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What Your First Date Drink Choice Says About You?

What Your First Date Drink Choice Says About You?

Jonas Muthoni

A first date can be pretty high pressure. You stress about wearing the perfect outfit, saying the right things, and striking that ideal balance between showing you’re interested without trying too hard. It may sound shallow, but, let’s face it, first impressions are essential. But, while you’re busy fussing over the details of your appearance and caught up in rehearsing your first few conversations, you may be overlooking one key factor that determines the type of vibe you’re sending: your drink order.


Importance of Your First Drink Order

What you’re sipping on during a first date can reveal a lot more than you’d think. Your favorite, go-to drink reflects elements of your personality and can make you seem down to earth or exceptionally high maintenance. When you ordered that Long Island Iced Tea, what are you telling your date? Let’s make sure that the message you’re sending is the one that you want delivered.


The First Date Drink Order and its Implications

1. White Wine

A safe go-to for most women, white wine says that you’re feminine and a little bit flirty. Order up a glass of Pinot Grigio and your date will think you’re a sweetheart.


2. Red Wine

If you’re a red wine drinker, your date is bound to pick up on your strong personality and elegant nature. Ordering up a glass of red on a first date screams seduction. Just avoid the swirl-and-sniff or you may come off as pretentious.


3. Gin & Tonic

Asking for a highball of gin & tonic will reveal to your date that you’re straightforward and no-nonsense. This drink is classic, just like you, and free of complications.


4. A Manhattan

An impressive go-to drink, a Manhattan says that you’re intelligent and thoughtful but have enough fun to be able to handle your alcohol.


5. A Fruity Cocktail

You may love the fruity flavors of sweet cocktails, but when you ask, “Can I have a Malibu Bay Breeze?” you’re saying, “I just found the key to my parent’s liquor case!” It might be best to save these fruity cocktails for the beach and avoid ordering one on a first date.


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6. Long Island Iced Tea

Packed with alcohol, ordering up a Long Island Iced Tea tells your date that you want to get drunk, and get drunk fast!


7. Beer

If you genuinely like beer, go ahead and ask for a pint! Sipping on a beer during a first date will show that special someone sitting across from you that you’re down to earth and easy to talk to. Asking to hear the house specials will show that you’re adventurous and open to trying new things.


8. “On the Rocks.”

Unless your first date is at a Mad Men convention, it’s best to leave hard alcohol out of it and avoid ordering anything on the rocks. To some people you may come across as bold and sophisticated, while others will think it’s a bit over the top and lonely.

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