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What does a Wine Aerator do?

What does a Wine Aerator do?


When you get home from a long day of work, sometimes your first thought is probably, “Where’s my wine?”

So how do you make sure that every sip of wine is as good as the last? By using a wine aerator.  

You might be wondering: why would I need something like this instead of just pouring my wine straight from the bottle? Well: because there’s nothing better than a glass full of delicious flavor!

What is a wine aerator?

A wine aerator is a small device that allows you to breathe new life into your wine. The aeration process has been used for many ages, but never before has it been so easy! 

Wine aerators help improve the taste of your wine by allowing air to pass through it, which then releases the full flavors of your drink. 

This means that no matter what type of wine bottle you have in front of you (red or white), finding the perfect wine aerator for your taste buds will be easy.

Aeration is important because it can help bring out your wine’s subtle flavors and aromas. 

When air hits the wine, some of its molecules are broken down and recombined with other molecules until they form brand new ones. This process creates new flavors in the glass that you might not have experienced otherwise.

How to use a wine aerator?

Using a wine aerator is simple. 

  • First, pour your wine into the aerator or fit the aerator on top of your bottle. 
  • It’s essential to make sure the wine is in the aerator for at least two minutes to aerate and improve the taste of your drink correctly. 
  • After two minutes, pour your newly-aerated wines into a glass and enjoy!
  • Within minutes of using an aerator, you will notice an improvement in how your wines taste.

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What happens when you aerate wine?

Aeration can be a tricky thing to explain. It’s not as simple as pouring a glass of wine and then drinking it or even letting it sit for an hour before you drink it. 

Many factors come into play when aerating wine, one of which is how long you leave the wine in contact with air.

Aerating your wine will help open up its aroma and flavor so that you get the whole experience of what that particular grape variety offers. 

The process also helps ensure that all flavors aren’t muted by alcohol burn. This is especially important for high-alcohol wines like Chianti or Cabernet Sauvignon.

What is the difference between decanting and aerating a wine?

  • Decanting is pouring wine from one vessel to another, most often to remove sediment. 
  • Aerating is the process of adding oxygen to the wine. 
  • Decanting should only be done with older wines with sediment. It can expose younger wines to too much oxygen, resulting in an oxidized taste. 
  • Aerating (or swirling) is done for both old and young wines.  It opens up the flavors and aromas within a glass without exposing the entire bottle of wine to too much oxygen at once. 

Aeration will leave behind less sediment than decanting will. Thus, aeration is usually used if you’re going through a large quantity of wine at once (for example: during Thanksgiving dinner).

When should I use a wine aerator?

The most common situation in which a wine aerator would be used is when you want to open up the flavor of your wine. 

Many people who have tried mass-produced wines have found them to be harsh and bitter. This can be improved by aerating the wine before drinking it

This is because oxygen breaks down chemical compounds in wine. It ends up revealing more complex flavors than those previously associated with these wines (they’re usually just flat dry).

Does wine aerator make a difference?

Yes, wine aerators make a difference. As you know, wines have a lot of complex flavors and aromas that are often buried under the harshness of oxidation.

Aerators allow you to open up the flavor of your wine without waiting for it to breathe. With an aerator, you can enjoy your favorite bottle right away without waiting for it to open up on its own.

How do aerators work?

Let’s look at how an aerator works. 

  • Aerators are a simple piece of equipment that you can use to open up the flavor of wine as it pours into your glass. 
  • The aerator will create tiny bubbles in your wine. This helps give it more flavor and aroma as it hits your tongue.
  • This process allows more oxygen to dissolve in the wine.
  • This changes the chemical composition of its molecules. Thus releasing more aromatic compounds and improving their taste.
  • You might be wondering if an aerator is necessary when drinking wine. But it does enhance the experience of drinking wine immensely if you’re looking for a way to make your favorite glass go down smoother. 
  • If you enjoy red or white wines but don’t know much about them yet, using an aerator can help introduce you to some new flavors that may surprise you!
  • Aerators are available in many different sizes. Ranging from handheld models that fit on top of your glass to larger ones with multiple chambers.
  • Some even have built-in chillers or ice buckets so you can keep your wine cold while it’s being aerated.

How Do Electric Wine Aerators Work?

Perhaps you’re a wine aficionado and have extensive knowledge of the world’s most prestigious vineyards. Maybe you love to throw lavish parties, where each guest will be presented with an exquisite bottle of wine. Or perhaps you just want to enjoy a glass or two with your family at home. Whatever your reason for wanting the best wine aerators, electric ones are the only way to go.

  • Electric wine aerators work by forcing air through tiny holes in the device, which separates it from your glass.
  • Thus it creates bubbles that improve the flavor of your drink in seconds (and without wasting any). 
  • They’re more efficient than hand-pumped models. 
  • They can work faster and require less effort on your part
  • They’re also more convenient since there’s no risk of spilling fine liquid everywhere as with manual pumps. 
  • Lastly, they’re more durable than other types. 
  • Their internal components are protected from damage.

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No Delay in Gratification

You can use a wine aerator to help you open up the flavor of your wine without waiting.

Wine aerators use air to draw more flavor from your glass of wine. Typically, when you decant a bottle of wine, you’re letting it breathe for hours or days before drinking it. With a wine aerator, you’ll enjoy the benefits in seconds

Wine aerators can also be used at home—no need to drive anywhere just yet! And if there’s any doubt that it’ll work and other methods? Just try it. 


Overall, whether wine aerators work depends on what you’re looking for in your wine. It is worth trying out if you want a quick way to open up young, tannic wines that might be too harsh to drink right out of the bottle. Or if you want something simple and foolproof (no need to worry about spilling or wasting any of that precious liquid). 

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