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The Best Wine Filters for Winemakers in 2023

The Best Wine Filters for Winemakers in 2023

Jonas Muthoni
Wine Filters for Wine Makers

Whether filtering wine is necessary or not is a matter of some debate.

In fact, some wineries now market unfiltered wines suggesting that they’re truer and more natural. Still, many home winemakers prefer to filter wines, because it allows for more microbial stability. Because filters can remove yeast cells, it can be a useful way to stop fermentation.

Filtered wine is also clear of most sediment, offering the clarity that many wine drinkers expect. If you’re getting started with home winemaking, here are five best wine filters for winemakers, including both gravity and pressurized systems.

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5 Best Wine Filters

1. Üllo Wine Purifier

Ullo Wine Purifier with 4 Selective Sulfite Filters. Remove Sulfites and Histamines, Restore Taste, Aerate, and Experience the Magic of Ullo purified wine.
  • Wine Purifier - Ullo purifies any white, rose, or red wine by removing only the artificial sulfite preservatives and none of the natural compounds that make every wine unique. This patented Selective...

Price- $69.99

This wine purifier from Üllo is a stylish way to remove sulfites and sediment if you have a small volume to filter. It fits neatly in the top of a wine glass or decanter and the wine flows through, ready to enjoy.

According to the company, lab analysis shows that it reduces free sulfites by 30-80%. If you twist the purifier, it will also aerate the wine. The kit comes with a base, four filters, and a travel bag.

We love that this system is durable, easy to use, and doesn’t require maintenance. The unit is easy to clean and the filters are simple to change.

The downside is that it only accommodates small volumes of wine and is relatively slow, being a gravity filtration system. Each filter is good for filtration of one bottle of wine.

2. Vinbrite Wine Filter Kit

Vinbrite Mark Iii Wine Filter
  • The Vinbrite filter has been ranked No. 1 world-wide for over 40 years

Price- $56.99

The Vinbrite Wine Filter Kit is another gravity filtration setup ideal for beginning winemakers. Not only is it affordable, each filter accommodates higher volumes of wine.

The kit comes with three types of filters of different grades:

  • Prime
  • Filtabrite
  • Crystalbrite

Running the wine through the coarser grade Prime filter first removes larger sediment. This will improve the flow rates through the other two finer grade filters and extend their life, as well.

The Vinbrite system has been around since the 1960’s and the company has made steady improvements to it through the decades. Each filter can handle up to two gallons and ultimately gives homemade wine commercial quality and clarity at an affordable price.

3. Eagle Brewing Beer and Wine Filter Kit

Eagle Brewing FIL40 Beer and Wine Filter Kit
  • Designed to filter our particles down to 1 micron

Price- $95.28

This filtration kit from Eagle Brewing works well for wine, though it is marketed primarily as a system for beer.

Just connect the lines between two Cornelius kegs and use CO2 pressure to push the wine through the filtration unit. It fits filters down to 1 micron, which is excellent for such an inexpensive home filtration system. One filter can accommodate up to five gallons of wine.

The main concern we have about this setup is the use of CO2 to force the wine through the filter. Although this makes it a faster process than siphoning or using gravity filtration, it could alter the final quality and flavor profile.

4. Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter-

Price- $180

Ready for a faster, higher capacity system?

The Buon Vino Mini Jet is a pressurized filtration system that handles up to ten gallons at a time. It boasts a filtering speed of 80 liters per hour, which means a five gallon batch will filter in about 15 minutes. The electric pump is self-priming and very easy to set up. We also love that the system does not take up much space.

If you go with this system, we highly recommend picking up this pre-screen filter:

Buon Vino 3/8' Wine Pre Screen Filter for Mini Jet - Fine Grade Fermentation Filtration - Simple and Easy Straining Brewing Filters
159 Reviews
Buon Vino 3/8" Wine Pre Screen Filter for Mini Jet - Fine Grade Fermentation Filtration - Simple and Easy Straining Brewing Filters
  • GREAT MINIJET ACCESSORY - Used with the Buon Vino Semi-Industrial, Super Jet or Mini Jet filter designed to catch large particles that could damage the pump

This extra filter specifically fits the Buon Vino Mini Jet and catches larger particles that might clog or damage the system. Some say the system works fine without this if you’re making wine from a kit. For anyone else, however, this prescreen filter is a must. It costs $40.07.

Be sure to read and follow all the setup and filtration suggestions carefully and you’ll have great results.

5. Buon Vino Complete Super Jet Wine Filter System-

Price- $658.61

Those making wine by the barrel will definitely want to invest in the Buon Vino Complete Super Jet Wine Filter system. It can filter 270 liters of wine in an hour, and one set of pads can accommodate 20-50 gallons. Just like the Mini Jet Filter system, the Super Jet has an electric pump and is surprisingly compact.

There is also a prescreen filter available for the Super Jet system. Once again, we highly recommend buying this to remove larger sediment:

This will extend the life of your filters and help prevent clogs and other messes.

Overall, the Buon Vino systems are fantastic choices for winemaking at home. Replacement filters are easy to get and the company has an excellent track record. They have a reputation for being friendly, helpful, and open to customer feedback.


These are five best wine filters for winemakers in 2023. There are a wide variety of wine filters available in the market. All the filters come with unique features and capabilities. Thus, you should choose and invest in a wine filter that suits your needs and budget.

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