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Pinot Noir Gift Basket

Pinot Noir Gift Basket

Jonas Muthoni

Are you excited to surprise your loved ones with a fantastic gift basket of pinot noir?
This basket is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life.

The basket features a bottle of Pinot Noir, a bottle of sparkling wine, and a bottle of sparkling juice made with Pinot Noir, making for a delicious gift basket. Each gift basket also comes with a card that lets the recipient know what’s inside to enjoy a delightful surprise when they open the card.

This is the perfect gift for Pinot noir lovers! Each gift basket features five of our favorite Pinot noir gift baskets, including Blackberry & Mint, Summer Melon & Ginger, Cheesy Garlic Bread, and Bacon & Maple. Each basket is made to order and contains a mix of red, white, and sparkling wines, cheeses, and various gourmet snacks and treats. Perfect for a wine lover or as a hostess gift, this gift set is sure to please!

A perfect gift for the Wine lover

Please send them our Pinot Noir Gift Basket and show them how much you care. Inside, you’ll find different gifts baskets with various products in them: – 1 bottle each of our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, our house red and white, respectively – A bottle of sparkling wine, our take on a mimosa – A bottle of Prosecco, our take on a Bellini – A bottle of port, our take on a fortified wine – A bottle of sparkling apple cider, our take on a spritzer – A bottle of brandy, our take on a dram – A bottle of bourbon, our take on a whiskey – A bottle of liqueur, our take on an

Our Pinot Noir gift basket is the perfect gift for any occasion. This basket includes two bottles of wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, pretzel stars, chocolate-covered pretzels, and a bottle of wine coasters.

We use only the finest Pinot Noir grapes from California for our wine. This wine is known for its distinct fruit flavors and entire body. A perfect gift for any occasion, our pinot noir gift basket comes with four bottles of wine and a hand-written note from our wine expert. Each gift selection is perfect for any event, from birthdays to housewarming gifts, to show your appreciation for their hard work and taste. This bundle is the ideal way to show you care without saying a word.

Don’t be late to order happiness of pinot noir?

Pinot noir with surprises

The most complex red wine, Pinot Noir, is like a fine wine lover’s Pinot addiction. Each region makes Pinot lovers extra happy—like really happy. Region or style, Pinot enthusiasts are thrilled when they find a bottle that hits the spot. The complex flavors of earth and cherry are balanced by the fruitiness of cola, creating a unique drinking experience that leaves Pinot drinkers craving more. One of the best ways to delight Pinot drinkers is to surprise them with a bottle of their favorite Pinot.

Primary ingredients mixed in Pinot noir

Pinot Noir, the red wine grape with a surprise. With its unique cherry and cola flavors, the wine has a unique ability to balance the earthy flavors that winemakers coax out of the grape. But the range of flavors and aromas in Pinot Noir make it the most challenging wine to make. The grape is finicky; Every Pinot drinker has a favorite region where the magical mix of cherry and cola flavors balances with an earthiness to hit their palate right. And like wine lovers, they often have a wine they’re willing to pay a little more for.

Why choose a pinot noir gift basket for wine lovers?

Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for gifting because Pinot lovers are some of the happiest people in the world. When someone loves Pinot, they often have a favorite region where they like to drink it. Pinot’s unique flavors make it a wine that can be paired with almost anything, making it an excellent gift for almost anyone.

Pinot lovers are some of the most passionate and happiest people when they drink their favorite wine. You don’t need to be a wine expert to know that a Pinot Noir from a great region is one of the world’s most complex and enjoyable wines.
No matter their preference of requiring a suitable climate and a lot of care to produce small yields of wine that can make Pinot lovers feel like they’ve won the lottery.

Best Pinot Noir Gift Basket

Check our best pinot noir gift basket for you

1. Hobson Estate Red Wine Trio

Price: $89.95

Description: Hobson Estate cabernet, pinot noir, and merlot are paired with a complementary collection that includes chocolate cream cookies, crackers, garlic herb cheese spread, Lindt truffles, Ghirardelli milk and white chocolate with caramel, bacon habanero snacks, a trio of olive oils and so much more to complete this outstanding California wine gift basket.

2. Steeplechase Red Wine Quartet

Price: $110.00

Description: Steeplechase Vineyards cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, and zinfandel are brought together with some of our most requested gourmet fares.
Godiva milk chocolate truffles, rosemary crackers, garlic herb cheese wedges, bacon habanero snacks, garlic crackers, vanilla fudge with sea salt, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, puff pastry, and more make this wine basket perfect for all of your celebrations and parties.

3. Little Lakes Cellars Double Delight Wine Basket


Description: Cabernet with dark fruit flavors, chardonnay with papaya, peach, and vanilla notes, and an assortment of cracked peppercorn crackers, basil thyme artichoke snacks, chocolate hazelnut Piroulines, hummus, olives, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, Lily O’Brien’s sticky toffee and more are an ideal introduction to Little Lakes Cellars wines and an excellent way to spread a little California joy to friends, family, and clients.

4. Eastpoint Cellars California Collection

Price: $135.00.

Description: Five wines from Eastpoint Cellars and an abundance of gourmet food overflow from this impressive gift. Cabernet with rich cherry and blackcurrant flavors, creamy chardonnay, pinot noir, smooth merlot, and zinfandel with plum and licorice notes are paired with enough food to please the whole crowd. Everything from crackers, cheese wedges, cookies, a large assortment of chocolate from Godiva, Lindt, Ghirardelli, and others, dried figs, olives, and more are included so everyone can find a wine and food pairing they will enjoy.

5. Blakemore Winery Red and White Wine Duet

Price: $64.95

Description: This new tote is a great gift for those who enjoy red or white wine.
Blakemore Winery crisp chardonnay with apple, pear, and citrus notes and cabernet with smooth dark fruit flavors arrive with Sonoma Jacks garlic herb cheese wedges, peppercorn crackers, olives, vanilla fudge with sea salt, spicy honey crunch snack mix, and other Wine Country favorites.

Why are you waiting for? Order your favorite basket!!

No matter which best Pinot noir gift basket you choose, you can be confident that you’re giving the gift of the best wine in the world.

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