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5 Ways to Stay Fit and Drink Wine

5 Ways to Stay Fit and Drink Wine

iLoveWine Staff

We love our vino, but we also love sliding into our skinny jeans and not getting winded walking up the stairs. Many health coaches will preach that you have to cut out wine to shed some pounds, but we prefer to be realistic.


When you’re like us and you love happy hour as much as your health, finding how to strike that balance is extra important. Thankfully, there’s a few ways you can indulge in your favorite, boozy past-time while still doing your body good. Wine lovers rejoice!


1) Know Your Calories
One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is by keeping in mind how many calories you burn versus how many you consume. Knowing your daily calorie goal and choosing to drink what fits within it will allow you to have both your wine and your health. Most glasses of vino clock in at around 110 to 200 calories per glass, giving you plenty of wiggle room to add a nightly sip or two to your diet.

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2) Earn It
Of course, if you’re worried about not having enough calories left at the end of the day for a few glasses, you can always earn your wine by burning it off ahead of time! You don’t need to turn into a gym rat, there are plenty of 30 minute exercises you can do that will burn off a couple of glasses of vino. Half an hour in the pool will earn you two more glasses while a short jog justifies almost 4. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can cut out a step and try Vino-Vinyasa yoga, where you can get in your work out while simultaneously sipping! Raise your hand if you’ve never been more motivated to work out!


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3) Choose Dry
If you tend to always reach for a rosé or a Riesling, consider swapping it out for a dry red instead. The dryer the wine, the less sugar and bad carbs it has. You can always choose a dry white, but red wine contains powerful antioxidants that can give you a number of other health benefits.


4) Make it a Spritzer
If you want to have more than just a couple of drinks but need to keep calories low, try swapping out your standard glass of wine for a spritzer. Pour half of your usual glass over ice, then top it off with club soda. Since club soda has zero calories, you’ll find yourself sipping on something that’s easier on your waistline.


5) Swap It for Dessert
Choosing to opt out of dessert to indulge in a glass of wine will help keep you fit and your waistline looking fine. As it turns out, sipping on vino later in the evening can curb cravings and help cut down on snacking. There’s no need to dig into an entire pint of ice cream, a single glass can satisfy that craving without packing on the pounds.



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