The Best Advice for Branding Your Wine, Accessories, and Wineries

Have you created a new wine, wine accessory, or opened your very own winery? Getting your products to market or customers through the door is the next step. When delving into a crowded market like the wine industry, however, standing out requires both innovation and creativity. There might be millions of wine lovers around the world, but setting your brand apart from the thousands of other local and national brands takes work.


With efficient marketing efforts both off and online, you can reach your target audience, build brand recognition, and pave the way to success. Though there are many avenues to take, below is a look at some of the most popular methods for making a name for yourself:


Develop a Web Presence

Whether you plan on selling your products online, through other retail establishments, or in your own winery, having an online presence is mandatory.  Since most consumers do online research before deciding to make a purchase, you don’t want to get caught without basic staples like:

  • Website – Every legitimate brand needs to have a company website. This serves as your virtual business card, and for those starting eStores, this is your marketplace. Your website needs to clearly reflect your brand. It should tell a little about how you got started, why your product is essential, and, of course, provide information on the products and/or services you offer. Adding a blog to your company website is another option that can help you stand out. A well-optimized blog with engaging, factual, content draws in new traffic, keeps the audience engaged, increases your chances of converting sales, and helps you to become a leader in your industry.

  • Social Media – Almost more important than having a company website for your wine business is having social media pages. Social media is a platform to connect with your target consumers on a more personal level. When set up correctly, your page serves to provide them with information, get their feedback, answer questions, and solidify your brand. Once your page is created you can post mini introductory videos, take photos of your products, share blog posts about the wine industry, or hold contests and give away free promotional products.

Attend Events

Sticking strictly to internet marketing for your wine brand isn’t going to get you very far. Using traditional methods of offline marketing are also essential to building your brand. Attending events such as those to be described below gives you a chance for face to face connection with your target consumers:


  • Trade Shows – Trade shows are an ideal platform for you to put a face to the name of your brand. These are highly publicized events where wine lovers from all over come flocking to learn about a new product or service in the wine industry. As there are many competitors at trade shows, you’ll need to be creative to stand out. You can have a custom tent made by Ins’TenT with your company colors, logo, and slogan to differentiate yourself from all the other booths. Offering mini tastings, giving away free promotional products, and having live demonstrations can also get passersby interested in what you have to offer at a trade show.

  • Local Events – If you want to really stand out from other brands start attending local events. Many communities host events like restaurant week, food truck festivals, or wine and food events where locals are encouraged to come out and try the cuisine the area has to offer. This is your chance to put a stamp on your brand in a particular locality. You can talk with the customers, ask questions, and create an experience that encourages them to want to do business with you in the future. A pop-up tasting, a wine and cheese pairing class, a winemaking station, any of these things at a local event would be welcomed by all wine lovers alike.


The wine industry is certainly one worth getting into. As a heavily populated industry, however, you’ll need to work extra hard to get recognized. Using both off and online marketing solutions like building a web presence and attending events increases your wine brand’s chances of becoming a household name.