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Best Port Sipper Glasses In 2023

Best Port Sipper Glasses In 2023

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Maybe you’ve heard about one of the hottest wine gadgets on the market, the port sipper glasses. Click to read our buyer's guide! Love wine | Wine Glass | Wine Glasses | Port Sipper Glass | Port Sipper Wine Glass #lovewine #wine #portsipperglass
If you haven’t heard or seen a port sipper before, they look similar to a glass tobacco pipe. The stem of the tube comes off of the glass and creates a straw-like effect. You then sip the port from the stem of the glass. Click to learn more! Love wine | Wine Glass | Wine Glasses | Port Sipper Glass | Port Sipper Wine Glass #lovewine #wine #portsipperglass

Maybe you’ve heard about one of the hottest wine gadgets on the market for 2023, the port sipper glasses. These gadgets aren’t exactly new on the wine drinking scene, but they are making a splash this year.

If you haven’t heard or seen a port sipper before, they look similar to a glass tobacco pipe. The stem of the tube comes off of the glass and creates a straw-like effect. You then sip the port from the stem of the glass.

Drinking your port from a port sipper may be a fresh idea now, but some claim these port sippers resemble classes from the 17th century. While no one can confirm this to be true, it is still fun to think that current port lovers are bringing back the homage to the first wine lovers.

Ready to take the chance on a port sipper?

We’ve gathered the top 5 port sippers on the market for you. That way you can choose the best port sipper for your needs/wants.

twany port - not a sipper glass
A traditional glass of tawny port.


Top 5 Port Sipper Glasses

1. Oenophilia Wino Sippers

Oenophilia Wino Sippers - Funny Wine Gifts, Straw Glasses, Fun Wine Sippy Cup For Adults, Wine Accessories
  • Some call it genius, others call it revolutionary; personally, we think it's modern man's greatest innovation

The Oenophilia Wino Sippers are considered to be a innovative product in this category.

Product Details

  • This is a set of 2 port sippers with a built-in glass straw for your port-sipping pleasure.
  • The Oenophilia Wino Sippers are made from hand-blown glass, which makes them fragile for cleaning purposes.
  • These port sippers are trendy and innovative, making them a great novelty gift for any occasion.
  • One of the best features of the Oenophilia Wino Sippers is the fact that you can drink your port without staining your teeth, and without spilling any on your outfit.


  • Affordable
  • Customer approved
  • Great conversation starter


  • Very fragile
  • From an oenological point of view, the design is not suitable for a wine glass
  • lacking multiple features, which makes it just a novelty wine glass instead of a practical wine glass

2. Vampire Glass Cup

Hvanam Vampire Wine Glass Cup With Built-in Straw Creative Fancy Fun Cocktail Glasses for Juice, Wine (300ml/10oz) - 2 Pack
  • Brand new and high quality, handmade,unlike low-scoring products,we focus on high quality and good workmanship.This Vampire Wine Glass is new way to enjoy the well balanced aromas and flavor of your...

Bagging a spot as Amazon’s Choice, The Hvanam Vampire Glass Cup is a revolutionary port glass made from materials of the extremely highest quality.

Product Details

  • It is handcrafted from the best quality borosilicate material there is to provide a sheer but durable design with sleek features.
  • The Vampire glass cup hollows out deep enough to hold 10 oz of your fine port and features a curved stem that serves as a straw so sipping is made easy.
  • With this straw feature, you no longer have to worry about staining your teeth or lips. Imagine you are a vampire sucking blood out of your cup, yes, that’s the idea.
  • This functional glass also comes with two small feet that make it easy to set down your glass on a flat surface. You do not need to hold onto your cup. Simply place it down on any flat surface and it sits well on its own.
  • It is fun, shows your port in its vibrant colors thanks to this sheer design, and is stylish enough to be used at your parties.
  • What’s better is they are easy to clean up with a simple and fast hand wash.


  • Stem as straw feature
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Fragile
  • Not dishwasher friendly

3. Final Touch WGP400 Port Sipper, Set of 4

The Final Touch WGP400 Port Sipper is one of our favorites in the list.

Product Details

  • It comes in a set of 4 port sippers for everyone to enjoy.
  • This port sipper is explicitly designed to allow for an optimal tasting experience.
  • You will also get a storage box that will enable you to safely store your port sippers while you are not using them.
  • Each Final Touch port sipper can hold up to 3.4 ounces.
  • It is recommended that you hand wash these port sippers due to the fragility of the stem.
  • Keep your teeth with and your flavors full with one of the best port sippers on the market.


  • Durable glass design
  • A reasonable price for the number of glasses you get
  • Perfect conversation starters


  • Easily tips over due to the construction of the legs and stem
  • Small size

4. LOHOME® Creative Vampire Filter Red Wine Glass, Clear Juice Cup, Goblet With Drinking Tube Straw High Borosilicate Glass Wine Decanter (300ml/10oz) (2)

LOHOME ®’s Creative Vampire Filter Red Wine Glass is rated 4.4 starts out of 5, which makes it one of the most liked products amongst the customers.

Product Details

  • It is made from high borosilicate glass. With this type of construction, you will find this glass is not easily broken.
  • It is also lead-free.
  • The thin design of these port sippers might lead you to believe this is a fragile cup, but it is not.
  • You can use these port sippers in the microwave and disinfection cabinets! This kind of cleaning is seldom heard of for most port sippers.
  • While these port sippers are novelty glasses, they are also practical.


  • Durable borosilicate glass design
  • Can be used in the microwave or disinfection cabinet


  • Pricier than other sets of 2 port sippers
  • Smaller than normal wine glasses
  • Packaging could be sturdier considering the piece

5. Hwagui – Vampire Wine Glasses for Whiskey, Port Wine Cocktail Sippers Glassware (120ml/4oz)

Hwagui Vampire Wine Glasses are perfect port sippers that double as whiskey glasses as well.

Product Details

  • This high-quality port sipper reduces the oxidation of red wine that allows your taste buds to experience the full flavor of the port.
  • Women love this product because it gives them the option to prevent the staining of their teeth while drinking red wine.
  • These port sippers are very well made, with sturdy glass base legs.
  • You can easily hold this port sipper in your hand with the rounded design. Make a splash at your next event with this original glass.


  • Sturdy base design for easy placement
  • Thick borosilicate glass construction
  • Lead-free


  • While manufacturer says they are dishwasher safe, the construction of the cup proves otherwise – hand wash recommended
  • Pricey for one glass


Port sippers are one of the hottest wine accessories on the market. For wine lovers, these novelty glasses make for great conversation starters at parties and provide a fun way to enjoy their port.

However, with the rise of their popularity, wine connoisseurs are finding that these port sippers aren’t exactly meant for the more experienced drinkers. Some of the designs are sturdy and durable, but other port sippers are proving to be too fragile for regular use.

If you can spend some extra pennies we would recommend you to buy Hwagui Vampire Wine Glasses as they are lead free, stylish and sturdy. And if you want something affordable yet durable, then you should choose Final Touch WGP400 Port Sipper

All the 5 port sippers in the list are durable, creative, and affordable. You will enjoy sipping your port while also preserving your pearly whites for the entire night.

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