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Vino-Vinyasa: The Yoga and Wine Experience

Vino-Vinyasa: The Yoga and Wine Experience

iLoveWine Staff


Vino-Vinyasa is all about wine and yoga, sounds interesting right?

If you are a wine enthusiast and wanting to plan a wine tasting session with your friends alongside enjoying the beauty of nature, then Vino-Vinyasa is something you would like.

In this post we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to Vino–Vinyasa.

What Is Vino-Vinyasa?

Vino-Vinyasa is a “group therapy” yoga and wine tasting session like none other; and it’s offered to you exclusively at the GrapeSeed Spa in Temecula, California. Their talented yoga instructor, Christina Newman, leads the group and guides you through the process.

How Long Is The Process?

It is an amazing 80-minute journey, full of wine and yoga.

What Are The Effects Of Vino-Vinyasa On Your Body?

This wine-yoga journey, Vino-Vinyasa focuses on the chakras (or centers of consciousness) within your body. Thereafter, your energy levels instantly build, as your sensory journey begins.

What’s In It For Wine Enthusiasts?

The class has a specially designed component to this yoga session that includes wine tasting of six specially selected wines for a blissful “Wine and Unwind” experience.

(Watch as Lisa, Keila, and Piper head out to the beautiful South Coast Winery Resort and Spa to experience this unique & fun group therapy!)

What Makes It A Mindful Experience?

While it may seem like I’m making excuses to drink more vino, wine tasting can be an incredibly meticulous activity.

Drinking wine requires our minds to focus on the smells and flavors of the drink. We observe the taste, and then go inward to try to find the right words to accurately describe the wine. Such an experience demands presence. And let’s not forget about those antioxidants!

Why Should You Try Vino-Vinyasa?

Drinking wine at office parties or house-warming may not let you fully experience the taste and richness of wine. And together, a yoga session and wine tasting can provide an incredibly healthy, relaxing indulgence. That’s why we recommend you to undergo this rejuvenating experience.

So get your girls together, grab your yoga mats, pop open your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy the benefits and pleasures of Vino-Vinyasa.

Namaste Vino Lovers!

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