The 10 Best Wine Decanters of 2021

If you have been a wine lover for a while, then you have probably heard of the process of decanting, and its importance to the art of drinking your favorite wine.

If you have not yet come across this process, a small explanation is provided below for you to get acquainted with this process and become a more successful wine enthusiast, but in general, wine decanting is the concept of pouring wine out of your bottle and into a glass vessel that features a neck (pourer) that is easy to pour out of.

This glass vessel called a decanter (or a wine carafe) can help you get the optimal taste for your wine as well as impress all of your friends on wine and cheese night. If wine is not for you, but you have a loved one that absolutely loves it, a wine decanter can be the perfect gift for them. So if you have the time, take a look at this list and see which of these lovely Amazon decanters will serve you well.

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The 10 Best Wine Decanters of 2021 – Overview

Here are the top 5 picks (keep scrolling for picks 6-10).

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1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is a hand-blown wine decanter that is scalloped and swirled. You will be able to pour a standard 750ml bottle of wine and enhance both the flavor and the aroma of your wine by pouring it into this decanter.

This glass wine decanter features an intelligent design with a slanted spout that will help you serve up the wine without spilling it. It is also a lead-free glassware product. The base measures 8.5 inches. The only thing you might have to worry about is that the quality control can be spotty so you should check your product once you receive it in your home.

Features of the Le Chateau Wine Decanter:

  • The hand-blow creation is delicately scalloped and swirled
  • This decanter is expressly designed to ensure you can pour a 750ml bottle of wine optimally
  • You will end up enhancing the flavor and aroma of your wine by decanting it
  • These effects are further magnified thanks to the intelligent design of this decanter
  • You will benefit from a slanted spout so you can serve up without any spillage
  • It is completely lead-free and not stainless steel, too
  • It measures 8.5 inches across the base, meaning it has a wide base with a lot of surface area
  • There are a few complaints about quality control so check your carafe carefully upon receipt

2. Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanting System

The Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanting System features an aerating process that breaks your wine down into minuscule droplets (with the help of its funnel) that are hosed down the sides of the decanter so you can extract the most flavor and the most aroma.

This wine aerator also features ultra-fine screen filters that will take care of any sediment. The only downsides to this decanting system are that it is not a cheap product and it is not dishwasher-friendly, so you will have to wash it by hand every time.

Features of the Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanting System:

  • The aerating system in place breaks the wine down into tiny droplets
  • These are hosed down the sides of the decanter so the very most flavor and aroma is extracted
  • The funnel helps to separate the wine into the tiniest particles
  • The ultra-fine high-quality screen filters out any unwanted sediment
  • It is not cheap
  • The decanter is not dishwasher-friendly

3. Riedel Cabernet Decanter

The Riedel Cabernet Decanter is a delicate product and must be handled with care, however, if you do, you must be able to get many years of service from it. You should be able to use a dishwasher for this product but it is recommended that you wash it by hand if you want to be more careful with it since it is a very fragile decanter. This decanter also features thin walls to fully display your wine inside.

Features of the Riedel Cabernet Decanter:

  • It is delicate and must be handled with care
  • You should get many years of faithful service
  • The crystal would stand up to dishwashing but handwashing is recommended
  • The decanter displays the full brilliance of your wine thanks to thin walls
  • The trade-off for those delicate looks is a decanter that’s pretty fragile

4. Simplified by Jess Wine Decanter

The Simplified by Jess Wine Decanter is another slightly fragile product that can last you a decent amount of time if you handle it with the proper care. This crystal wine decanter features a significant capacity of almost two standard bottles of wine. There is also a 2-year money-back guarantee. The only issue you might run into with this system is that you may experience leaking with this decanter.

Features of the Simplified by Jess Wine Decanter:

  • The crystal glass is reasonably durable as long as you handle it with care
  • The main selling point of this decanter is the generous capacity
  • You can accommodate almost two bottles of regular wine
  • The generous 2-year money-back guarantee is amazing at this price-point
  • There are a few issues with wine leaking when you pour

5. Bella Vino Wine Decanter

The Bella Vino Wine Decanter features an easy-to-grip neck and a top specifically designed to streamline pouring. You can also choose between a 1200ml or a 1800ml decanter. The only issues are that this product’s spout is quite fragile and prone to chipping so you need to be severely careful when you use it.

Features of the Bella Vino Wine Decanter:

  • You can choose from a 1200ml or 1800ml decanter
  • There is a neck that is nice and easy to grip
  • There is a top specifically designed to streamline pouring
  • The spout is fragile and prone to chipping so exercise caution when pouring
  • It is not dishwasher safe

6. WBSEos Wine Decanter

The WBSEos Wine Decanter is definitely the most aesthetic and least practical decanter on this list. Although it can be quite fragile, it can still fit up to 1500 ml of wine. This decanter also features a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so you can return it if there is an issue with it.

Features of the WBSEos Wine Decanter:

  • It is more of a work of art than a functional appliance to enhance your wine
  • There is a decent capacity at 1500ml with space for a couple of regular bottles
  • There is a lifetime satisfaction guarantee that allows you to buy in complete confidence
  • Several users have complained about fragile build

7. Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter

The Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter is made with premium 24 percent lead crystal and weighs over three pounds. When you purchase this product you will receive a 2-piece decanter set with a diamond-cut design that will look fantastic on your tabletop. Because of this, this is not the cheapest decanter on this list, and you will have to wash it by hand in order to maintain it.

Features of the Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter:

  • It is made from premium 24% lead crystal
  • This decanter weighs over 3 pounds
  • You should wash this decanter by hand for the best results
  • It is a 2-piece set finished in high-grade crystal
  • There is a diamond-cut design to really catch the eye
  • It is not the cheapest decanter

8. Iceberg Wine Decanter

The Iceberg Wine Decanter is hand-crafted and there is no lead in its construction. This decanter is very efficient by exposing your wine to as much oxygen as possible with its hand-made bulged bottom that intensifies aeration. This is an FDA-approved lead-free crystal decanter. It is, however, quite an expensive product.

Features of the Iceberg Wine Decanter:

  • This aerator is impeccably hand-crafted
  • It makes a neat addition to your dining table
  • There is no lead used in this decanter
  • It is a highly efficient aerator to expose your wine to as much oxygen as possible in short order
  • There is a hand-made bulged bottom further intensifies aeration
  • It is FDA-approved
  • It is a 100% lead-free crystal
  • This is not a cheap wine decanter

9. Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter

The Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter is able to accommodate a standard 750ml wine. This decanter is made of lead-free crystal and is very durable over many years. It is also a very aesthetic product that also allows you to stop sediment from getting into your wine glass. The only downside to this crystal decanter is that the stopper feels a bit too large for the hole in it.

Features of the Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter:

  • The light and wine will both catch the crystal to superb effect
  • You can easily accommodate a standard 750ml wine bottle
  • The overall construction is lead-free crystal
  • This decanter is surprisingly durable
  • You should be rewarded with years of faithful service
  • It effectively stops sediment from ending up in your wine glass
  • The stopper feels a little too large for the hole

10. Riedel Ultra Decanter

The Riedel Ultra Decanter is a lean decanter with sweeping lines and fine crystal. It is a fairly rugged product that you should still try and handle with a certain amount of care. Despite this, you should still be able to put this decanter in a dishwasher. The only issue with this product is that it can be quite heavy so if you have problems lifting heavy objects, you should probably go for a different decanter on this list.

Features of the Riedel Ultra Decanter:

  • The overall aesthetic of this decanter is lean and the sweeping lines look almost fragile
  • The fine crystal is reasonably rugged, though
  • You will need to handle it with care
  • You can pop this decanter in a dishwasher
  • It is quite hefty so not ideal if you struggle to lift heavier objects

What Are the Benefits of Decanting Wine?

Any sommelier will tell you that there are three main benefits to the process of decanting wine before you drink it. Here they are:

1. Decanting Separates The Sediment From The Liquid

The biggest use of decanting is to separate the sediment from the wine itself. Oftentimes (more often with red wine than white wine, and especially with older wines and vintage ports), your wine will have sediment settle at the bottom of the bottle, and the decanting process helps decrease the amount of it that will go in your cup. Sediment is not harmful but it can ruin the taste of your wine if there is too much of it.

2. Decanting Enhances The Flavor Through Aeration

The meaning of aeration is to introduce oxygen to a liquid. Maybe you have heard the phrase “you need to let the wine breathe” – this means to aerate. The aeration process is how your wine does that. It allows the wine flavor to be enhanced by softening the tannins and releasing gases that developed in the absence of oxygen.

3. Decanting Saves Wine In The Event Of A Broken Cork

This is a similar process to the first one mentioned. Much like sediment, pieces of your cork might break apart and settle at the bottom of your wine bottle. Decanting your wine helps reduce the amount of cork that might accidentally go into your wine glass if you try to pour it directly from the bottle.

Which Wines Do You Need to Decant?

Ideally, you will want to decant most wines if you have the opportunity to do so. The only wines that really should not be decanted at all are the sparkling kind, such as champagne, since they thrive the most when they bounce (you would not want your sparkling wine to go flat). However, there are some wines that need it most, so here they are:

  • Malbec
  • Shiraz (Syrah)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy

If you are drinking a Merlot or a Pinot Noir, you can also and should also decant them.

How Do You Decant Wine?

Here is a full rundown of the steps needed to properly decant your wine. You can do this up to four hours before serving the wine:

  • If your bottle of wine has been stored horizontally, you are going to need to put it upright for a full day prior to decanting, so that the sediment can settle at the bottom of the bottle
  • Once a day has passed, open the wine bottle
  • Tilt the neck of the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees toward the decanter
  • Pour the wine into the decanter at a slow and steady pace
  • If you see any sediment approaching the neck of the bottle you should stop decanting, put the bottle back upright, and start again
  • Finish pouring the wine, leaving the sediment behind

Final Verdict

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In the end, it is important to understand that while decanting can be an arduous process at times, it can really improve your wine-drinking experience. Whether you have fully delved into the hobby or you are just beginning, getting one of these little products can be both useful as well as aesthetic for your home or wine cellar. And out of all of the beautiful wine decanters on this list, the Le Chateau Wine Decanter is our absolute favorite and is likely to be yours too.


Bonus tip: Check out this video about how to decant wine!


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Start your wine enlightenment. Get the I Love Wine newsletter and special offers today. Always amazing. Always free.

Amazing wine articles, infographics, tips and videos. Every week.

Start your wine enlightenment. Get the I Love Wine newsletter and special offers today. Always amazing. Always free.