Tips To Buy Automatic Coffee Machines For Wine and Coffee Lovers

Coffee and wine lovers aren’t so different from each other. These two groups of individuals both know what it is they want, and what they’re looking for in their favorite beverages—and they can be pretty hard to please. If wine is for relaxing nights after work, coffee is for your me-time in the morning to help you relax and get things done, or that afternoon coffee and cake with friends. Just as wine lovers have their cellars, you as a coffee enthusiast should have your own equipment, like a trusty automatic coffee machine. If you can make your coffee, then why buy one? With the beans you love and the right coffee machine, making your coffee will still give you that satisfaction of enjoying the perfect brew.


A good coffee machine is the defining line between bad coffee and one that tastes just like it was made by a professional barista. That said, here are some tips to guide you if you’re looking to buy an automatic coffee machine:


Know The Different Types Of Coffee Machines


At present, there are three types of automatic coffee machines: the drip coffee machine, pump espresso machine, and coffee capsule machine. Each of these three types have different purposes and serve varying preferences. Before you head out to the store to shop, you need to have background information about these three types first.


  • Drip Coffee Machine: Can be used to quickly make large quantities of single or double portion coffee
  • Pump Espresso Machine: Makes several cups of coffee all at once while also grinding the beans
  • Coffee Capsule Machine: Uses pods to make single-serve espresso


No type of automatic coffee machine is better than the other. The final deciding factor will depend on your preferences, as well as your coffee needs.


To help you start your search for the best espresso machines, check out this list by HomeGrounds.

Check The Different Types Of Functions


Not all automatic coffee machines were created to be alike. Others are naturally more expensive than others. But, sometimes, the price point can also be a determining factor as to how much or how little your machine can do. Hence, as you choose from various coffee machines, make it a point to also double-check the functions that it offers. Especially if you’re the type who wants to have different kinds of coffee daily, or if you have guests at home regularly for your coffee afternoons or wine nights, it’s best to get a coffee machine that can accommodate various functions, similar to how you would invest in a wine cellar.


For example, not only can it make espressos, but it also has a latte and cappuccino brewing function. Additionally, the machine should have a wide array of options you can use to customize your coffee. How much froth do you want? How fine should the coffee and the beans be? How hot should the coffee be? When your automatic coffee machine can do all these, that’s when you know you have value for your money.


Check The Price


In the same manner as you would with your other kitchen equipment, one thing you should factor in when selecting coffee machines is the price. Depending on the brand and the features, some coffee machines are pricier than others. Hence, before you even shop, you should already have an idea of the price point that you are looking at and the features that come along with that price.


For instance, you may have the budget right now to buy a $3,000 automatic coffee machine that has state-of-the-art features. But, in reality, you know that you wouldn’t get to use these features anyway. Don’t force it. Apart from selecting the price point that meets your budget, also choose the price point that is right for the features you’re sure to use.


Try Out The Control And The Functions


Some coffee machines are more technical to use than others. Hence, as you shop (or window shop), you should take the time to check out all the controls, and even read through the manual. Because you are going to be using your coffee machine every day, it’s important that you are also comfortable in operating it. Choose one that whose controls won’t confuse you and is easy to clean. If it’s too complicated, you’ll only get discouraged using it and you won’t be able to enjoy most of its features.




In summary, choosing the “best” or the “right” coffee machine for you is all a matter of personal choice. Whatever your preferences and coffee needs are, there is undoubtedly an automatic coffee machine for you. As you shop for your coffee machine, bring these tips along with you, so you