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What Sex Position Are You Based on Your Favorite Wine to Drink

What Sex Position Are You Based on Your Favorite Wine to Drink

iLoveWine Staff

If you love Viognier…….then you are Standing Tiger Crouching Dragon Position!

The rich-textured, exotic, and aromatic Viognier comes from warmer regions where the grapes ripen with abandon. If this is your choice of wine, you are like the Standing Tiger Crouching Dragon position which unleashes your more rowdy, animalistic side.

If you love Pinot Noir…….then you are Spoon Facing Position!

The silky and sensual vibe of a Pinot Noir, with it’s red and dark berries, cherries, plums, and warm spices, is just like the intimate, romantic embrace of the Spoon Facing Position. If you enjoy wrapping your hands around a glass of this wine, chances are you also enjoy wrapping them around your lover.

If you love Sauvignon Blanc…….then you are G-Whiz Position!

The crisp, tart wine can be paired with almost anything from fresh vegetables to tangy Asian food to smokey salmon. So since the Sauvignon Blanc is so flexible, you probably are too. Which means you are like the daring G-Whiz position. Getting your legs up is no problem and the orgasmic reward is worth it.

If you love Cabernet Sauvignon…….then you are Cowgirl Position!

This big, dark-fruited wine actually gets better with age, and so do you! That’s why being the woman on top is the power sex position you are most like. Just like the strong tannins underneath a Cabernet Sauvignon, you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making love.

If you love Champagne………then you are Hot Seat Position!

The bubbles of this wine of celebration is perfect for sharing special moments. And because you like to party and know how fabulous you are, you are like Hot Seat. Like the effervescent bubbles of Champagne, your movement keeps this exciting as your partner playfully gets to enjoy the sparkling view.

If you love Merlot………then you are Missionary Position!

Merlot is the most popular red wine for its dark fruit flavors which are presented in a gentle way. And while Merlot can be thought of as basic, it actually has complex flavor and variations. And if you love Merlot, you are Missionary position. You may be the go to basic of sex and wine, but you are still totally original and multi-faceted and worth coming back to for every taste!

If you love Chardonnay……….then you are Ballet Dancer Position!

The complex fruit flavors of the white wine Chardonnay have made it the most popular white wine, and how it is made makes all the difference as it can be rich and buttery if oaked or light and zesty if unoaked. Because of its range and complexity paired with an easy going, take anywhere pleasing style, if you love sipping Chardonnay, you are Ballet Dancer Position. This quick, easy, playful standing position can also be enjoyed anywhere and numerous ways.

If you love Shiraz……….then you are Pleasure Pick Me Up Position!

A Shiraz (or Syrah) wine is powerfully flavored and full-bodied. Because you enjoy sipping a bold wine like this, you are like the strength needing position of Pleasure Pick Me Up where you and your partner both need to use some power to balance each other in this bold and passionate position.

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