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Pinot Grigio vs. Pinot Gris: What’s the Difference?

Pinot Grigio vs. Pinot Gris: What’s the Difference?

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The most loved and popular choice among wine lovers is Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris. Do you agree? If your answer is yes, you probably love celebrating special events with these two refreshing wines. Isn’t it?

However, have you ever thought, what is the difference between Pinot Grigio & Pinot Gris? While many believe it’s the same. No doubt, they belong to a similar grape variety, but they have differences. So, if you love researching everything related to wine or if you love Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris, it is essential to know the difference. Keep reading and imbibe all the deets!

About Pinot Grigio

One of the refreshing tastes among the white wine is Pinot Grigio. Also, it is a loved wine among the American crowd. Want to know what makes this wine so zesty and flavorful? Well, it’s a relief in the scorching summer heat. It is perfect for summer, consisting of different flavors like honeysuckle, green apple, and many more. Though similar to Pinot Gris, it is significantly different

Pinot Grigio has its origin from France, Burgundy. Although, many have a misconception and think it’s from Italy. Many countries such as Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany produce Pinot Grigio. 

White wine is from green grapes, and its a common knowledge. However, the hue of Pinot Grigio grapes is greyish-blue. In the Italian language, the grey hue means grigio. Thus it got its name as Pinot Grigio. 

Did you know in the 1300s in Switzerland, Pinot Grigio was the favorite wine of the emperors? The overall feel of the wine, when sipped in, is something out of the world.   

This boozy beverage preparation is in a dry style. So, it isn’t sweet, and if you prefer a sweeter version of Pinot Grigio, it’s available. 

About Pinot Gris

A glass of white wine and a bootle of white wine oni a wooden table in a a winecellar

Pinot Gris, similar to Pinot Grigio, is a relishing wine to enjoy in the summers. Want to party in the sunny summer season? Think no more and splash a bottle of Pinot Gris in a soothing glass. It is sure to amp up your exuberant energy and make your summer party the most rocking of all.  

Pinot Gris is a white wine from Burgundy, France. Now, its popularity is all over the world. Later in 1711, it was discovered in Germany and named Rulander and Grauburgunder. Earlier, Pinot Gris was named Tokay d’Alsace in France. 

The range of flavors varies from Citrus fruit and spicy flavor. Although it’s a white wine, it looks like red wine.

So, what’s the actual difference between these wines? Well, Pinot Grigio is light and crisp, and Pinot Gris is spicier and richer. Moreover, the acidity content of Grigio is higher than Gris. 

It is an extended member of the pinot family with pink skin. The best climate for Gris grapes cultivation is a cool climate. The color of this wine can vary from pinkish grey, pinkish-brow, and blue-grey. However, the taste is worth remembering and is a must to make the celebrations special. 

Pinot Grigio vs. Pinot Gris

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Gris


Burgundy, France

Burgundy, France


White nectarine, apple, Lime, Pear, Tropical fruit, Melon and Lemon

Stone fruit, Citrus and Spicy


Medium to High

Low to Medium


12.5 - 13.5 %


Taste Profile

Dry, semi-sweet and sweet

Dry and sweet

Serving Temperature

45 ºF- 49ºF

45 ºF Ice-cold

Food Pairing options

Chicken, light pasta, Seafood, Salads and Sushi

Shellfish, Grilled fish, Fresh vegetables, pork, lamb, chicken, foie gras and rich veal

Production Regions

France, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Australia and Germany

France, New Zealand, California and Australia

Which of the two is sweeter?

Due to the high acidity level, Grigio is less sweet than Gris. Moreover, the taste may vary depending on the production and location of these two wines. Usually, compared to white wine, Grigio is less sweet. 

Also, due to more flavors in Grigio, the sweetness may vary. So, all you need to do is choose the right taste to enjoy a zesty drink. To know more details, read on!

Taste difference of Grigio and Gris

If you love relishing different wines, the chances are high that you know the difference and quality. However, did you know the grape from the same family has a different taste? Yes, Pinot grapes with variants can taste different. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, the Grigio and Gris variants is the perfect example. 

So, there is a slight difference in taste. Moreover, the climatic condition and storage can be responsible for the difference in taste. Different taste with the same grape variant is worth trying with a luscious meal. 

Which one is better, Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris?

Pinot is basically on every wine lovers list. So, there is a debate relating to the comparison between these two variants. Pinot Grigio is more popular compared to Pinot Gris. 

However, both drinks have a unique refreshment to align people into a happy rhythm. If you like experimenting with flavors, then Pinot Grigio is your drink. Vibrant, clean, crisp, and citrus is what defines Pinot Grigio. 

Like experimenting with sweet wine with fruit aromas, then you need to grab Pinot Gris. Rich texture, good alcohol level, and low acidity are the features of Pinot Gris. 

So the choice is yours, both have unique features it is about preferences. It could be a daunting task if you are trying Pinot for the first time. However, both are sure to transport you to a delightful mood. 

Bottom Line

While both Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are almost the same, each has a unique taste. Choose your best bet by looking at both under different criteria’s like acidity, food, and taste preferences. So, pick up a case and enjoy these two elegant wines to add refreshment to your lunch and dinner. Cheers to all wine lovers!

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