The Ten Best Single Bottle Wine Chillers

If you love white wines, you know the challenge of keeping the bottle cold between glasses if your wine refrigerator isn’t nearby. You could go old school and keep the bottle in a bucket of ice, but that usually makes the wine too cold. Instead, we recommend using a single bottle wine chiller. While called chillers or coolers, note that these do not make a warm bottle of wine cold. Instead, they keep a chilled bottle cold for longer. They come in a variety of designs and aesthetics. Here we offer ten of the best single bottle wine chillers so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Prodyne Acrylic Wine Chiller: $13

This durable wine chiller from Prodyne is made from clear, BPA-free acrylic. We love the simplicity of the design with the chrome ring accents, since it will match almost any occasion or aesthetic. It’s also the most affordable chiller on the list, so if you want one at every table, it won’t break the bank. This chiller keeps a bottle of chilled wine cold for hours without the mess of ice or condensation.

Marbelous Porcelain Wine Bottle Chiller: $16

If stone is more your aesthetic, this porcelain chiller from Marbelous is an excellent choice. Designed to look like natural marble, it stands 8” tall and holds most standard wine and champagne bottles. It also makes a lovely vase if you’d like to incorporate it into a centerpiece for your event. Some buyers also use these elsewhere in their kitchens and bars as a utensil holder.

VonShef Stainless Steel Wine Chiller: $18

The VonShef wine chiller is a gorgeous stainless steel option. (For a few dollars more, this wine chiller is also available in gold or etched gold.) We love that it departs from the typical straight-line profile for an hourglass silhouette. In addition to being stylish, it is an amazing chiller for under $20. Its double-walled design keeps chilled wine at perfect drinking temperature.

Secura Wine Bottle Chiller Bucket: $20

If you prefer stainless steel with a straight-line silhouette, this chiller bucket from Secula will meet your needs. The opening is wide enough on this model that some like it as a slimline ice bucket for colder temperatures. You may see some condensation on the outside if you use ice, but for normal use, the double wall insulation will prevent this and keep your table dry. As a bonus, you can buy a set of four of these for just $60, making it an excellent buy for parties, tastings, and other events.

Modern Innovations Marble Wine Chiller: $22

We love the classic look of this marble wine chiller from Modern Innovations. It uses the natural properties of the stone to keep your chilled wine cool right at the table. Because it’s made of marble, it’s heavier than most of the other chillers on the list, but we love the substantial look and feel of it. It also has a felt-covered base to protect your tables and countertops, so you never have to worry about them getting scratched.

Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Wine Bottle Chiller: $25

This double-walled wine bottle chiller from Wine Enthusiast is not only an eye-catcher, it’s one of the most impressive chillers for the price. It keeps a chilled bottle of wine cold for up to three hours, no ice required. Although many hosts go right for marble or stainless steel designs, we’re big fans of clear chillers. Your guests will be able to read the label on every bottle. This chiller is made of BPA-free acrylic and the simplicity of the design means it will match almost any decor.

Enoluxe Wine Chiller Bucket: $29

Need a more portable chiller? Reduce makes an impressive line of single bottle wine chillers perfectly designed for travel. Unlike the above chillers, the Reduce has a screw-top lid to hold the bottle in place. Just put the chilled wine inside, secure the lid, and the bottle will remain insulated even as you pour. It’s made of stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors. Because it’s so durable, we especially love it for outdoor events, beach parties, and camping trips.

Reduce Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Set: $50

We love the Reduce wine chiller so much that we can’t resist adding this set to our list. It includes a Reduce stainless steel double-walled wine chiller, plus two 12-ounce tumblers. Just like the chiller, these tumblers have dual walls and vacuum insulation to keep your wine properly chilled.  Bring this set for your next trip through wine country so you can steal away for a romantic picnic in a vineyard or a bottle of wine under the stars. The set also makes a wonderful gift for wine lovers.

Vinglacé Stainless Steel Wine Insulator: $90

The Vinglacé stainless steel wine chiller is similar to the Reduce in that it has a top to secure the wine bottle inside. Instead of pulling the bottle out to pour, you lift the entire chiller. The Vinglacé has a more formal aesthetic, however, making it better for dinner parties, weddings, and events with tableside pouring. The double-wall with vacuum insulation keeps the wine perfectly chilled with no condensation on the outside, so it won’t drip on the tablecloths (or the guests).