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Pinotage vs. Merlot: What You Need To Know?

Pinotage vs. Merlot: What You Need To Know?

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The world has witnessed a myriad of varieties and options of red wines, leaving everyone confused. We are spoiled for choices and unsure which one of the two, Pinotage or Merlot, is better. So, why keep struggling with the battle of Pinotage or Merlot in your mind? This article has gathered the entire set of details that you need to know the best choice among the two varieties of red wines. Let’s dig deep into the details and see which two options are more suitable for you without further ado.

Pricing of Pinotage vs. Merlot: Which one is more affordable?

There are many red wine lovers in all corners of the world. Merlot and Pinotage are two of the most sought wine choices because of their production area and flavors. These wine grapes possess their specific flavors, color, and texture characteristics. If we take a look at the pricing of these two red wines, Pinotage happens to be more expensive in auctions than the other one. However, both wines are costly because of the high demand and features.

Pinotage vs. Merlot: Major Difference

The main difference lies in the taste because of the grapes used while making these wines. Although, both wines come up with a fantastic flavor that goes great with any food. Pinotage is also referred to as the seductress, liquid silk, and demanding diva because of the various taste factors. Merlot is another good introductory wine for the newbies to experience the most exquisite taste. Both possess around 12-13% alcohol content which is higher than other varieties of wine. Since the used grapes tend to ripe faster, both Pinotage and Merlot bring different tastes in their sense.

Pinotage vs. Merlot: Other Differences

Now, let’s explore more details on the differences between Pinotage and Merlot and some other differences.

1. Origin and Grapes

Pinotage is a top-class variety of red wine grapes available in most of the cool regions across the globe. You can find this variety mainly in the Burgandy region of France, Oregon, Washington, Australia, New Zealand, and California. The grapes need a cool-season and limestone soil to grow at an uninterrupted pace and for a long time.

Growing Pinotage is more complex than any other variety, which makes this variety of wine quite rare. The harsh growing conditions of this wine make this wine variety challenging to find. The Pinotage is highly vulnerable to diseases, and its origin was in the 1st century in ancient France.

On the other hand, Merlot is way easier to grow than Pinotage. These dark blue-colored grapes possess thin skin and less quantity of acidity and tannin. The Merlot grapes come with high sugar content and are one of the most popular. These are better cultivated in Bordeaux, France, and in the presence of clay and limestone-based soils. Since these are easily prepared in the mentioned areas, the wine is way more affordable than other wines. Cabernet Franc is considered the father of this grape variety and rose to immense popularity.

2. Wine and Taste

Pinotage comes in a light color and dense flavor compared to Merlot wine, enough to glorify your taste bud. Among Pinotage and Merlot, the former has high acidity and fruit-based cherry taste, plums, tea leaves, raspberries, etc. The wine has a smooth texture and velvet feel with a higher alcohol level and less tannin content. The higher alcohol levels also make the wine more preferred among world lovers across the globe. You can’t always blend Pinotage with other wines and the taste even goes well with the condition of season, vintner, vineyard, climate, etc.

On the contrary, Merlot comes with a mild taste and aroma of plums, blueberries, blackberries, etc. It has other herbal flavors as well with minimal acidity and tannin factors. While Pinotage has light color, Merlot has a more deep color in look and feel. You will also find it more smooth and soft than other varieties of wines. One other reason could be the blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc behind its mind and more delicate wine. With the growing age, there won’t be any effect on its taste even after storing for a very long time.

3. Food Pairings

If you’re planning to go to expensive eateries or restaurants, you should be picking the Pinotage. The primary reason behind the same is that the flavor of wine does not affect the flavor of food, and you can enjoy both of them without any concern. You can combine the chicken, lamb, sushi, and other Japanese dishes along with this seductress wine.

On the contrary, Merlot fits right in combination with beef and lamb. You can try them with other options, too, if any other pairing works better. Merlot goes amazingly with the pork, red meat, poultry, salads, pasta, etc. However, we recommend using strong cheese with the chicken to enhance the wine and food flavors.

Final Word

Hence, some of the core differences between Pinotage and Merlot could help you make the right choice. In the case of the cost factors, the Pinotage is more costly because of the less productive. It is pretty rare to find, but the taste keeps it in demand in the market. Other than that, Merlot is relatively less expensive in general. Still, the blended Merlot wines are likely to cost more.

Are you able to make the right decision now? We hope the above-shared details are able to help you with the best choice. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the right time to do the same and choose your preference. Overall, you’re the one who is aware of your taste buds in a better manner and hence will be able to decide the choices too.

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