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Reasons To Try Herb-Basted Roast Turkey & Wine Recipe

Reasons To Try Herb-Basted Roast Turkey & Wine Recipe

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There are reasons why basting is part of traditional Thanksgiving turkeys. Not only does it keep your turkey from drying out, but it gives it the best appearance. And when you use wine and herbs when basting, you’ll add to the turkey’s mouthwatering look and taste.


Most importantly, you’ll make your turkey meat healthier due to the antioxidants of the wine and some herbs that’ll negate the oxidants. It’s worth the effort if you want your turkey to be both healthy and delicious.


What You Will Need


When you want to make your turkey outstanding for all occasions, the secret is to use the best ingredients. You may want to use fresh and healthy herbs. Try buying them from organic farms so you’ll have the best quality. When it comes to wine, you must also choose carefully. Here are some of the recommended list of wines and herbs you can use:




Although you need to be experimental to create a one-of-a-kind recipe, you should not use just any wine for basting or cooking. Just like picking out the best turkey, such as organic poultry from Mortons Traditional Taste, wine also affects your recipe.


What you need is high-quality wine so you will enhance the flavor of your turkey recipe. You don’t have to use the most expensive wine, but you should consider its quality of taste to avoid giving your roasted turkey an odd flavor.


Here’s a list of wines perfect for basting to help you decide what flavor to use:


  • White Wine – It has generous acidity and alcohol content of up to 10% to 13%. Using this doesn’t only make your turkey tender, but it’ll also make it look brighter. Choose unoaked, dry, medium-bodied white wine instead one that’s tagged as a “cooking wine.” This is because they have additive salt that may affect the taste of your turkey.


  • Dry Marsala – This wine will help keep your turkey savory. Also, using this can give your turkey a caramelized flavor.


  • Fruity Flavor – Aside from using fruity-flavored wine with your turkey stuffing, you can also use it for basting. Some have herbaceous flavors with floral notes like peony, iris, and violet, while others are bone-dry. You can even choose from cranberry to cherry or boysenberry to give your turkey a twist.


  • Red Wines – When you want to add red wine for dry turkey, you can use rich red wines with a super juicy and bold fruit flavor. These products come from draining off 10% of the red wine’s juice before it becomes too red.


  • Vintage – If you can spend extra, vintage wines could excellently complement your turkey when you want a moderately high tannin and a tingling acidity. Make your turkey more savory with the earthy taste of terra-cotta, leather, cherry, and tomato.




The herbs you need for basting your chicken are simple enough. Whether you choose fresh or dried herbs, both types can still bring you that sumptuous aroma while roasting your turkey.


Moreover, you can use the leftover herbs from brining your turkey. Here are some of them:


  • Black pepper
  • Garlic powder or crushed garlic
  • Sage
  • Crushed Rosemary
  • Thyme


Reasons To Try Out Herbs and Wine For The Perfect Turkey Recipe


Don’t spoil your fresh turkey by simply roasting it in the oven. If you want to turn your turkey into its finest, try basting. When you baste them with herbs and wine, you can achieve these effects:


  1. Create Beautifully Glazed Crispy Skin


One of the most awaited parts of Thanksgiving is your turkey. Make your guests more excited by presenting them with an herb and wine basted turkey that has a burnished mahogany look!


Tickle their taste buds starting with the appearance of your turkey. You can make your turkey’s skin glazed by basting it with herbs and wine.


  1. Extra Rich Flavor


Herbs like rosemary, thyme, and garlic give an aromatic flavor, but they’re not soluble enough in the water. Thus, basting with herbs and wine can make sure that their rich flavors seep into the turkey. Since basting allows you to keep all sides of the turkey brushed with wine and herbs, the aroma from the ingredients can easily be absorbed by the turkey’s fats.


  1. Healthier Meat


Drinking wine regularly at a moderate amount has been known to have health benefits. But if you’re not fond of drinking alcoholic beverages, you can use wine for your recipes as well as for basting. As a result, you’ll make your turkey healthier to eat.


According to a study, compounds of red wine can offset the unhealthy compounds from a turkey that can cause serious diseases like atherosclerosis and cancer since these chemicals promote oxidation.


When you baste your turkey with wines, the polyphenols or antioxidants from these wines can balance the oxidation from turkey meat. Thus, you can improve your health by using wines and herbs to decrease the amount of oxidants present in your turkey meat.




Try basting your turkey to keep your recipe more special. Although it’s not required for all turkey recipes, basting could actually cook your turkey evenly.


You can use herbs, wine, or bacon. Sometimes, an adventurous cook tries something unusual by mixing these ingredients together until they achieve the taste they desire. As they say, you’ll never know the results if you don’t try.



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