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SAUCEY Review in 2021

SAUCEY Review in 2021

Jonas Muthoni
saucey review intro

SAUCEY Review 


saucey review introHave you heard about SAUCEY yet? No, this service has nothing to do with ketchup or teriyaki: it’s actually a wine delivery service. Yes, its name might allude to culinary delights, but SAUCEY does cater to your taste buds in a different way.

The online wine merchant has a fantastic assortment of wines which you can order and get shipped right to your front door.

The best part? Customers in certain cities, where SAUCEY works with local retailers, can even get their wine delivered in less than 30 minutes, FOR FREE! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Simply place your order online and have the wine in your glass in less than half an hour. Now that’s a service every wine lover needs.

And, unlike other wine delivery services, SAUCEY charges NO delivery fee and has NO order minimum. We would say: sign us up, but even membership isn’t required to take advantage of this great service.




Now, this is where the ‘BUT’ part comes in. BUT, only limited cities can take advantage of this outstanding, 30-minute delivery service. If you’re not located in one of these cities, you can still use SAUCEY to order your wine online, but you’ll have to pay for shipping – and wait several working days before your wine arrives. And that is quite a bummer.

SAUCEY currently offers the 30-minute wine delivery service to residents in the following locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Sacramento (certain restrictions may apply). The company is also working on establishing a base in Miami, but this service is not yet implemented. 


Let’s take a closer, in-depth look at SAUCEY and find out if, and how, it can benefit wine lovers with easy access to their favorite vino…



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SAUCEY Review: The Assortment


saucey reviewThough the SAUCEY assortment is not as extensive as other online wine merchants, the company does offer a great selection of labels. More of a curated selection, the SAUCEY website still lists dozens of reds and whites for every preference.

At the time of writing, the red wine assortment included: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Malbec. Plus also Port, Rhone, Syrah, and various Red Blends.

The whites on offer were Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Albarino, Loire, and various White Blends.

Also listed were various different Rosé wines, Brut options, and a Champagne Rosé.

A good mix

19 crimesWe liked the variety in brands, from popular labels to up-and-coming names such as 19 Crimes. (This label works with the amazing Living Wine Labels App.) Overall, SAUCEY’s selection contains a good mix of winemakers and wine regions.

A minor improvement: we would have liked to see a few more sparkling wine options. These are currently a bit limited. And, if you’re using the delivery service to get wine shipped for a party or a festive occasion, a bigger selection of bubbly options would be appreciated.

That said, the SAUCEY assortment should have something for every wine lover, and every budget.


SAUCEY Review: The Pricing


saucey reviewSAUCEY states that it ‘works closely with local retailers in its serviced locations, which helps the company keep prices average, compared to average liquor stores and wine merchants.’ This is partly true, as the prices online aren’t excessive.

However, the company still needs to earn its share of wine sales, so the wines tend to be a tad more expensive than in your local liquor store.

When reviewing, we indeed found some labels at a similar price-point to our own, local wine merchant around the corner.

Be warned though: some bottles did cost quite a bit more than at other online wine merchants. With certain labels costing an extra 6-8 dollars on top of ‘regular’ retail rates.

We completely understand that SAUCEY has to add some margins on its wines, and most of the prices do seem reasonable compared to other wine delivery services.

Whether you’re getting a good deal, or are overpaying for wine, really depends on which labels you’re ordering. Also relevant is the price-level of your location’s liquor stores or wine merchants. 


Price versus super quick enjoyment


But, if you’re the lucky resident of L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento  – and want your wine on your doorstep within 30 minutes – you’ll probably won’t mind paying a bit extra, considering you won’t be charged for delivery.

But for wine lovers in locations that don’t offer the 30-minute free delivery, the value-for-money of SAUCEY is simply less. This because you’ll have to wait longer for your wine. And pay for shipping (unless you spend a $150 dollar to qualify for free complimentary shipping). 

We’d happily pay a premium for wines if they are delivered to within less than half an hour. But we’d be a bit more hesitant – and would compare prices on labels with other online wine delivery brands – if we did not have this option.



SAUCEY Review: The Convenience


SAUCEY offers amazing convenience for those located in the L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento area. Getting your wine delivered to your doorstep, within 30 minutes, is quite unheard of in the world of online wine ordering. We simply can’t fault this; as SAUCEY does make it super easy to re-stock your wine when you’ve run out.

saucey reviewWe’ve all been in the situation that suddenly the bottle is empty, and you’re desperate for another glass. Why slump it to your local liquor store in your pajamas, in the rain, or in the dark – when you can get it delivered straight to your door. And within half an hour. For free.

Super convenient, yet only for L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento residents.


Delivery to your doorstep


For the rest of us, SAUCEY is still a handy wine delivery service. But it doesn’t come with the same perks. Yes, it still ships orders right to your doorstep. But it will take multiple working days, depending on the carrier you have to be home to sign for your package, and you have to pay for shipping.

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SAUCEY does offer the convenience of not having to carry or lug your wines from the store to your home. And that’s always a bonus.


SAUCEY Review: Is it worth it?


The big question: is SAUCEY worth it?

If you live in L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento: YES!

If you live in any other location where SAUCEY does not offer the 30-minute wine delivery option: Not Really.

The difference in service-level and value-for-money is quite big depending on your location.


For example:


saucey reviewA wine lover in Chicago can go online, place their order, and receive the bottle of their choice within 30-minutes. Without delivery fees. The bottles are priced reasonable, though some will be more expensive than in your local liquor store.

But the convenience of free, super-quick delivery certainly makes up for any price difference. You might pay a bit more for a label, but it saves you a trip to your local wine merchant – ideal for when you run out of alcohol in the middle of a party or date night.

A wine lover in New York can go online, place their order, and choose between 2 types of shipping: Ground or Express. FedEx Ground would take 3-6 days, FedEx Express would take 2-3 days. On top of that, ground shipping would cost $33.52 – and express a whopping $158.17! And that is certainly not worth it.

We do have to note that SAUCEY does offer free ground shipping at orders over $150 dollars (pre-tax). So, if you do want to order your wines online, and don’t live in L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento, we’d definitely recommend placing a bulk order to take advantage of the free complimentary shipping.

That said, as some bottles retail higher at SAUCEY than at other online wine merchants. So you, therefore, might be better off browsing alternative online wine stores to save on costs.


Final verdict


saucey reviewIf we lived in L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento, SAUCEY would be our go-to name for at-home wine delivery. Sipping a bottle in a mere 30-minutes from placing your order, no delivery fees or order minimum: YES PLEASE!

Plus, you can Take $10 Off Your First Order + Free Delivery with code SAS at

BUT, if we did not live in a city in which SAUCEY offers its impressive 30-minute delivery service, we would most likely not use the service frequently. We are hopeful that SAUCEY will expand its 30-minute delivery option to more cities… (Miami is currently in the works.)

But until then, we’ll have to settle for slumping it to our local liquor store if we run out of wine in the middle of the night…


saucey review


Get your wines within 30-minutes, with no delivery fee or order minimum, if you live in a SAUCEY serviced area (L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, or Sacramento).


If SAUCEY does not offer the 30-minute delivery option at your location, you won’t benefit from the service as it is intended – and SAUCEY might not be your best option for wine shipments.

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