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What You Need To Know About A Red Wine Bath?

What You Need To Know About A Red Wine Bath?


Have you ever heard about a red wine bath and wondered what it’s all about? And do you think it’s worth a try? Or it’s just another beauty trend that will pass like some other trends? If you are not yet familiar with the idea of a red-wine bath, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

You must have seen pictures and even heard stories about red wine baths before and their benefits. So, are they worth trying? Should you have red wine baths regularly?

If you’ve ever sipped on a red wine so delicious that you just thought that, I wish I could take a bath in this beautiful and delicious wine! A red wine bath is a spa treatment. Over the last decade, many hotels and spas worldwide have been trying out these wine baths, which are usually called vinotherapy. The famous French skincare and spa treatments brand named Caudalie started using wine grape extracts for these wine baths and created its buzz worldwide.

Vinotherapy is not a new concept. It was introduced in 1995 by a French couple who eventually launched the brand “Caudalie,” a skincare brand.

What is a Red Wine Bath?

If you do not know what a red wine bath is, let me explain it. A red wine bath is a spa bath that uses red wine leaf extracts, and all the winery waste like grape skins, seeds, stems, and crud that is left are the making of wine is completed and then are mixed in warm water.

The grape seed oil is an excellent cure for treating wrinkles than any other oils available. Also, this grape crud is packed with organic compounds that are highly effective antioxidants. So, when you immerse yourself in this water, all these antioxidants get absorbed into your skin and help it repair and rejuvenate. This will result in young and healthy skin. So, if you want to put yourself into this red bath stain red both yourself and your bathtub, then go ahead and see if it worked for you or not!

Does it work?

Red wine is indeed suitable for your body in different ways, but bathing in it may or may not be that much beneficial.

  • So it is true that red wine does have antioxidants in it, but it does not mean that if you soak yourself in it, all the antioxidants will be absorbed, and your skin will benefit! The antioxidant properties can be acquired by simply drinking and cooking with it.
  • Not to forget that red wine contains alcohol, and we all know that alcohol dries out the skin, which means that it may dehydrate your skin instead of giving you benefits!
  • Also, there is no scientific research that has been done that proves its benefits, so it still has to be established. There are some studies done that say that the polyphenol compounds that are present in these grape cruds are challenging to absorb for human skins.

Nonetheless, it does have grapeseed oil that is undoubtedly good for your skin in other ways too! And if you want to pamper yourself and give yourself a luxury experience, that is something that you need to try out! It will relax you and can be a perfect me-time activity! So, I will say that you must try it out at least once.

Benefits of a Red Wine Bath

The red wine bath might seem a little weird to you, but there are numerous benefits.

  • The most important of all is that it can help you get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, and blemishes all on your own at home. This treatment is a way of removing toxins.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for your skin–promising to treat wrinkles and aging skincare concerns. This is why bathing in red wine is supposed to hydrate and tone the skin deeply.
  • It’s an indulgent way to pamper yourself with the added benefits of antioxidants and resveratrol.
  • And as a bonus, it smells great.

Best Spa For Vinotherapy

Aire Ancient Baths in New York

If you are busy off late and want some moments to get yourself recharged, then the wine is a great way to detox your both inner and outer self! Yes, you heard (better read) it right. Don’t just sip your wine but rather bath yourself in it! Yes, you know what I am trying to say. Vinotherapy is the perfect way to take yourself away from this hectic life for a while.

In New York, the best option for a relaxing red wine bath is Aire Ancient Baths which is located in the Tribeca region of the city. I am sure you will have a great time there and will give a pause to all your hustles, and it will not just cleanse your body but your soul too! Go and experience it for yourself.

It is a 180-minute experience and costs $550 per person.

Red Wine Bath DIY at home

If you can not decide or there is no good spa near your residence. I have a DIY Vino therapy for you so that you can try it out on your own. You do not need too many things to make it, and it is very easy to do. So, let’s get into it!

Materials Required:

  • Four cups Red Wine, mandatory
  • One cup Honey, mandatory
  • Three tablespoons of Crude Oil, only if easily arranged
  • Six tablespoons of Red Grape Powder, only if easily arranged


  • Fill your bathtub with warm water and mix the honey and red wine in this warm water.
  • Arrange crude oil and red grape powder, then mix both of them and try to make a paste.
  • Now before getting into your bathtub, apply this paste to your body and very gently massage it. After rubbing this paste, get into your bathtub and soak yourself for a good twenty minutes.
  • Now, rinse and pat dry.
  • After you bathe, you will feel your skin nourished as honey keeps your skin soft and nourishes it. It is a moisturizing bath for your skin.


If possible, then try and see yourself how much of an impact vinotherapy could really have on your skin. The antioxidants in red wines are great for the skin. They are supposedly associated with slowing down your skin’s aging process and fighting off free radicals. This helps ward off stress-related diseases and everything in between. There are also claims of improving the blood circulation from this bath. If you are looking for a good full-body cleanse or wish to try something new, this is for you.

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