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The Best Wine Stores in New Jersey

The Best Wine Stores in New Jersey

Jonas Muthoni

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic night or host a low-key dinner party, you can find everything you need in Jersey City. New Jersey has some great wine shops where you can pick out a bottle of wine to serve at your next party. It’s not a party in New Jersey if there’s nothing to drink. If there’s nothing to drink, it’s not a party in New Jersey, so serve this up at your next party. When planning a house party or get-together, you should check out these best wine shops in Jersey. They offer an impressive selection of liqueurs, wines, and other tipples. Over 2,000 acres of farmland in New Jersey are dedicated to cultivating wine grapes, and that number is steadily increasing.

Best Wine Stores in New Jersey

It is easy to find anything and everything in Jersey City. Every corner has something from gift shops to hair salons, including a good wine shop. Jersey City offers some great wine shops for picking up the perfect bottle of wine, whether you’re planning a chill night at home or having a low-key dinner party. 

As a result, we have created this guide with tips for finding the best wine shops in the city.

1. Cool Vines

276 Grove Street

There are two CoolVines locations in Jersey City, and they offer a large variety of wines. The company has been in business since 2014 and is run by Mark Censits. They also offer small production wines, craft spirits, craft beer, and gourmet foods. Additionally, they offer a variety of fun events throughout the year, including weekly wine tastings, special wine dinners, etc.

2. Madame Claude Wine

390 4th Street

The Maison Claude Wine store in Hamilton Park offers fine wine at an affordable price and helpful and personalized service. They also provide liqueurs, beer, gourmet sausages, pâtés, and cheeses. The owners know how to wine, so don’t be afraid to ask! They have wine from around the world in different price ranges, so don’t be scared to ask!

3. Jersey City Super Buy-Rite

575 Manila Avenue

There are thousands of wines and spirits in NJ’s largest Super Buy-Rite and a large selection of cigars. The store has over 30,000 square feet of retail space. Their primary buyer, Bill Hoffman, has nearly 30 years of experience in the business, and Rick Andres and Thomas McGarry, their senior managers, have almost 30 years of experience. Therefore, you can count on them to get you a good bottle of wine if you come into the store seeking one!

4. Jersey Wines & Spirits

492 Jersey Ave

Their downtown location offers a wide range of wine, spirits, craft beer, and complimentary tastings. As well as providing delivery, Jersey Wine and Spirits also sells fine wines.

5. Riverview Wine and Spirits

43 Bowers St, Jersey City

There is a wide range of wines to choose from at Riverview Wine and Spirits in Jersey City. They are located near Riverview-Fisk Park. They also offer delivery in Hudson County and make natural wine with grapes that have been handpicked by people who handpick them. Besides beer and spirits, they also provide cheeses and random stuff made with the same philosophy.

6. Village Wine and Spirits

275 Newark Ave, Jersey City

Located right downtown in Jersey City at 275 Newark Avenue is Village Wine & Spirits. In the heart of the village, this wine shop offers an array of fine wines, spirits, and craft beer. The shop is open seven days a week.

7. Waterfront Wine & Liquor

81 Montgomery Street

At Waterfront Wine and Liquor, in the heart of Exchange Place, you can find a variety of wine, beer, and spirits. When looking for something specific, the wines are grouped by country.

8. Liberty Wine & Deli

200 Washington St, Jersey City

Paulus Hook in Jersey City is home to Liberty Wine and Deli. A beautiful space and an extensive selection of wine and spirits are available here. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find a wine you are looking for or something new to try.

9. Red Feast Wine & Liquors

129 Christopher Columbus Dr

Located near the Grove Street Path station in Jersey City, Red Feast Wine and Liquors offers wine, spirits, and beer. In addition to a wide variety of wines, they have a variety of beers and spirits. The restaurant is open every day until 10 p.m.

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10. Central Avenue Liquors

210 Central Ave, Jersey City

In Pershing Field Park, you can find Central Avenue Liquors. This establishment offers a wide range of wines, spirits, and liquors. If you cannot visit them, they do deliver around Hudson county.

11. Hudson Vine

12nd St, Jersey City

Hudson Vine is a community in Jersey City located near the Newport waterfront. Hudson Vine features both fine and craft products, a local destination for fine wine, craft beer, and quality spirits. There are a wide variety of choices to suit any budget.

12. The Palisade Fine Wine, Spirits, And Beer

401 Palisade Ave, Jersey City

A great selection of wine is available at this Jersey City Heights wine shop, whether you are looking for wine from another country or something from the area. When you visit their store, you can also choose from various beers and spirits. They also have the latest wines listed on their website.

Best times of the year to visit

When the vines are just starting to bloom, and the weather isn’t too humid and hot, many NJ wineries host music and food truck events outside in the late spring and early summer. The festival season begins when the vines are just starting to bloom, and the weather isn’t too humid.


Remember that hard liquor packaged goods sales are not allowed before 9 a.m. or after 10 p.m., except for Newark and Jersey City. Local ordinances may further define these restrictions. Beer and wine are permitted to be sold at liquor stores during the permitted hours. 

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