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Reasons Why You Should Pair Pizza and Wine

Reasons Why You Should Pair Pizza and Wine

Jonas Muthoni


When you think of wine while having a couple of friends over your house, the thought of wine and cheese is usually the first thing that pops out. But, did you know that pizza and wine is a good pair as well? It’s the perfect pair just like peanut butter and jelly.


Here are some reasons why you should pair pizza with wine:


  1. Flavors Mix Well with Wine


Pizzas are normally always composed of tomato, cheese, and dough. These three things complement very well with wine and, most especially, red wine. Because of the acidity and flavor of tomato, it goes very well with wine creating a delectable taste.


In addition to that, both are comfort food that makes the atmosphere more comfortable. You can just sit at home and watch some Netflix while you sip wine and bite on a slice of pizza. If you are still looking for pizza to order, Omega Pizza & Wings has great pizzas that you can pair with your wine.


  1. Flexible Toppings


The great thing about pizza is that the toppings can always be customized. Depending on the wine that you have, you can put toppings that go along with the wine. Moreover, it’s already perfect with the dough and tomato sauce base.


The dough is like your empty canvas when you have wine and pizza. You have the choice of what to put in it depending on your preference. You can put whatever toppings you want that you think is good with your wine. Anything goes, so explore wine and pizza pairings.

  1. Good Mix of Formal and Chill


Having pizza with wine is an awesome mix of not being too formal but also not being too casual. Having wine and cheese would usually make an impression of a formal and fancy dinner with dim lighting.


On the other hand, having pizza in the picture, it now becomes more comfortable and a home affair as compared to a formal dinner. It’s still a special night, but you also don’t need to dress up for it. At the same time, it’s not too casual because you have wine. It’s the perfect combination if you want a special but chill night.


  1. Healthier Alternative to Sodas


Typically, pizza is paired with sodas. Pairing your pizza with wine is a healthier alternative. Because it has less sugar and chemicals, wine is a better choice as compared to soda drinks. Soda drinks are dangerous to your health since it has high calories, cholesterol, and sugar.


In addition to that, red wine also burns fat faster while soda drinks just make you gain more fat in your blood. Red wine also helps with your cardiovascular health and will lower the risks of diabetes. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to to get some pizza.


  1. Greater Value for Money


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When you have wine and pizza, that can already serve as your dinner instead of just having wine and cheese. Pizza is more filling as compared to cheese and can stand as a meal. More so, pizza is such a good and fun food that doesn’t need to be expensive.


It poses for greater value for money as compared to having wine and cheese. If you have a budget but still want your dinner to be special, you can just bring out a bottle of wine together with a box of pizza.


  1. The Convenience of Ordering Pizza


Compared to other pairings to wine, pizza is relatively convenient to get. For one, pizza for delivery is 24/7 as compared to other establishments. You can have it delivered anytime even at night. Whereas, if you get cheese, you need to go to the supermarket yourself to get one. In addition to that, supermarkets are only open up until a certain time and do not deliver.


You can also go to a drive-thru to get pizza. You don’t even have to get off your car to buy pizza when you want it. Unlike if you get cheese, you’d have to get down, look for cheese, line up in the cashier, and pay for your cheese. Having the option for delivering saves you from all the hassle and inconvenience.




Who knew that these two complement each other so much? Try different pizza and wine pairings. If you’ve been having wine and cheese, it’s time to switch it up. Introduce it to your friends and family to pizza and wine, and they might also love it and follow suit.


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