100 cal per 5 oz

See Also

Dry White Wine = 24 x 5 ounces = 120 cal per 5 oz

Red Wine = 25 x 5 ounces = 125 cal per 5 oz

Sweet White Wine = 28 x 5 ounces = 140 cal per 5 oz

Port Wines = 46 x 5 = 230 cal per 5 oz

The above formula clearly makes it apparent that the weight watcher must stay clear of port wines or other sweet or dessert wines.

Tips for smart wine drinking

  • Red and White wines are often easily available at bars and restaurants; ensure picking out the best suited for your weight watching.
  • There are apps like the Weight Watchers app that help you track your drinks and also assess the quantity of drinks in your glass.
  • Try sticking to wine and avoid cocktails or any other sort of mixers, as more than often, the bartender will lose track of low cal options or make a heavy liquor pour.
  • Always keep a proper serving glass handy if drinking at home. This will ensure you are not pouring more than the standard quantity of wine into your glass.
  • If feasible, get wine glasses with subtle etchings as they make pouring the appropriate serving a breeze!

Final Thoughts

However tempted you might be to completely cut wine or occasional indulgences from your life to keep a check on your weight, do not do it. More often, this leads to a terrific bounce back. Most people who maintain successful diets keep these mini indulgences a secret. The wiser ones choose a healthier, low-cal wine and enjoy their evenings without guilt.

Not all wine is the same; some are better than others if you are watching your weight. Do make a note of the wines mentioned in the article. These wines are good for people who are watching what they eat. These wines have the lowest amount of carbs.

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