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Why you should invest in a Wine Cellar

Why you should invest in a Wine Cellar

iLoveWine Staff

Wine cellars might in the past have been a fancy interior feature for the ultra-rich, but, as ordinary homeowners seek new ways to add value to their homes, they have become increasingly popular in recent times.

True wine enthusiasts understand that wine cellars, whilst not only looking fantastic, also offer the correct environment needed for a wine collection to age properly.

A & W Moore Wine Racks, a UK-based manufacturer of bespoke wine shelving, cellars, and accessories, outlines why investing in a wine cellar for your home is a great idea.

Preserve your wine

Wine is a temperamental beverage, which means that if you do not keep it stored within certain optimal conditions, its taste and aroma can spoil. Many factors dictate where and how you should be storing your wine, including its location, atmosphere, temperature, and even the type of rack you use. As such, if your wine collection is important to you, it’s time to consider having a wine cellar fitted by someone who knows and thing or two about wine storage.

Wine cellar fitters are specialists in their field and understand the correct humidity levels, temperature and environmental conditions necessary to preserve wine. The ideal storage conditions should be; bottles placed horizontally in a cool, humidity-controlled, dimly-lit room, and one which does not face vibrations or temperature fluctuations. As such, a basement is normally the most suitable room in the house for cellaring wine.

You might think that keeping your wine in a fridge or cooling unit is enough to keep it from going bad, but this is certainly not recommended for long-term wine storage. Such units are operated by electricity, thus producing heat and, eventually, spoiling the contents of your wine.

When wines are correctly stored and given the chance to properly age, many of them will improve in taste, complexity, and aroma.

Add value to your home

One of the primary reasons as to why some people choose to install a wine cellar is that it increases the value of their home. Whether extending an existing part of the property, such as the basement or deciding to incorporate the cellar into a plan for an entirely new build, wine cellars will always add that extra bit of “wow-factor”.

The majority of homes do not have this niche feature, which puts your property at an advantage, attracting future buyers with a passion for wine in particular, many of whom are happy to pay more for a home with a built-in wine cellar.

Better organize your collection

If you are thinking about having a wine cellar fitted, the chances are that you already have a large, growing collection. A home cellar, therefore, allows you to organize your wine methodically, by type, grape variety, region, peak aging or occasion, giving you fast access to any bottle, at any time, from one section of the home.

Future investments

Although wine cellars come with a hefty price tag, their presence may end up saving you money in the long-run. This is because the savviest of wine collectors – those who understand the best time to purchase vintages – will finally have enough space to store the bottles that might be worth much more in the future, once they have reached their peak age.

Similarly, cellar space means that avid collectors can begin purchasing their wines in bulk, as opposed to single bottles, which may also contribute to lower costs in the future.

Can be made-to-measure

Most wine cellar manufacturers are able to create bespoke cellar designs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, which perfectly match your interior style and surroundings. Not only that, but they can also be custom-built to fit your particular bottle collection with ease.

For instance, if you are somebody who prefers to collect magnums or half-bottles as opposed to standard-sized Bordeaux bottles, then the average wine rack will not be appropriate for you. Instead, a custom-made cellar, which can comfortably accommodate your unique collection, is far better suited.

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