The Best Red and White Sweet Wines


It’s not uncommon to find it difficult to find a wine that meets your sweetness standards. In fact, it becomes increasingly difficult when you don’t fully understand the sweetness levels that sweet wines have. Red and white wines both have sweet wines that will give you the tasting experience you desire. You must first know what you’re looking for in the sweet wine before making a decision between sweetness level and type of wine.

Contributions to the Sweetness Factors

Many wines have different levels of sweetness due to the presence of tannin, acidity, and aroma. Some wines are dryer than others due to the high levels of tannin, which makes the wine taste drier than it really it is. The acidity of the wine also plays an important factor in the dryness or sweetness factor. The more acidic the wine is, the less sweet it will taste.

The most interesting thing about sweet wines is that different people taste different levels of sweetness depending on their sensitivity to tannin, acidity, and aromas. Some people may be more sensitive to tannin than others, which will make wine taste less sweet to them. Keep this in mind if you find yourself sipping on a glass of “sweet wine” that doesn’t taste so sweet to you.

How to Reduce Tannin Effects

Some people may claim that a particular sweet wine is delicious but you find it hard to handle, you may be able to reduce the effect tannin has on your taste buds. This will help create a sweeter effect of the sweet wine everyone raves about. If you pair your sweet wines that contain higher levels of tannin than others with salty foods like nuts and some fatty foods, you may be able to reduce the effect tannin has on your taste buds. Usually, it is not appropriate to drink white wine from wide glasses, but in this case what you should be looking for is a large port-like glass that will decant the sweet wine, letting the tannin to mellow out a bit. Something like the Elixir Glassware wine glass, shown here, would be perfect, as it is both stylish and will bring out the best taste in wines with high tannin concentration.

Acidity and Sweet Wines

Sweet wines can come in red or white. Depending on which type of wine you choose, the acidity may be a factor in the sweetness level you experience. Due to the high acidity of some red wines, the sweet wines that come in red variations are often perceived as less sweet by some. Why is this? A wine that has a higher level of acidity (like red wines) are often more dry than others, which means they are less sweet. So while some red wines may have residual sugars left in them from the fermentation process, the acid may counterbalance and mask the sweetness.

Recommendations for White Sweet Wines

Looking for a white sweet wine? Here are our top choices for you.

  1. Floral Aroma – Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling

This incredibly versatile white sweet wine is perfect for bringing a refreshing taste to your palate. With a fruity flavor that also has a crisp acidity, your tongue will surely thank you. The citrusy aroma compliments the sweet apple blossom aroma that many wine goers report tasting. Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling is perfect for giving you the sweetness you’re looking for without overwhelming you from the start.

  1. Fruity Aroma – Risata Moscato d’Asti

This fresh and vibrant Moscato hails from Piedmont, Italy. It brings a fullness of flavor with hints of fruit, tangerines, and even honey. Unlike many Moscatos, Risata Moscato d’Asti will not overpower you with sweetness. It is well-balanced and great for bringing you the sweetness you desire with the refreshing effects, as well.

Recommendations for Red Sweet Wines

Not all red wines are known for being dry and tart. Here are some of the top recommendations for red sweet wines that will give you a tasting experience like no other.

  1. Fruity – Sunstruck Sweet Red Wine

Sweet wines such as Sunstruck Sweet Red Wine are great for everyday occasions. This sweet red wine will give you the perfect combination of cherries and spices that make it the perfect red wine for barbeques and desserts all at the same time. It hails from California and promises a tasting experiencing you’ve never had with a red sweet wine.

  1. Chocolaty – Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz

Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz is a South African sweet red wine. It is lighter on the flavor side with fresh and fruity flavors mixed with a dark chocolate undertone. This mixture creates a refreshing blend that will surely leave you with the sweetness factor of a red sweet wine you were looking for. You cannot go wrong with sweet wines like Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz.

Food Pairings with Sweet Wines

Food pairing with sweet wines can be very easy if you know what you’re looking for. The sweetness of many sweet wines can often make an already sweet dish taste unappetizing. This is why it is so important to know the flavors and aromas of the sweet wine before pairing it with a food dish. Many sweet wines are actually great for savory dishes like meat or pasta as they balance out the savoriness with their sweetness.


Sweet wines come in many different types ranging from red to white (and in-between). Knowing the flavors and tasting experience you’re after before you shop can help you cut down on the confusion and enjoy the taste of your next sweet wine.