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Best Wine Club in New York City 2023

Best Wine Club in New York City 2023


Wine clubs are a great way to receive monthly shipments of wine right to your door and are an often affordable alternative for many wine lovers. Sometimes it may indeed be hard to find the perfect club since there is such a vast selection of different kinds from which to choose.

Best Wine Club in NYC

Here is a list of the best wine clubs in NYC, each with its unique strengths, weaknesses, and benefits. For more information about each club, click on any of the highlighted links for wine clubs in NYC!

1. New York Wine Club – Highly Recommended

Marquis Williams, 31, is the owner of this exotic wine club. Williams, a self-described “curator” of wines, has created an ideal wine club service for today’s socially starved society. Even though Highly Recommended was launched two years ago, it has remained relatively unknown. It has taken on new meaning during COVID as Williams’ wine events have had to slow down. Each month, Williams—who has worked in wine shops like Wino(t), Good Wine, and Atlas Wines in New York City and helped develop wine lists for restaurants like Scarr’s Pizza—releases a list of roughly 6-10 different wines from around the world. And then he texts (or emails) to his diverse network of customers, many of whom have joined via word-of-mouth.

How does the club – Highly Recommended – Works?

While joining the club and receiving Williams’ lists is free, you may pay-as-you-go and pick a minimum of two bottles each month. You can “subscribe” to have bottles supplied to you automatically, with money deducted from your account. Subscribers receive a 10% discount on their orders. Customers fill out a form when they join the club, and Williams and his colleagues keep track of their buying preferences to find out what’s “their jam” in the future.

Williams says –

“I come from the projects in New York. If I can do it, anyone can do it,”.

2. Village Winery Club – New York

The Village Winery Club, founded in New York City, is Manhattan’s first winemaking community, with 3rd generation origins among America’s urban pioneers. The VWC is a club dedicated to the education and enjoyment of small-batch, hand-crafted wine created from the best quality grapes sourced from vineyards around New York State and around the entire globe.

How does the – Village Winery Club – Work?

The village winery club’s ideas and processes are pretty straightforward. The VWC’s urban winemaking experience combines premium grapes with culinary matching events hosted by local chefs.

For the ultimate social experience, each 12-month program includes hands-on winemaking, education, and networking.

The grape to glass concept events allows you to sample your vintage with regionally selected cuisine as it matures.

The VWC is run entirely by its members, and it is constantly striving to make the most outstanding quality wine possible from the best available grapes.

Throughout the process, urban winemaking events will educate you on how much fun it can be to savor a flavor as it matures with a diverse group of people interested in sharing the experience.

Thus, all you need to do is choose the best membership according to your comfort and then commence your journey with the club.

3. City Winery Club, New York

This unique wine club is for music lovers – Any Musician Will Enjoy This Wine Club. Get a Monthly Wine Subscription Box as well as Exclusive In-Venue Perks.

City Winery’s wine membership is more than just a wine of the month club; it also includes curated collections, tasting sessions, discounts, and access to special events. City Winery provides the most fantastic wine club for music and wine enthusiasts of all types, with three membership levels and more unique bonuses with each tier.

How does the club – The City Winery – Work?

 Benefits For Connoisseur
  • City Winery offers two bottles of meticulously prepared Wine of the Month and a perfectly fitting soundtrack each month.
  • For every $100 spent on wine online, you’ll receive $20 in-store credit. Orders of $120 or more qualify for free shipping.
  • Wine Club members have unique access to invitation-only events and limited-edition wines.
  • Monthly wine flight for four people in wine tasting bar, with no corkage costs in the restaurant.
  • You will receive two complimentary tickets for every $500 spent at the venue.
  • You will receive a complimentary birthday entrée and a glass of wine at our restaurant during your birthday week.

City Winery’s wine subscription gives members access to members-only events and complimentary concert tickets with in-venue purchases, monthly wine bottles curated by their experts, wine flights in their welcoming tasting rooms, and deep discounts when ordering wine online from their store.

4. The Monthly Sommelier, New York

Another excellent wine club in New York City is the Monthly Sommelier. There is a wine for everyone, they believe! They’ve made it their mission to explore the globe for the greatest wines and bring them to you month after month. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a relative newbie to wine, the club’s Wine of The Month is a great way to expand your knowledge.

They claim that no one knows tastes and nuances as they do regarding wines. Every wine sourced by Monthly Sommelier is fascinating and excellent. It piques their interest, as well as the interest of sophisticated subscribers.

 How does the club – Monthly Sommelier – Work?

 The Monthly Sommelier offers quality Wine of the Month Clubs and Wine Gifts to mark all of life’s milestones. On orders of $100 or more, we ship our subscriptions and gift baskets for free across the United States and Canada. Monthly Sommelier is pleased to provide Premium Air Delivery and Expedited Ground Service. More information on free shipping from New York may be found on our Shipping & Delivery website.

 Monthly Sommelier is your one-stop shop for unrivaled wine pleasure, including world-class Wine Club Subscriptions, Wine Gift Baskets, Wine Accessories, and a signature wine selection. Monthly Sommelier’s broad range of wines and wine gifts will ensure that you find exactly the right present to wow your loved ones!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some fantastic wine clubs in New York City. All the names mentioned above are extraordinary in their kind. Happy Clubbing!

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