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The Best Wine Bra

The Best Wine Bra

Jonas Muthoni
best wine bra


best wine braThere are certain essentials in every wardrobe. A classic black dress, a pair of great-fitting jeans. But you might not know about the most important essential of all: a Best Wine Bra! Yes, you read that correctly: this piece of underwear is all about discreetly hiding your wine, keeping your secret close to your chest – in the most literal sense!

How does a wine bra work? It’s quite simple: the cups contain secret compartments that hold your wine. The design features an easy-to-use wired drinking tube, allowing you to discreetly dispense wine directly into your mouth. Perfect for smuggling your favorite vino with you on the go, it’s a fantastic accessory for festivals, concerts, or other events where drinks might be overpriced, or prohibited (naughty!)

Discover our top Best Wine Bra pick!

To help you navigate your way towards the Best Wine Bra options on the market, we’re zooming in on our favorite option on the market: the Wine Rack. This Best Wine Bra puts the ‘fun’ in functional: turning your chest into the life of the party, and the envy of your friends. The only downside is that your bust might ‘deflate’ a bit during the evening, but considering the inflation of your drinking pleasure, we reckon that’s a worthy trade-off!

Get inspired about the many advantages of adding a wine bra to your wardrobe, and discover our favorite boozy-inspired lingerie option below!

The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask - Adjustable Design - Holds 25oz of Booze (Grey, Medium)
  • HOLDS A FULL BOTTLE - The WineRack Holds 25oz or 750ml of Your Favorite Cocktail. Includes Specially Designed Bladder to Conceal Your Sauce.


tipTip: Another way to discreetly take your wine with you, anywhere you go, is a wine purse. These stylish bags look like ordinary totes/purses/clutches, yet contain secret compartments to store your favorite vino. We’ve rounded up the top picks in these editorials: the Best PortoVino Wine Purses, the Best Portable Wine Bags, and the Best Wine Purses 2019. Check them out now!



5 Reasons You Need A Wine Bra


Before we dive into our review of the Best Wine Bra option on the market, let’s quickly recap 5 reasons why you need this piece of lingerie in your life:


Save a lot of money!

wine purseLet’s be frank: one of our top reasons to own a Best Wine Bra is that this gem could save you a lot of money. When you’re visiting festivals, concerts, or other events, wine can be a pricey commodity. We’ve paid $15 for a half-empty plastic cup of awful wine, simply because it was the only option. Don’t get ripped-off, or disappointed by poor quality vino, and bring your own!

This BYOB-alternative can help you save big bucks! Think about all the times you’ve splurged far too much on overpriced drinks, and now consider how much you could have saved by wearing a wine bra filled with vino. Exactly, it really adds up, doesn’t it? Which is precisely by you need a wine bra in your wardrobe!


Enjoy hands-free drinking

Another big perk to sporting a Best Wine Bra is hands-free drinking fun. Holding a wine glass all night can be a hassle. Picture the scene: you’re at a party with delicious canapes and are trying to balance your glass in one hand whilst handling your deviled egg with the other. It’s a recipe for disaster, and yes, unfortunately, we speak from personal experience.

best wine bra handsfreeOr perhaps you’re at a festival, rocking out to your favorite band, sloshing all of your overpriced wine out of your plastic cup when putting your hands in the air, because you just don’t care… There are so many situations where having both hands free, whilst still having direct access to your wine, is a massive bonus. Enjoy your wine without the hassle of holding it, by simply gulping it via the handy straw from your bra. What’s not to love about that?


Be a smart smuggler

best wine braNow, we’re not saying you should use the Best Wine Bra to smuggle booze into events where you can’t bring your own drinks, or there’s an alcohol-ban, that is completely up to you. We’d never dare to suggest such a smart, functional, and clever smuggling method. Plus, it would not be fair on the security personnel, as they will not be able to detect your wine during a bag check, or even a quick body check, as it merely feels like you’re wearing a padded bra. It even has some wine aeration benefits.

This Best Wine Bra is the ultimate fashion gadget for the smart smuggler, not that we condone that type of thing of course…


Get the party started

best wine bra partyA Best Wine Bra is a guaranteed way to get the party started. Whether that is a party for one or a party with friends… It’s always wine o’clock when you’re wearing this piece of boozy-lingerie. Put the nozzle between your lips, sip, and let the fun times commence!

The gadget is also a great conversation-starter, so if you come across a handsome stranger that you’d like to get to know better, offer him a sip of your wine bra, and we’re sure you’ll have his full attention immediately. Let others share in the fun, or simply have a party for one…


An amazing gift for friends

Not only is a wine bra is a great gift to yourself, but it’s also an original choice to surprise the wine-loving friends in your life. If you have a birthday, bachelorette party, or any other festive occasion coming up, why not gift the Best Wine Bra instead of a regular bottle of vino? This novelty design has big gift-appeal, and will certainly put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face.


The Best Wine Bra 2021


The WineRack Wine Bra

The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask - Adjustable Design - Holds 25oz of Booze (Grey, Medium)
  • HOLDS A FULL BOTTLE - The WineRack Holds 25oz or 750ml of Your Favorite Cocktail. Includes Specially Designed Bladder to Conceal Your Sauce.
The Winerack, our top-rated option for the Best Wine Bra, is the original and best-selling choice in boozy-inspired lingerie. The product was designed exclusively to conceal your wine in comfortable style, letting you take the fun with you, anywhere you go.

The Winerack wine bra features a classic, sports bra design. The bra itself is made of flexible, quality lycra that is great for everyday wear. Inside the cups of the bra is a removable polyurethane wine-bladder. This bag is custom-shaped to fit the bra perfectly, ensuring a natural, rounded shape. The wine-bladder holds up to 25oz (750ml) of your favorite vino and is easy to insert and remove.

Easy to use

Wired to the bladder bag is a long drinking tube for direct access to your wine. If you want a sip, simply put the tube between your lips and use the on/off valve to control the flow. It is so easy, you can even manage it when slightly under the influence of the contents of your wine bra!

best wine braAnother bonus is that you can use this tube to also re-inflate the bladder bag after you’ve finished your wine. When you don’t like the ‘deflated’ look, simply blow your cleavage back to the desired state. It’s an instant boob-job on a budget!

Though you can also just leave it empty, the choice is yours!

Quality construction

We like the quality of the Wine Rack wine bra. This top-rated choice in Best Wine Bra options uses durable, sturdy materials ensuring long-term pleasure from your purchase. A word of warning: though the wine bra is durable, it is not indestructible. Therefore, you might want to be a bit cautious around sharp objects.

When you remove the interior wine-bladder bag and tube, the bra itself is also machine-washable. This allows for a quick clean-up after usage. You can also choose to fill the bag with other drinks besides wine, such as spirits, cocktails, or simply water. Though be sure to rinse the bladder-bag with warm water between usage to prevent the flavors of your drinks to be affected.

Multiple sizes available

This Best Wine Bra option by Winerack is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The Small fits bra-sizes 32A-34B. Medium fits bra sizes 34C-38C. And Large fits 36A through 38C. Be warned though: the Winerack is not recommended for women with a cup size exceeding DD. Because this means your cups will overflow (unfortunately in the most literal sense. To get a better overview of what size you’ll need, review the handy chart below:

best wine bra size guide





Overall, reviews of the Winerack wine bra are positive. Praising the design’s ability to save you a lot of money, and keeping your wine close at all times. Reviewers mention it is the perfect accessory to festivals and concerts. Because you won’t be required to make trips to the overpriced bar stands. Others say the push-up effect is an added perk, boosting your cleavage to new heights, thanks to its naturally-shaped bladder-bag.

We do want to mention that some consumers also complained that it is simply not suited for already very busty bosoms. Which is confirmed by the manufacturer’s sizing chart. If you are naturally gifted with a cup-size exceeding the double D’s, this is not the design for you. However, smaller cup-sizes should be perfectly fine.

We think for the price listed, the Winerack wine bra is a must-have in any female wine-lovers wardrobe. Though you might think it’s only a novelty, this smart bra offers great functionality and is comfortable enough for everyday wear. Yes, we do realize you won’t actually wear it daily. But it is the perfect accessory for certain events. Those occasions where you want to bring your favorite wine, without the risk of getting caught at a bag check.

Indulge yourself, or a vino-enthusiast in your life, with the Best Wine Bra by Winerack today. We guarantee: this will be your favorite new, cleavage-boosting accessory this summer season!



Extra content: Check out the video below for another in-depth review of the Winerack Wine Bra:



Tip: Looking for a male-alternative to the wine bra? Then you’ll be pleased to know you can also order a The BeerBelly. Yes, you guessed it: this is the beer-belly version for men that stores up to a whopping 80oz of beer (or wine). Ideal for the smuggler that doesn’t mind showing off a bit of a (party) pouch!


The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask - Adjustable Design - Holds 25oz of Booze (Grey, Medium)
  • HOLDS A FULL BOTTLE - The WineRack Holds 25oz or 750ml of Your Favorite Cocktail. Includes Specially Designed Bladder to Conceal Your Sauce.



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