5 Reasons To Join A Wine Club

iLoveWine Staff

Have you been thinking about joining a wine club?

Well, here are five great reasons that will make you wonder how you’ve gone this long without being in a wine club.


Why Should You Be a Member of Wine Club?

1. Variety

When I go into a wine shop, it is so overwhelming. There are just so many wines to choose from. I often end up just getting the same wine I got before or, if I do try to be adventurous, I base my decision on something like thinking the label is pretty.

  • But with a wine club, they take the stress out of wine selecting for you by sending you wines that are perfectly personalized for your paletteThese 6 simple questions will determine your unique taste profile).
  • This allows you to become more knowledgeable about how to make selections when you are shopping for yourself.
  • You will find out more about what kind of wine styles and what nuances you really like, and you may even discover a whole new kind of wine. Ever heard of Nebbiolo? Exactly.



  • Being in a wine club can actually be one of the most cost efficient ways to buy wine. Especially when you have an insider’s discount promo code: ilovewine20!
  • On average, the unique and delicious bottles of wine you get with a wine club are only $15 or less.
  • They are conveniently shipped right to your door.
  • Plus, think of all the money and time you save not having to venture to the liquor store.
  • Also, if you don’t like the wine that you got, you don’t have to pay for it. Pretty sure your corner bodega wouldn’t do that for you.


3. Exclusivity

Hate when you walk into a room and someone else is wearing the same dress as you? It’s just as awkward when you bring the same wine as someone else to a dinner party. Even if that bottle is a favorite among you and your friends, wouldn’t you rather be impressively original?

  • Being in a wine club means that you are getting to broaden your wine horizons and have access to wines that are not found easily in your local stores.
  • You’ll be the person who always has unique, rare, and fun wines that really stand out. And, whether or not you choose to share your privilege is up to you.


4. Education

Not only will you impress your friends with the wine you bring to the party, but you will impress them with your newly found wine knowledge that comes from being part of a wine club.

  • Wine clubs allow you to learn anything you ever wanted to know about wine: how it is made, what makes the specific variety you are enjoying special, why where the grapes comes from influence the wine, and so much more.
  • You can  learn all this just from scanning the barcode on each bottle and watching a video using the club app. You’ll be well on your way to being an impressive wine connoisseur!


5. Excitement

The day your wine arrives turns a random Tuesday afternoon into Christmas! It is an undeniably joyous occasion to receive mail that isn’t a bill. And really, what can be better than getting a box full of wine…(besides clothes, of course!)


Answer these 6 simple questions to determine your unique taste profile!

Let us help you find your perfect bottle. Cheers!



That’s a wrap!

We hope these reasons are enough to convince you to become a member of a wine club. Plus you can head over to http://www.clubw.com/ilovewine20 and enter in the promo code ilovewine20 to sign up and receive $20 off your first month from Winc (formerly Club W)!

Thanks for reading!

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