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The TCM Wine Club is a collaboration between Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and Laithwaites, a wine club service provider that manages wine clubs for various other businesses. TCM’s wine club is unique in that TCM is actively involved in the wine selection process. Each shipment contains wines, and the club officials pair all the wine with films that will show on television in the coming months after members get their wine shipments. Exciting, right?

So, whether you’re a classic wine connoisseur or want a wine club with a little more to offer, this is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a good value wine club.

Three movie-themed bonus wines will be included in your first shipment of wines. Those wines change regularly, and they aren’t always the same.

Top 3 Wines

The following were the top three favorite wines from the first shipment our team members received:

  1. Café Zoetrope: A lush Cabernet Sauvignon from Francis Ford Coppola’s famed vineyard.
  2. A delightfully spicy Zinfandel from Alfred Hitchcock.
  3. Orson Welles Signature Merlot: A silky, rich, and delectable Merlot
    These wines exceeded our expectations, and everyone particularly enjoyed Café Zoetrope.

Wines from TCM Wine Club’s parent firm are often simpler to drink and more fruit-forward than comparable wines from Spain, South America, and California.

Quality of Wine at TCM

The officials of TCM Wine Club choose wine selections from a large assortment of wines produced by Laithwaites Wine. To the extent feasible, the TCM Wine Club curates wine to match its films, meaning the club chose individual wines for the club members other than Laithwaites. The extra care that went into the wine selections was something we truly loved about this club.

TCM Wine Club includes information on each wine you receive in the box, including food pairing recommendations, the area, the vintage, the wine, and why the wine pairing is done with a specific film! Again very exciting!

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  •  Customer Service
  • Wine Education
  • Convenience

TCM Wine Club provides a 5-star satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t like the wine, they’ll replace it with something you will.

According to their website:

“Our Promise. If any bottle fails to thrill you for any reason, just notify us, and you will receive a complete refund.”

Price of Wine

The cost of TCM Wine Club wines is challenging to review accurately. Almost all of the wines at the club are manufactured or imported by Laithewaites Wine, the TCM Wine Club’s service provider. The wines are often available from Laithwaites’ other wine clubs at the exact costs as the TCM Wine Club.

What makes TCM Wine Club Special?

One notable and outstanding thing about the TCM wine club is – that this is the only wine club that pairs movies with wines in our knowledge, making it unique in every way possible. It is an enjoyable experience having movies thematically paired with wine and does add some extra enjoyment to your movie nights.

Membership Discount Opportunities

We look at three factors when evaluating the wine club’s discount prospects. Is the wine club’s initial deal too good to pass up? Are there any discounts available for purchasing more of the wines you enjoy in your shipments? Are there any special discounts accessible just to members of their wine club?

The TCM Wine Club’s initial deal is fantastic! For $79.99, you receive 12 bottles plus three additional bottles worth $54.97! That means each bottle of wine will only set you back $5.33! That’s a hard deal to refuse as an introductory offer.

The standard price of the subscription is generally 20% off. However, we must admit that accurately verifying retail pricing is challenging for us. Other wine clubs, like Laithwaites, let you buy wines from their online stores without being a member, and members get 20% off the entire case value on every shipment. TCM Wine Club members may do the same on the website of the TCM Wine Club.

Get Your Bottle of Wine

This is what customization entails: you choose the color of your wines and the frequency with which you receive your shipments, and the reward is that you get your drink exactly how you want it.

Education in the Wine Club

TCM Wine club does an excellent job of informing you about the wines’ origins, production methods, and the reason behind choosing one particular film for one particular. Trust me! You will not be disappointed.


The TCM Wine Club has all the standard conveniences you’d expect from a subscription box service.

The worthiness of a gift

When it comes to giving, the TCM Wine Club falls short because all they provide is an ongoing subscription with no pre-paid presents. It might be a thoughtful present for someone you live with (such as your spouse), as you will be notified of impending shipments and have the option to cancel at any time. However, you could send the first shipment as a present, but you’d have to remember to cancel it before the second supply arrives.

In this post, we have tried to cover all aspects of TCM Wine Club Reviews, and we thought that our readers should also know what exactly is TCM. For those who do not know much about TCM, read about it in the paragraph below.

About TCM (Turner Classic Movies)

TCM is a Peabody Award-winning network that broadcasts impressive films from the world’s most significant film collections, unedited and commercial-free. This organization has reached over 85 million households. It presents the perspectives of presenters Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz and talks with various special guests. TCM also communicates with movie enthusiasts through events like the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, the TCM Classic Cruise, and the TCM Classic Film Tour in New York City and Los Angeles. It produces a variety of vintage film-related items, such as books and DVDs, and provides a multitude of content online at and through the Watch TCM mobile app.

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