The Best Wine Dispenser

Finding the Best Wine Dispenser


If you want quick access to your favorite wines, without having to reach for the bottle, a wine dispenser might be the solution you’re looking for. Not only does a wine dispenser make pouring vino a breeze, but most will also keep your wine fresher, longer using special cooling and pressurization methods.

Oh, and it can also keep bottles at optimum drinking temperature! This all-in-one functionality makes this device a must-have for all wine enthusiasts and the ultimate accessory to your vino adventures.

Wine dispensers come at all shapes, sizes, and price-points. From budget options with basic functions to luxurious, high-end devices with all the bells and whistles. To help you navigate your way towards the best match for your own personal preferences, we’ve created a quick guide on wine dispensers, plus an overview of our 5 favorite products.

Read, learn, and get inspired to expand your wine collection with a premium dispenser. We promise: once you’ve splurged on one, you can’t imagine your life without it anymore!

tipTip: A Wine Dispenser is one way to help prolong the freshness of your wine. However, if you truly want premium preservation, check out our Best Coravin Wine Products Review and/or Wine Preserver: The Best Way to Keep Open Wine Fresh editorials.



What is a Wine Dispenser?


A wine dispenser is a device that allows you to keep your wine bottles ‘on tap’. The special system not only provides an instant pour via easy-to-use spouts but will also (in most cases) keep your wines chilled at optimum drinking temperature.

Special aeration and wine seal technology also aid in preventing oxidation, keeping your wines tasting fresh, longer. Designs vary in bottle capacity and the number of functions, but any ‘good’ wine dispenser should at least offer the above-mentioned functionality.

Wine dispensers are often found in restaurants, hotels, and tasting rooms; though don’t think they are only for the elite. These days, there are more and more affordable options available.

Meaning amateur wine lovers, who simply like to drink at home and entertain friends, can benefit just as much from the device its functional appeal.


How does a Wine Dispenser work?


To understand how a wine dispenser works, you should kind of see it as a wine fridge that has additional pouring spouts. The inside, often insulated, compartment using cooling components to chill wine and keep your bottles at the ideal storage temperature. This is the first part of preserving flavor, aroma, and preventing spoilage.

The second aspect is that (most) wine dispensers use argon, or nitrogen, to create a vacuum seal on the wines when you’re not pouring. When you place the bottle in the wine preserver, you leave the cork in place. The device then pierces the cork with a hollow needle, through which it can still ‘pour’ your wine.

When you pour, the extracted wine gets replaced with argon or nitrogen gas, ensuring there is no oxygen – which causes oxidation – left in the bottle. By replacing oxygen with, for example, argon, your wine can last much longer, preserving its quality for long-term enjoyment.


How to choose the Best Wine Dispenser

If you want to invest in a wine dispenser, it’s important to understand what key features are available to you. We use an easy-to-remember mnemonic: CAPS. Capacity, Aeration, Preservation, and Storage. Do you want big, bold, flavor? CAPS!

Remember CAPS, and then – even when you don’t have this article on hand – you should be able to find your way towards the best wine dispenser for your personal needs.



When buying a Best Wine Dispenser, you need to consider how much capacity you need. Options vary from 1-bottle (budget) dispensers to advanced 6-bottle or even 12-bottle devices. These larger, more expensive, larger capacity designs are mostly aimed at wine professionals, tasting rooms, and sommeliers.



Some wine dispenser models also come with a special aeration feature, designed to help your red wines breath in optimal conditions. If you plan to serve a lot of red, a wine dispenser makes it easy by emphasizing the flavors of your wine, simply by applying the correct amount of aeration.

Do note that this feature is not included with all wine dispensers; meaning if you want it to benefit from it, you’ll have to pay extra attention to product descriptions.



One of the main benefits of investing in a wine dispenser is that this device helps preserve your wines longer. This means a bottle stays ‘good’ for days, even weeks, on end – without the risk of your wine spoiling.

How does it work? Most wine dispensers use a type of gas (argon or nitrogen) to replace the oxygen in the bottle once poured. This process prevents the oxidation of wine, hence why so many wine enthusiasts swear by this method.

Do note that, once again, not every wine dispenser comes with a preservation function. So, if you wish to keep your wines fresher, longer, you should definitely add this feature on your dispenser checklist.



A wine dispenser can also double as a great storage unit for your wines, depending on the type of design. If you want a multifunctional option, go for a wine dispenser with a fridge-style design or cooling function. This allows you to not just pour wine quickly, but also keep your bottles in optimum storage conditions.

These fridge-style wine dispensers chill wine at the ideal temperature, ensuring the longevity of its character, and fruitiness of its aromas.




Best Wine Dispenser

Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser

Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser, 3-Liter, Stainless Steel
129 Reviews
Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser, 3-Liter, Stainless Steel
  • Wine stays fresh for up to 6 weeks after serving the first glass
The Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser is an affordable option with big capacity. This design will hold 3 liters of your (bagged) favorite wine, keeping it fresh for up to 6 weeks after the first pour. A budget choice for those that basic functions, but big volume and comfort of use.

However, this wine dispenser does come with some strings attached, or should we say, bags attached. Why? Well, it is designed to ONLY work with 3-Liter ‘Bag-in-Box’ wines. The good news is that it works with every type of 3-Liter boxed wine, the bad news is that you can’t simply pour in a few of your favorite bottles.

This does restrict its usage substantially, however, also makes it a great choice for parties and events where boxed wine isn’t frowned upon. Its large capacity makes it party-proof, whilst it is easy to use ‘wine loader’ is simple in operation, even when you’ve had a few glasses already…

We like that the Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser has quite a sleek, streamlined design. Its stainless steel accents mean this relatively large dispenser perfectly blends in with a modern kitchen or decor, without being an eye-sore.

Another positive is that the Boxxle’s design applies special pressure from below to raise the wine to the pouring spout, which means it can squeeze out the very last drops – wasting none of your vino.

Ideal for fans of boxed wines, big parties, or simply big drinkers; this is a convenient way to think ‘outside the box’.



NutriChef Portable Wine Dispenser

Portable Electric Automatic Wine Dispenser - Wine Aerator Pump Alcoholic Drink Server - Easy Flow, Battery Powered Liquor Operating System for Countertop, Party, Bar and More - NutriChef PKWNARDS38
6 Reviews
Portable Electric Automatic Wine Dispenser - Wine Aerator Pump Alcoholic Drink Server - Easy Flow, Battery Powered Liquor Operating System for Countertop, Party, Bar and More - NutriChef PKWNARDS38
  • NO PLUG PORTABLE: This alcoholic drink dispenser offers an easy wine flow, just press the button and release. It has a hassle free automatic electric pump operation system and requires 2 x 'AA batteries
The NutriChef Portable Wine Dispenser is similar in design as the Boxxle dispenser but has the advantage that it’s compatible with all regular-sized (750ml) wine bottles. This makes it one of the most versatile, affordable picks on this list; and a solid choice for wine enthusiasts with a limited budget.

Don’t let its affordable price-tag fool you: this wine dispenser still offers great functionality and is by no means inferior. Yes, it might not score top marks on capacity and storage (only 1-bottle), but it does rate highly on aeration and convenience.

The design by NutriChef instantly pours and aerates wines at the press of a button. Its electric pump operation system allows for hassle-free pouring, no spillage or lettings drops go to waste.

We also love the fact this automatic dispenser has no plug and works on just 2 x AA-batteries. This means you can put it anywhere you like, from patio tables to kitchen counters, or even take it with you on a boat trip or picnic.

Light, portable, and ideal for quick access to your favorite vino: dispensing has never been so easy.


Belwares Wine Dispenser

Electric Wine Dispenser - Portable Automatic Wine Aerator | Red Wine Decanter and Bottle Pourers | Battery Operated Wine Aerator Instant One-Touch Control
15 Reviews
Electric Wine Dispenser - Portable Automatic Wine Aerator | Red Wine Decanter and Bottle Pourers | Battery Operated Wine Aerator Instant One-Touch Control
  • INSTANT AERATING PROCESS FOR A BETTER TASTING WINE - Letting the wine breathe for a while is a statement of the past. Although wine is not actually 'breathing', it is just a form to get air to bring out the best flavors and aromas that express a sense of place. To bring this experience up, The Belwares Electric Wine Aerator uses multiple air ventilation that helps the wine get enough oxidation to release the sensual side so you can turn your regular night into adorable memory
The Belwares Wine Dispenser offers very similar features as the NutriChef design. This is also a 1-bottle, automatic dispenser for quick access to your favorite vino.

The affordable design aerates wines as it pours. Simply place your glass on the stand, press the one-touch button to pour and voila: the Belwares dispenser gets to work. The system features a special ‘decanter breather system’, which uses an air pressure up to 300mmHg to let the wine come up to optimum drinking condition whilst it is being poured.

This device is also cord-free, using just 2 AA-batteries to pump your wine. Light, portable, and travel-friendly; its the perfect accessory to your wine drinking adventures. This great-value-for-money choice also comes with a special cooling cup, perfect for if you want chilled vino. Simply take out the cooling cup, fill it with water and place it in the freezer for 2 hours, re-insert, and enjoy your crisp whites and rosés.

Another big selling point of the Belwares Wine Dispenser is that it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re disappointed with your purchase, or the dispenser does not live up to your expectations, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

This makes it a risk-free choice to try out a quality wine dispenser, and its a testimony of how much the manufacturer stands behind the integrity of its product.


Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser

Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser, Stainless
1 Reviews
Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser, Stainless
  • Ideal for home or commercial use; Customizable portion control feature
The Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser is a luxurious choice that combines premium functions with a sleek design. This state-of-the-art wine dispenser is ideal for commercial use but works just as well in a home setting.

The Vinotemp design stores up to 4 of your favorite, regular-sized wine bottles. This dispenser meets all the CAPS criteria: capacity, aeration, preservation, and store. It’s spacious enough for most wine enthusiasts, whilst its innovative preservation system allows you to keep bottles fresh for up to weeks after opening.

The design also doubles as a wine fridge, keeping your bottles chilled at optimum temperature to maintain their quality. When you pour from any of the bottles, the device uses argon gas to replace the oxygen in the bottle: preventing oxidation and creating an airtight seal.

The Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser also comes with an insulated glass door to protect your bottles from sunlight. This high-tech design features interior Blue-tinted LED lighting to display your bottles in style. Whilst a digital LED temperate display gives an instant overview of the current settings.

This wine dispenser comes with 2 included argon gas cartridges, which can be bought separately once your supply runs out.

Though the Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser is in a higher price range than the previous choices on this list, it does offer fantastic functionality that can take your wine drinking to the next level.

If you want an all-in-one design that can chill, preserve, and pour your bottles at the press of a button: this is your perfect match.


Dacor 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser 

The Dacor 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser is an indulgent option for those that want all 4 key (CAPS) features: Capacity, Aeration, Preservation, and Storage. This also makes it the most expensive option on this Best Wine Dispenser list. Because if you want all the bells and whistles, you have to be prepared to blow your budget.

There are three factors that may affect the quality of wines; oxidation, temperature, and light. This Dacor wine dispensing system limits the effects of these factors, keeping your wine tasting fresh for up to 60 days after opening the bottle.

Firstly, the design has a thermo-electric cooling system that keeps your wine chilled at the optimum temperature. Secondly, the dispenser has a tinted glass door to minimize UV-rays and light. Thirdly, the device preserves the quality of your wine by injecting argon gas into the wine bottle when you’ve poured, displacing any residual air and preventing oxidation.

Besides the convenience of preserving your wines for extended periods of time, the design also makes pouring a breeze. The dispensing system is easy to use with simple LCD-controls, serving your wine at ideal drinking temperature in seconds.

Another bonus is that the Dacor dispenser has a Parental Control Locking Door. Which keeps your wine is safe from little hands.

Yes, we know this wine dispenser isn’t budget-friendly, but it never hurts to add it to your wish-list. You never know when you might win the lottery…







If you’re on a tighter budget, and only desire a device that provides an instant, easy-pour: go for the Belwares Wine Dispenser. It’s affordable, functional, and great for any type of drinking occasion.

If you want a premium, all-in-one design that can chill, preserve, pour, and keep your wines in optimum condition: the Vinotemp 4-Bottle Wine Dispenser would be our top pick. It’s made by a well-established brand in wine accessories. And comes with all the luxurious functionality you can desire, plus has a modern, contemporary aesthetic.