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The Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass to Maximize the Taste

The Proper Way to Hold a Wine Glass to Maximize the Taste

Jonas Muthoni

Holding a wine glass is an important social skill that people learn at a young age. The correct way to hold a wine glass varies depending on the type of wine. The goal of this article is to teach you how to properly hold your wine glass, depending on what type it is. The information in this article will help you when you are at restaurants, parties, when you are cooking with wines, or when you are hosting guests in your home.

How to Hold a Wine Glass Properly for Maximum Taste and Pleasure

The wine glass is the most important part of the tasting process. Holding a wine glass correctly is very important for a number of reasons, especially the enjoyment, taste and look. It’s not just a vessel to hold wine, but also plays an important role in aerating the wine and helping it to release its aromas.

Tip on how to hold your glass in order as a beginner

As a general rule when holding a wine glass, it should be held by the stem. The thumb should go on top of the stem while the other fingers should wrap around the bowl of the glass. This allows for better control over its balance and will also ensure that it is held properly to avoid spilling any liquid from inside. If you are a beginner, this is an excellent way to start holding your wine glass as a pro.

How Holding a Wine Glass Changes the Taste and Aroma

The shape of a wine glass has a significant impact on the way the wine tastes and smells.

This is because as you drink from it, your nose tends to be closer to the wine’s surface, which means you’ll get a stronger sense of the bouquet. It also means that there is more airflow around the wine as you drink from it, which better mixes in those volatile molecules and enhances the aromas.

Wine connoisseurs are always looking for the perfect way to hold their wine glass. One of the most popular methods is the ‘fingertip’ grip, where your fingertips touch the lower part of the bowl. This method helps to aerate your wine so you can enjoy all of its complex flavors. The downside is that it puts a lot of pressure on your fingers and palms, which can cause discomfort or injury after prolonged use.

How to hold different varieties of Wine

Your wine glass has a specific way of being held depending on if it is a red, white, or sparkling wine. Lets outline the steps to take for each type of glass.

The way to hold a wine glass is important. A red wine glass has a wider bowl, whereas white wine glasses are narrower. A red wine glass will cause your nose to be closer to the surface of the liquid than a white one would. This is because red wines are generally thicker than white wines and require more air for proper oxygenation. The shape of the wine glass can affect how it is used, depending on the flavor profile of the wine.

How to hold a glass of Red Wine

A glass of red wine can be held by the stem as well as by the cup. We can gently cup the glass of red wine. The warmth of of fingers will gently warm the wine and help to release its aroma. It will also enable us to have a perfect grip on our glass.

How to hold a glass of White Wine or Sparkling Wine

Always hold a glass of white wine by the stem. Pinch the stem of the glass gently with your thumb and two fingers closer to the base of the glass, and let the rest of your fingers gently rest on the base. Do not let your fingers or palm touch the cup of the glass. This is to avoid the heat of our body to warm the wine. Remember White, Sparkling as well as rose wine tastes best when cold.

Advantages of holding the Glass by the Stem

The most common as well as accepted way for holding a wine glass, is by holding it by the stem. This is accepted by wine connoisseurs. There are a number of advantages of holding a wine glass by the stem:

  1. It will not change the temperature of the wine.
  2. Holding the glass by the stem prevents fingerprints on the surface.
  3. It makes it easier to ‘clink’ glasses with friends and family when you are celebrating something.
  4. This way of holding looks great when you raise your glass for a toast.
  5. It is the looks smart, sharp and wonderful.

How not to hold your glass of Wine?

While knowing the correct way to hold your glass is important. It is equally important to know how not to hold your wine glass.

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1. Do not hold the glass by the top of the bowl of the glass.

  • The glass will get covered with fingerprints.
  • If it is a delicate glass, it might break.

2. Do not hold the glass as a bowl in the palm of your hand

  • It marks the glass with fingerprints and makes it looks shabby.
  • This method of holding makes it difficult to swirl the wine.
  • It will warm up your glass of wine.
  • The fingers will make it difficult to click your glass or raise it for a toast.

Unique & Classy way to hold your wine glass to stand out

You can stand out by holding your wine glass by the base of the glass. It will make you look like a wine expert. This way of holding the wine is especially useful if you are handing over a glass of wine to other guests, as the stem of the glass is left free for others to hold.

Professionals usually hold a wine glass by this method.


It is important to reiterate that you should be comfortable while holding your glass of wine and hold it steadily. If any style of holding the glass does not work for you, you can always switch to the more comfortable option. In the end, if you are uncomfortable, it will show.

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