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What Wine Goes with Lamb?

What Wine Goes with Lamb?

Jonas Muthoni

Best Wine and Lamb Pairings

Cute, precious, and absolutely delicious. Lamb.

Lamb is one of the most delectable meats and it is absolutely amazing with red wines. Lamb is one of the most wine-friendly meats you can buy. While you can’t really go wrong with a pairing, you can find a red wine that is the perfect match for the dish.

Never tried lamb? You’re missing out. Before going to the market, check out this article so you can get a great cut of lamb.

 Favorite Lamb Dishes

It is sometimes a challenge to find fresh and local lamb. Many of the previous lamb farmer’s have switched to farming something more profitable.

Fortunately, New Zealand has more sheep than people and is willing to share. Award-winning New Zealand lambs are found in nearly any grocery store in America.

Lamb is nutrient dense, tender, and versatile. Don’t worry, these cute animals don’t suffer. New Zealand butchers all animals under a no-suffer, cruelty-free welfare act.

Lamb Lollipop with Chinese Mustard Dressing Appetizer

Lamb Lollipops make a great appetizer dish. Grill the lamb and dip in a hot and creamy Chinese mustard dressing. While spicy food is typically paired with ice cold sweet white wines, we have found that pairing with very bold reds works well too.

A Carmenere or Shiraz is a bold red wine that has plenty of acidity and tannin. Sweet white wines are low in acidity and wouldn’t be able to cut through the fat of the lamb or the creamy mustard dressing.

For more inspiration, try some of these delicious lamb appetizer recipes.

Lamb Chops and Pesto Sauce

All hail pesto sauce. Pesto makes everything better. You can put the pesto sauce directly over the lamb chops or make a pesto pasta to go alongside and grilled lamb chop.

Pair this dish with a light and fruity Chianti or Barbera.

Roasted Leg of Lamb and Potatoes

A classic and simple choice of lamb dishes. Marinate the lamb with olive oil, garlic, and fresh rosemary sprigs. Roast the lamb alongside red potatoes.

Pair this dish with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux blend.

Lamb Stew

The perfect prescription for beating the winter blues is a bowl of homemade lamb stew and a glass of red wine…ideally by the fireplace. A rich and hearty stew full of chunks of lamb, potatoes, and fall vegetables.

Pair this with a GSM blend or Merlot.

Lamb Meatballs or Sausages or Burgers

Meatballs, sausages, and burgers. Oh my! There are great options for ground lamb dishes. From lamb meatball or slider appetizers to sausage and marinara pasta. The recipes are limitless.

Pair ground lamb dishes with a Syrah or Zinfandel.

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Red Wine and Lamb Pairings

Want to pair lamb with your favorite reds you are dying to dust off? Here are the perfect pairings for any occasion. Feel free to mix and match red wines with any lamb dish, you really can’t go wrong.


Try a light Washington Syrah with lamb chops and a dark pepper sauce.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a go-to wine for many lamb dishes. Try a spicy and rich Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon with a marinated leg of lamb.


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Pair a Washington Barbera with a traditional rosemary roasted rack of lamb and smashed red potatoes.

Bordeaux Blend

Like Cabernet Sauvignon, a Cab heavy Bordeaux blend is a must for some of the best lamb dishes. Pair a Bordeaux with roasted leg of lamb with buttered herbed potatoes and spring vegetables.


A medium-bodied red wine is a great match for a homey and hot lamb stew packed with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Pinot Noir

Feeling like a lighter red? Grab an earthy Oregon or Burgundy Pinot Noir to pair with Italian seasoned lamb meatballs and pasta with a lemon cream sauce.


Feeling Greek? Try a traditional Greek Gyro with an Old World Sangiovese. If you are feeling really adventurous, try it with a rose of Sangiovese for a nice Sunday afternoon lunch.


California Zinfandel is the perfect match for a tame yellow lamb curry with a side of rice. This dish makes excellent leftovers!

Looking for some easy lamb dishes? Try these!


What’s your favorite lamb dish?

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