7 Terms Every Wine Lover Should Know

By Jonas Muthoni

Why Wine Terminology?

Understanding wine terminology not only enhances your tasting experience but also helps you describe what you’re sipping. Tap for the first term!


The natural environment in which a wine is produced. It influences the taste and quality of the grape.


The compounds in wine that give it structure and longevity. Often found in red wines.


A term describing flavors and aromas of vanilla, spice, or coconut, usually from wine aged in oak barrels.


Describes the weight of the wine in your mouth. Light, medium, or full-bodied.


A trained wine professional specializing in wine service and food and wine pairings.


The year the grapes were harvested. Vintage wines are made from grapes of a single year’s harvest.


The process of pouring wine into a decanter to aerate it and separate sediments.

You're Now Wine Savvy!

Knowing these terms will elevate your wine experiences and make you the life of any wine gathering. Share this story with your wine-loving friends!