6 Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love With Moscato


From the undemanding effervescence, fresh and alluring scent, grapes, peaches, orange blossom, and elderflower; nothing can stop you from pouring another glass of Moscato wine. Here are some reasons Moscato could be your next favorite drink.

Reasons to love Moscato

Moscato is an Italian wine from the Asti province. No wonder it is referred to as Muscato d’Asti. It is the finest white wine, a ferment of Moscato Bianco grape, with a sweet taste and low alcohol content. Asti region is known for the most excellent wines, both white and red. And that is why most of the wines produced in the area come with the name Asti.

Muscato Bianco grapes are the fruits responsible for the flavor in Muscato d’Asti. The small-sized grapes are from the Muscat family and are used to produce white wine. Their berries form tight clusters hence their name. You will find them being sold all over the world from South Africa, Italy, France, Greece, and Australia. However, wines from various regions have different textures.

But do not confuse Moscato d’Asti with Asti wine. While both are made from Moscato Bianco grapes, their alcohol content is not the same due to a difference in grape quality. Moscato d’Asti has 4.5% – 6.5% alcohol while the Asti wine is 7% – 9% alcoholic. For this reason, Moscato d’Asti wine is sweeter than the Asti wine. Moreover, it has a soft sparkle, making it creamier and richer. Make sure to store your wine correctly on a rack to get the most value and flavor out of it.

The word Moscato evokes some mixed reactions among people. Some people turn and scoff their noses when they smell this wine while others make a toast. There are those who ultimately don’t understand it. Nevertheless, Moscato is loved by many from college girls, models, and celebs. Find out why you too should love it.

  • You don’t need to take it too seriously

Muscato is categorized among highest-quality wines. But this doesn’t mean that you have to take it too seriously. You can safely enjoy the wine as frivolity. Feel free to incorporate it into your breakfast if you had a crazy night. The fresh and smooth bubbles along with unmatched sweetness with revitalize your moods and energize you back to life. While the wine isn’t to be taken seriously, its flavors are quite serious. Forget about the common myths you’ve hears and give it a shot. To celebrate your freedom from unneeded societal expectations, you can drink your Moscato from a glass with a message. As the Waswahili people, and one of my favorite cartoon characters as a child, say: No trouble – Hakuna matata! Check them out here.

  • Great value for your money

When it comes to the availability and affordability of Muscato wine, it is hard to beat. Its alcohol content (4.5% – 6.5%) is relatively low, so it escapes most of the tax duties. The wine is never scarce hence it’s always affordable.

  • Food friendly wine

If you need Moscato for breakfast and lunch, look for the bubbly and light-bodied varieties. The lightly sweet wines complement perfectly salty and spicy meals. On the other side, the fortified versions of Moscato go well with nut-based desserts and fruits. For instance, you could have Pavlova and citrus curd or pecan pie, or passion fruit pot de crème. Try dipping a biscotti cookie into your wine and enjoy the flavor.

  • Grapey aroma

Are you looking for liqueur with the real taste of grapes? Try Muscato Blanc Petits Grains. This variety has the strongest grapey flavor you could ever taste. As a rule of thumb, always look for exuberant grapey tastes when shopping for Muscato. This quality signifies freshness, floral, and honeyed character. No matter what iteration you choose, this wine is ever aromatic. It reminisces fresh nectarines, candied lemon, oranges, grapes honeysuckle, musky spice, peaches, and Asian pears. But it is one of the few drinks that feature a grapey taste. The non-fortified versions have low alcohol content so you can enjoy extra glasses without getting drunk. If you want something distinctive, try splashing a little sweet lemonade to Moscato. The lemon flavor will reduce the sweetness but is dangerously delicious.


  • Incredible versatility

Moscato is often associated with an overly sweet and genetically flavored sweetness, something that gives it a bad rap. What most people don’t know is that the wine is astonishingly versatile. Whether you prefer fortified dessert wine, dry whites, or light sparklers, there is always a Moscato waiting for you. This wine is an ideal substitute for aromatic varieties like Riesling and Pinot noir. If you are a fan of Lambrusco or Prosecco, you would love more Muscato d’Asti.

The reason Moscato d’Asti makes the best drink for desserts is that its alcohol content is relatively low. There are endless serving suggestions of the wine and a lot of meals you can share it with for instance lemon cake, white chocolate, raspberry dessert, cheesecake, and sherbets. There are many other food combinations you can pair with Moscato wine as long as you love this beverage. For a fortified dessert wine, try Muscat from southern France which is surprisingly fresh, lusciously sweet, and incredibly ripe. The other Muscato wines from Australia are created in the same way as Sherry, featuring brown hues and toasted flavors.

  • Easy to alter to your taste

Moscato doesn’t need to be chilled to be good, but it can be. If you are drinking Moscato with a hot desert or something salty, you could benefit from drinking it chilled. It does change the taste a bit and usually makes it more refreshing and easier on the mouth, and if you combine a cooler with a tumbler glass, such is the one shown here, you will be able to find that perfect sweet-spot temperature that is just right for you.

  • A wide variety of grape colors

Muscat mutates easily as it grows. That is why there are numerous grape colors on the market. They include orange, pinkish, pale white, deep red, bluish, and golden yellow. Orange Muscat produces white wine with a wonderful orange aroma. The Muscat vineyards, which are normally at an altitude between 200m to 500m, form a picturesque quilt, coinciding at unique angles just like bucolic heavens.


Exploring new drinks is a fun experience particularly when you have a better understanding of your favorite flavors. However, finding a sweet wine is not that easy. There is nothing so disheartening like struggling to finish a glass of wine that is way off your taste preference. While Moscato is a famous sweet wine, it is not isolated as far as the fruity flavor goes. Therefore, if you are determined to get a bottle of wine to fall for, you should try one of the Moscato varieties. They are perfect for dinner parties and common get-togethers.