The Ten Best Wine Openers

For some, a wine opener is purely functional. They’re happy if the cork comes out cleanly and easily, and the wine is ready to pour. We agree these things are most important, but also see wine opening as an expression of style. The perfect corkscrew can add to the ambiance and anticipation as you open a bottle. Just like a stylish decanter, it can make an impression on your guests, as well. Here are ten of the best wine openers on the market, including classic waiter corkscrews to modern electric wine openers.

1. VinOrama Waiter’s Corkscrew: $7

The VinOrama Waiter’s Corkscrew is a beautiful manual opener with a classic look. We love the rosewood handle, stainless steel body and the handy foil cutter. The company boasts its superior design, as well: a precision-cut notch along the length of the worm. This is meant to reduce drag and lessen the chance that you’ll break the cork. Overall it has excellent weight and balance, especially for a wine opener priced under $10.

2. Pulltap’s Professional Double-hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew: $10

For a sleeker, more modern design, we recommend Pulltap’s double-hinged waiter’s corkscrew. We love the sharp look of the black handle with the stainless steel body. This also is by far one of the best manual corkscrews for the price. The spiral is Teflon-coated so it slides into the cork easily and the double-hinged system makes removal a breeze. We also love the sharp, serrated knife blade for foil removal.

3. Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup: $11

The HiCoup Professional Wine Opener is another excellent double-hinged corkscrew and it’s a bestseller for a reason. These openers are beautifully made, with handles available in a variety of natural wood finishes and colorful resin handles. No matter your style, there is a HiCoup to match your needs. We also love the ergonomic design of this opener. It feels perfectly comfortable in your hand, whether you’re using the foil opener, corkscrew, or bottle opener.

4. Vintorio Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew: $13

The Vintorio Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew offers a bolder aesthetic with its stainless steel core and black rubber grip handle. Just like the Pulltap’s wine opener, the corkscrew is Teflon-coated so it enters the cork effortlessly. We also love that the foil cutter has serrations on each side, making foil removal even easier. The handle is non-slip, which is a wonderful feature, though some find the handle a little too bulky overall. Still, if you love the bold style of this opener, we recommend ordering it to give it a try. Vintorio offers complete refunds if you’re not happy with their product.

5. Barvivo Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew: $13

The Barvivo is another all-in-one opener with a stainless steel body and natural rosewood handle. Much like the HiCoup, it comes in a variety of colorful resins. The Barvivo handle shape and design are different, however, with thicker sections of stainless steel. This gives it a weightier, sturdier feel. It features a special, double worm that easily grips both natural and synthetic corks. This wine opener also comes with a charming gift box, making it a wonderful stocking stuffer.

6. Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener: $20

If you’ve been curious about electric wine openers but feared the price, fear no more. This wine bottle opener from Secura comes in just under $20 and is a marvelous buy. It’s cordless with a built-in rechargeable battery that can open at least thirty bottles on a single charge. While this adds to its portability, you can also just house the opener on the charger base on your countertop or wine bar. It has a stainless steel handle with a blue LED light at the bottom of the column. The set also includes a foil cutter that rests neatly on the base.

7. FLASNAKE Electric Wine Opener: $30

The electric wine opener from FLASNAKE is also an excellent buy. The column is rose gold with a clear chamber over the corkscrew and a battery indicator at the top. One of the big differences between this model and the Secura is the battery. Rather than charging through a base, the FLASNAKE has a USB charging line. The battery also lasts a lot longer, capable of opening at least 80 bottles with a single charge. Some lament the lack of base for storing the unit and foil cutter, but this might be ideal if you don’t want to display the wine opener all the time.

8. Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew: $33

We’re also impressed with this electric corkscrew from Wine Enthusiast. We love the look of the unit, with its simple black column and clear housing for the corkscrew. Like the Secura wine opener, this unit comes with a recharging base that stores both the opener and the foil cutter. People rave about the long battery life and the ease with which it can extract even the sketchiest looking cork. It makes a gorgeous gift for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

9. Prestige by Coutale Sommelier: $40

Coutale Sommelier makes a gorgeous line of manual corkscrews for those with classic but discerning tastes. Designed by French winemaker Philippe Bernède, these have a spring-loaded double lever for even easier uncorking. It has an excellent weight to it and feels natural in your hand, making it easy to manipulate. While we prefer the rosewood, it also comes in natural wood, black, and stainless steel. We also love that it arrives in a beautiful wooden box, making it perfect for gifting the wine lover in your life.

10. OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew: $40

If you prefer a vertical lever corkscrew, check out the OXO SteeL. OXO has a reputation for making excellent, well-designed products and this wine opener is no exception. It comes with a foil cutter that clips right into the body of the tool, so you can store the entire thing in a drawer. The opener is also quite easy to use. Just fit it over over the top of the bottle with the lever in the up position. Then push it down to slip the spiral through the cork. Pull up the lever once again and your wine is open. It comes with an extra spiral, too, guaranteeing you’ll be able to use this opener for a long time.